Waldo County deed transfers

Wed, 10/07/2020 - 11:30am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds August 31 - Sept. 18. 

    Stone Coast Homes LLC to Fern L.M. Healy. 

    Robert N.M. Bywater to Arielle Greenburg Bywater, Arielle Bywater Simone, and Michael Bywater Simone. 

    Barbara W. Cunningham Est. to Belfast Acres LLC. 

    Betty M. and Roy H. Jump to Ezra B. Kao. 

    Lois N. Curran Revocable Trust to Lois N. Curran and Lois C. Hopper. 

    Justin P. and Jennifer A. Emerson to Little River Veterinary Properties. 

    Katrina M. Oakes and Bruce K. Peaseto David Lajoie. 

    Sergei Breus to Mary E. Sullivan. 

    Todd P. Johnson and Mark L. Harmon to NLDJ Revocable Trust. 

    Malcolm A. Gater Living Trust to Ananda Johnson. 

    1852 Wording Preservation LLC, One Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Two Wording Preservation LLC. 

    Jon Burroughs to Frida E. and Zachary Smith-Hess.

    Raymond Hamm to Jeannine Bilodeau. 

    Seacoast Village LLC and Connecticut Property Management LLC to Seacoast Village LLC. 

    Geoffrey S. Chappell and Lyndsey E. Lewis to Andrea L. Reilly and William K. Hillman. 

    Donald M. Hahn Jr. and Lynne M. Hahn to Kyle D. Tripp. 

    Elizabeth Hoyt to Russell Kizor and Jennifer Paul. 

    John H. Downs to Gabrielle and Elijah Aydnwylde. 

    Susan V.A. Wood Revocable Trust to Donna C. Wade. 


    Darlene Whitcomb to Ronald L. and Holly L. Wellman. 

    James Roberts to Roann McCafferty. 

    Wendy W. and Michael N. Bowen to Michael A. Bowen. 

    Lisa Light to Marianne Millette-Kelley. 


    Michael R. and Carol F. Flannery to Caleb J. and Leanne M. Ashey. 

    Neal R. Cowles II to Neal R. Cowles II and Ashley Tyler. 

    Neal R. Cowles II to Josephine A. Cowles. 

    Ashley Tyler to Josephine A. Cowles. 


    Laura B. Singh to Timothy Crowley. 

    David K. and Janet M. Dixon to Tonya M. Eichman. 

    Darroll L. Everett to Charlotte W. Lane and Tony A. Webber. 

    Gerald G. and Beverly Duplisea to Michael Duplisea. 

    Aaron D. Bradeen to Simone G. Pelletier. 


    Andrew C. Ginn to Olivia E. Ellis and Kyle M. Grant. 

    James Lowell Northrup Jr. Est to Pamela Day and Robert G. Chavaree. 

    Jordan and Angelica Brissette to Pamela Day and Robert G. Chavaree. 

    Gerald T. Rich Sr. to Gerald T. Rich Sr. and Gerald T. Rich Jr. 

    Gerald T. Rich Sr. and Janice D. Rich to Gerald T. Rich Sr., Janice D. Rich, and Gerald T. Rich Jr.

    Gerald T. Rich Sr. and Janice D. Rich to Gerald T. Rich Sr., Janice D. Rich, and Gerald T. Rich Jr.

    Gerald T. Rich Sr. and Janice D. Rich to Gerald T. Rich Sr., Janice D. Rich, and Gerald T. Rich Jr.


    Brian L. Jones and Anni J. OUtinen-Jones to Brian L. Jones and Anni J. Outinen-Jones. 

    Eric S. and Janet P. Poff to Poff Revocable Trust. 

    Ingried L. Robitaille to Ronald Porter. 

    Shirley A. Savoy to Shirley A. and Derek Savoy. 

    Drew G. Fales to Hele S.M. and Bradley W. Tirone. 


    Alexandra L. Hodges to Kimberly Grindle. 

    Donald H. Doyle to Caroline A. Gillespie Greer. 

    James G. Reidy and Rebecca Stocking to Carl-Peter Hollins Braestrup.

    Elisabeth De St. Maurice Est. and Arthur De St. Maurice Est. to Marc De St. Maurice. 

    Charles M. Dupuy and Janet Cross Dupuy to Lawrence-Sessler Revocable Trust. 

    Mark Pendleton III Revocable Trust to Mark Pendleton III Trust. 

    Jennifer Coombs-Day to Jennifer Coombs Day and Nicholas C. Day. 

    Janet P. Gilligan Living Trust to Jay T. Zlotkowski. 

    David L. and Mary Ann Barett, and Mary Ann Dilascia to Elaine Peresluha. 


    Thomas L. Mosseau and Barbara Rado Mosseau to Land Peace Foundation. 

    Michael P. Miller to James R. Clark and Kristen J. Tendyke. 

    Pieter A.P. and Jennifer Dehart to Dennis C. and Carolann Lally. 

    William Cooley to Lisa Cooley. 


    Justin P. Bearce to George T. Hines. 


    Robert R. Boucher to Thomas and Robin L. Maraggio. 

    Marissa Markham, Kim Elkins, Sarah Jackson, Carly McDevitt, Lara Mather, Heidi Hurd, Ryan, and Graham Jackson to Jackson Family Camp LLC. 

    Raymond W. Reynolds Jr. and Linda T. Reynolds to Raymond W. Reynolds Jr. and Linda T. Reynolds. 

    John C. and Dawn S. Boden to Eleanor E. Parker and Jeremy D. Hart. 

    Leonard S. Knowlton to Jimmy and Charlene Chasse. 


    Amanda S. and John A. Affleck to Michael K. Martin. 

    Vivia and Rock Andrews to Anda A. Ray. 

    Glenn A. Sampton to Glenn A. and Peggy L. Sampson. 

    Alfred J. Dutch II to Andrew Kelly. 

    John Beckwith Madden Gioia to Samuel T. Cantlin and Jarica D. Weed. 

    Elizabeth J. Dunn to Holly A. Phillips. 

    Mark D. Clough to Joshua E. Blaisdell. 

    Robert M. and Debora A. Reed to Carol Ann and Christopher J. Bond. 

    Helen M. Luecke 2002 Revocable Trust to David and Darlene Grant. 


    Rose Marie Skrzypek and Rose Marie Julia to Hannah R.K. Gomsey and Taylor E. Higgins. 

    Bradley C. Putnam to Adam M. and Austin N. Higgins. 

    Barbara Ann Bixby Est. to Nicholas and Angela Demerchant. 


    Scott A. and Mark P. Jelley to Rachael Jelley. 

    Norman and April Kirby to Graham and Emily Jeffries. 

    Helen Gerry and Helen Ball to Jason Ball. 

    Jason Ball to Fernand T. and Gloria E. Russell. 

    Laurel A. Hubbard to Justin J. Manocchia and Kristen R. Bonnette.

    Robert E. and Marie G. Kenney to Suzan K. Poland. 


    Robert W. and Yu Sun Hit to Mary Ellen Hitt. 

    Jacqueline M. Benjamin to Jacob Thompson. 

    Lisa M. Kushner, Patrick J. Walsh, and Lisa M. Smith to Nathan S. Raleigh and Kristen R. Burkholder. 


    Wetherhold Limited and Peter Wilds to Michael Battista. 

    Katenia Keller and Susan M. O’Keefe to Richard H. and Erika Rothwell. 

    Autumn and Zachary Hollingshead, and Autumn Kennedy to Autumn and Zachary Hollingshead. 

    Jeffrey K. Van Peski and Monica C. Piccinini Van Peski. 

    Jane L. Talbott to Paul W. OVergaag and Brynna Ledyard. 

    Carl J. and Helen L. Kosmo to Northport Holdings II LLC. 

    Danny J. Cosby to Amber H. and Danny J. Cosby. 

    Terry M. Devereaux to Northport Holdings II LLC. 

    Louis M. Truman to Leonidas Tsomides and Kathleen D. Murray. 


    Maroulla S. Gleaton to James T. Edwards Jr. and Melissa A. Edwards. 

    Jonathan M. and Jennifer Griffin to Joseph P. and Tamara J. Dillon. 

    Nathaniel J. Nichols to Sarah A. Michaud and Brian N. Michaud. 

    Ivan and Marlena L. Russell to Ivan & Marlena Russell Living Trust. 

    Cathay A. Demerchant and John R. Demerchant II, Joshua R. Carrier, and John H. Demerchant to Joshua R. Carrier. 

    Cathay A. Demerchant and John R. Demerchant II, Joshua R. Carrier, and John H. Demerchant to Cathy A. Demerchant and John R. Demerchant II, and Joshua R. Carrier. 

    Mary E. and Scott A. Andrews to Joseph McDonald. 

    Thomas C. Pilsbury, Stanley A. York, W. Carr and Jane S. Husssey, and Ralph F. and Susan M. Pilsbury to Thomas C. Pilsbury and Stanley A. York. 

    Wilds Christian Association Inc. to Derek W. Seddon. 

    Karen W. McGreevey to Christopher W. Balderas and Kevin D. Young. 

    George A. Moore Sr. and Diane M. Moore to Diane M. Moore. 


    David M. Misluk to Peter P. Misluk Jr. 

    Terry Lewis and Robert G. Lewis Jr. Est to Peter M. and Kimberly S. Sheff. 


    Karen C. Seekins to Beau J. Seekins. 

    Robert J. Perdrizet Living Trust to Thomas and Donna Whitney. 

    Kenneth W. Mitchell Living Trust to Laurence E. and Laura Brown. 

    David G. Mroz to Edward A. and Regina M. Volkwein. 

    Walter E. Rollerson Trust to Alan J. and June G. Peters. 

    Ricky N. and Jackie L. Howard to Mark and Melissa Strang. 

    Richard and Sheryl Picone to Gregory C. and Carolyn S. Finch. 

    Lillian G. Bryan to Jodie A. Brown. 

    William A. Grusik and Mary Lou Cavanaugh to Shelly M. Brown. 

    Weatherbee Properties LLC to Stacy D. Meyer and Margaret E. Eahalan. 

    Scott A. Greeley and Ann J. Lindeman to Robert D. Weiss. 

    Stockton Springs

    Town of Stockton Springs to Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church. 

    Ronald A. and Loris P. Weymouth to Kathleen D. Monaghan. 

    Howard M. Green to Karl R. and Dayle A. Bjorklund. 

    Mark H. Quigley to Olivia S. Quigley and Chelsea R. Porter. 

    Maritime Energy to Nathan Noles. 

    Thea Shute Est. to Emery Shute Jr. 

    Carol Sue Omness Living Trust to Curtis and Elisa Knutsen. 


    Ronald A. and Jeanette S. Whetzel to Jeannette S. Whetzel and Taylor Plummer. 

    Charles Morecy to Herbert R. Benner. 

    Town of Swanville to Troy and Meagan Patterson. 

    Benjamin W. and Sandra C. Knowlton to Susan E. Dunlap. 

    William C., Barbara N., William C., and Barbara Neill Klausmeyer to William C. Klausmeyer Living Trust. 

    Barbara Klausmeyer to Barbara N. Klausmeyer Living Trust. 

    Nineteen Beech Hill LLC and 19 Beech Hill LLC to Stephen R. Shanahan. 

    Citimortgage Inc. to Carl Zaniboni. 


    Tammy Thomas to Joseph D. Bowden. 


    Ames Family Land Company LLC to Roy A. and Ella D. Wright. 


    Unity Foundation to Ecology Learning Center. 

    John F. Piotti to Ebissa Grainger Williams Irrevocable Trust III. 

    Joshua C. Roberts to Wayne D. and Linda D. Hoar. 

    Jeri Blakney to Nathan R. Laflin. 


    John G. Darosa to Gloria G. Nelson. 

    Derrill B. and Donna G. Maynard to Brett Hale. 

    Town of Winterport to Christopher Hamor. 

    Town of Winterport to Juanita Philbrick. 

    Toni M. Weaver to Jared D. Weaver. 

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