UPDATE: COVID-19 tests at Camden-Rockport Middle School returning predominantly negative

Fri, 10/02/2020 - 2:00pm

    CAMDEN — As of Friday noon, Oct. 2, the Camden-Rockport Middle School had heard nothing further about additional COVID-19 positive tests, leaving school administrators to schedule a return to school for the eighth grade class on Tuesday, Oct. 8, as anticipated.

    “If one had been positive, we'd be informed, and we have not heard of any positive so we can assume they have all been negative,” said Superintendent Maria Libby, Oct. 2. “Yes, we are on schedule to bring the in-person learners back on October 8.”

    As of Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 30, 70 of the estimated 85 COVID-19 tests of students and staff at Camden-Rockport Middle School are returning as negative, said Superintendent Maria Libby.

    The testing began this past weekend, following the announcement that one person at the school had been confirmed as being COVID-19 positive. (See Parents receive COVID-19 alert concerning Camden-Rockport Middle School)

    “To be best of my knowledge, I estimate that approximately 85 people from CRMS have been tested,” Libby said, Sept. 30. “As of yesterday morning, over 70 results had come back negative and none had come back positive.”
    That’s good news for a school that had just started its new year with students attending the newly constructed middle school on Knowlton Street.
    Because of the weekend announcement, the eighth grade had been sent home to work remotely until Oct. 8.