Waldo County, deed transfers

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 9:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 10-28. 


    John C. Omalia to Lorna J. Woodward and Lee Woodward Jr. 

    Michelle V. Walker to Garrett W. Vail to Jeffrey F. Littlefield. 

    Elisabeth Wolfe and Michael S. Cunning to Beth Gottshall. 

    Marilyn L. Stearns Est. to Christopher M. Stearns.

    CCSC Real Estate LLC to Elfriede Schnetzer. 

    Larissa, George, and Gef Flimlin to George Edward & Larissa Flimlin Living Trust. 

    Patrick and Mary Joan Santiago to Margaret M. Rosch and Robert A. Grotton. 

    Susan C. Black Est. to Howard M. Green. 

    Kyle J. and Helen Skinner to Eric W. and Amber R. Moody. 

    Kirsten M. Woods and Kirsten Racioppi to Kirsten M. Woods and Peter E. Kenney. 

    Elfriede Schnetzer to Charles W. and Dorothee B. Mitchell. 

    CCSC Real Estate LLC to Marion W. Wong-Ryan and Andrew P. Ryan. 

    Doreen Chaykowski McMillan to Joseph M. and Tiffany J. Whiting. 

    Highview Terrace LLC to Lawrence R. Gering.

    Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Champion Mortgage Company to Neal R. Cowles II and Ashley Tyler. 

    Calvin and Makaila Redden to Storm and Rhoda Gould. 

    Elizabeth M. Coldren to Christine M. West. 

    Deborah J. Mackinnon to Deborah J. Mackinnon Living Trust. 


    Jesse D. Curry and Jesse Hall to Glen A. and Gail L. Manchester. 

    James Simmons Est. to Michael and Colleen O’Brien. 


    Wendi Luther to Robert S. Bonheim Jr. and Michelle D. Bonheim. 

    Cynthia J.B. Greenacre, Claudette J. Aurie, and Claudette J. Brown to Cassie and Aaron Cross. 


    Frances F. Kimball to Stephen W. and Janet A. Keene. 

    Norbert and Vera Doll to Troy D. and Kathryn A. Ellis. 

    Town of Burnham to Gerald S. Hamm HRS.

    Janet L., Janet D., and Janet Wentworth to Janet L. Wentworth Revocable Living Trust. 

    Vincent L. and Christa B. Hathorn to Laurie M. and Christopher A. Whitcomb. 

    Ronald L. and Janet C. Brousseau to Christopher L. and Rhonda J. McPherson. 


    Michael A. and Lisa S. Tripp to Eric R. Allard. 

    Earl R. Anderson to Stephen M. Hanrahan III and Serena Hanrahan. 

    Timothy Locke Jr. and Victoria Locke to Shawn and Katrina Floyd. 


    Sarah P. Hudak to Terry M. Sanderson Revocable Trust. 

    Janet M. Webb to Kimberlyn and Morgan Edgerly. 

    Nancy L. Mead to Allen K. and Diane G. Bein. 

    Steven E. Feder and Amy R. Winston to Pamela E. Larson and Michael Hutcherson. 

    Sheldon Adelaide Keppelman Revocable Trust to Sean and Alexandra Ruhmann. 


    Nancy T. Lindsay to Donald J. and Denise M. Higgins. 

    Pegler Enterprieses Two Inc. to Lakeville Shores Inc. 


    Stephen R. Usher to Spiro Drakatos and Rosalie A. Lopresto Drakatos. 

    Shawn Cabey to Suzanne Uhl-Melanson and Jeffrey Melanson. 

    Juanita E. Worthing to Mark L. Buzzell. 


    Elizabeth M. Byrd and Llody J. Byrd Jr. to Jeffrey Richard Arndt. 

    Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Walter Lamont Jr. 

    Dorothy J. Havey to John R. and Patricia A. Tschiderer. 

    Dianne S. Hire to Ellen M. Leone and Raymond A. Leone Jr. 

    James F. Maurer, Janet S. Hornberger, and Walter A. Andrzejewski to Briar L. Lyons. 

    Levitin Family Trust of 1996 to Ivan J. Wasserman and Molly A. Elkin. 

    Joseph B. Lachance to Joseph and Misha Lachance. 

    Dennis Carey to Anna Perkins Goodale and Nathaniel Goodale.

    Carolyn Hart Belmain to Carolyn H. & Sheldon I. Belmain Living Trust. 

    John and Cynthia Lovecchio to Richard and Mishelle Kelly.

    Megunticook Lake House LLC to Parker S. Laite Jr. and Nancy L. Laite. 

    Howard S. Brower to Bejamin E. and Gaetane F. Dodge. 

    Everett L. Fizer to Michael W. Fizer, Patricia M. Needham, and Susan Jo Haskell. 


    Carolyn H. and Squidge Davis to Aldo L. Tarigo Jr. and Adrienne I. Terras. 

    Rodney W. and Debra J. Ingraham to Maiwenn Beadle.

    Danielle A. Gizzi Special Needs Trust to Danielle A. Gizzi. 

    Joan Light to Vicky Terpoorten and Scott J. Stevens. 

    Thomas J. and Darlene M. Formanek to Heather M. and Matthew J. Clancy. 

    Sally L. Erickson Living Trust to Seth T. Erickson. 

    Gary E. Work to Michael Work. 

    Ann R. Fogg Est. to Lynn C. Swiriduk.


    Lissa S. Widoff to Lissa S. Widoff Living Trust. 


    Stephanie Howes and Stephanie J. Place to Robert W. Mark. 


    Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust to Abigail G. and Bryan C. Spies. 

    Daniel C. and Susan E. Smith to Mariah S. Smith and Frank J. Parsons. 

    Margaret S. and Michael J. Ahearn to Paul Kirvitsky. 

    Gerald T. and Dorothy J. Reid to Balvaird Trust. 

    Jeffrey W. Lewis to Nancy C. McLane. 

    Susan M. Kilroy to Kari L. Lugiano. 


    Rebecca Loveland to David Henderson. 

    Laurice L. French to Daryl M. Horak. 

    David Henderson to Christopher C. Lanza. 

    Elizabeth A. Halfinger and Duane A. Lewis to John Betz and Carlene M. Betz-Minet. 

    Richard A. and Donna M. O’Donnell to Margaret A. and John Jackson.

    Marie Fernande St. Pierre Est. to Murielle S. Dibiase and Giles G. St. Pierre. 

    Shirley M. Marshall to Bernadette Barrows. 

    Bernadette Barrows to Bernadette Barrows Living Trust. 

    Susan E. and George J. Patterson to David D. and Sandra Maxim. 

    Robert C. Westhoven and Sharon G. Silver to Thomas and Joan Lowrie. 


    Taylor D. Light-Surek to Michael A. and and Nora A. Ramos. 

    Laurence McNamara to Jonathan J. Vasta and Jacquelyn Ann Stafford. 

    JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Dean, Dean M. and Joanne Wheeler to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association. 


    U.S. Bank Trust NA TR and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to U.S. Trust MA TR and LSF9 Master Participation Trust. 

    Alva Pollard to Zona Pollard. 

    Zona Fuller and Zona Pollard to Didier Bonner-Ganter and Nathalie Nopakun. 

    Thelma, Thelma U. and Thelma V. White to Thelma White. 


    Workman Family Trust to Susan M. and Timothy E. Pritchard. 

    Scott A. and Brenda A. Littlefield to Shauna L. Ferry and Justin A. Littlefield. 

    Frank and Darlene L. Gublet to Donald C. Dinsmore III.

    Eric C. and Ruth I. Lounder to Anna Sweeney. 

    Robert A. and Linda L. Achorn to Dennis E. and Mieko T. Ward. 

    Donna Mcallister to Jackie L. and Ricky N. Howard. 

    Travis S. and Monica York, and Monica J. Fuller to Kyle York. 

    Promaterlou Holdings LLC to Louise R. Proctor Revocable Trust. 

    Travis A. Ashey to Travis A. and Barbara O. Ashey. 

    Thomas W. Perkins Jr. to Clare L. Stinson and Linda E. Anderson. 

    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to Douglas and Diane Oliver. 

    Janet A. Grant to Kirk D. and Nicholas D. Grant. 

    Myron M. Hersom to Jennifer and Vaughan Littlefield. 

    Vendue LLC to Carter Farm Realty Trust. 

    Reginald N. Staples to Alfred Street Rentals LLC. 

    Rodney W. Long and Ann J. Flack Est. to Dylan N. Bemberg and Elene Kostakes Murphy. 

    William E. Heroux II to Gloria L. Pearse and Brian P. Gordon. 

    Stockton Springs

    Karen Souza to Laurie J. and Jerry J. Strickland. 

    Terri Jones Est. to Brand M. Coffee and Kyle T. Voisine. 

    Ocean View Terrace LLC to Jonathan and Samantha Becker. 

    Debora J. and Larry S. Wilson to Richard and Lori Rowland. 

    Jodi L. and Christopher D. Martin to Diadem B. and Jesse Washburn. 

    Louise Judith Mariana Living Trust to Henry Bassler Thomas. 

    Edward Z. Hawkes Revocable Living Trust and Janice F. Hawkes Revocable Living Trust to Melissa Volkman. 

    Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeffrey J. Lanzillo. 

    James P. Morris to Jay I. and Bernadette A. Guber. 

    Dorothy Davidson to Axel R. Reisinger and Linda A. Henderson. 

    David T. and Sharon G. Faunce to Alger H. and Susan M. Johns. 

    Carrie Ann Mierow to Pamela and Peter Robbins. 

    Steven P. and Kathleen A. Fitzgerald to Roger D. Wilmott. 


    Daniel J. Ford to Philip J. Dulude and Laurie A. Kilby. 

    Town of Swanville to Sherry Thomas and Troy C. Thomas Sr.

    Robert S. Young to Young Trust.

    Jessie Athorp to Jesse Athrop and Risley Whitaker. 

    Rebekka L. Freeman-Merrithew and Becky L. Freeman to Donald R. Lemieux. 


    Joy M. Gurney to Taylor Lighty Surek. 

    Robert and Virginia Peabody, and Virginia King to Amanda L. Wagner. 

    Terri-Lynn Pinkham Fowler to Alison M. Applegate. 

    Todd A. Converse and Hui Wang Converse to Kathleen Smiley Jacob. 

    Van E. Hertel Sr. to Norman Kirby. 


    Kent Thurston to Virginia Sislane. 

    Stanley Mitchell Living Trust to Scott A. and Lynn M. Schold. 

    Bryan W. and Brooke A. Smith to Dale R. and Susan L. Furrow. 

    David J. Terry, Tammy L. Bodge-Terry, and Tammy L. Bodge to Valerie J. and Zachary J.M. Lefebvre. 


    Douglas R. and Patricie C. Fox to Aimee Suzanne Dorval.

    Nancy W. and Peter W. Pratt to Pratt Family Trust. 

    Irma Wedge and Irma Laughlin to Raymond H. Gogan. 

    Richard L. Hodges Inc. to Richard A. and Frances H. Hodges. 

    Moses A. and Shirley M. Lidstone to Raymond and Melissa L. Ashland. 

    Joel T. Glatz to Emily F. Valli. 


    Avon R. and Amos E. Blood to Karagan Amy Blood. 


    Gloria J. Dunroe Est. to Terence Dunroe. 

    Sandra J. Adams to Jerry and Amber Philbrick. 

    Kathrun and Nicholas Starrett, and Kathryn J. Morgan to Zachary S. and Christina Levesque. 

    Mark and Rochelle Webb to John Esham and Andrea Reaber. 

    Christopher G. Elliott to Bruce and Brenda Smith. 

    Elizabeth Pereira and Elizabeth Hardwick to Wendy S. Pace. 

    Amy B. Bargeron and Lionel M. Bargeron III to Philip A. Higgins. 

    Timothy R. Adams  to William D. Russo Jr. and Brittani A. Russo. 

    Winterport Cemetery District to Dwight Worcester. 

    Winterport Cemetery District to Peter and Susan Rioux. 

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