Waldo County deed transfers

Wed, 09/02/2020 - 6:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds July 20 - Aug. 7. 


    Richard T. Young to Erin K.R. Young. 

    Raymond D. Paul Jr. and Karen M. Barry-Paul to Nancy Shumaker.

    CCSC Real Estate LLC to Deborah Capwell. 

    Richard S. Wilkins and Ruth E. Shaw to Jefferson B. Davis. 

    Barbara  E. Charlton Est. to Jon C. Charlton. 

    Gerry L. Brady Living Trust to Richard Kelley. 

    Point Pinellas Properties LLC to John B. & Kathryn N. Warren Trust. 

    CCSC Real Estate LLC to Stephen L. and Cheryl L. Collins. 

    Cindy Lee Danchak to Cindy Lee Danchak, Shana E. Cannell, and Hope Thomas. 

    Sally P. Halliday to Sally P. Halliday Living Trust. 

    John C. & Beverly J. Omalia Trust and John C. Omalia to John C. & Beverly J. Omalia Trust. 

    Harry J. Richter Jr. Est. to Matthew and Traci Small.n 

    Belfast MArketplace LLC to RSP Belfast 1 LLC and RSP Belfast 2 LLC. 

    Nancy Shumaker to Nancy C. Shumaker Revocable Trust. 


    Donna M. O’Brien to Belmont Property Holdings LLC. 

    Vicki Lynn Nickerson and Vicki Nutt to Vicki Lynn Nickerson and Steven Edward Nickerson. 

    Leal L. Wood to Charles k. Thompson. 

    Dwayne L. Bryant to Stephanie L. Paulick-Maloney. 

    Wayne A. and Marilyn A. Merrifield to Joshua D. and Erin Merrifield. 


    Oak Hill Hops Inc. and Oak Hill Investments Inc. to Ashley Moore and Arthur Petrochenko. 

    Danielle M. Tessier to Peace Ridge Sanctuary. 

    Jon A. Littlefield to Andrea L. Lucien. 

    Andrea Lucien to James M. Blair II and Brenna C. Chase. 


    Ellen M. McWilliams to Jason L. and Kelly A. Hull. 

    Gillian J. and Erin E. Soucy to Gregory Preston Hughes and Nancy Beverage Hughes. 


    Earl R. Anderson to Donna L. and James A. Havens. 

    Tracy J. Ayer to Lincoln R. Greeley. 

    Darrell E. Ward to Darrell E. Ward and Elizabeth Spinney. 


    Roger and Edith Littlefield to Joshua Suitor. 


    Sunny Bolduc to Christopher J. Balduc. 

    Nancy B. and Nancy W. Crate to Nancy B. Crate Trust. 

    Scott L. Rolerson to Margery and Melissa Kate Misenheimer. 

    Janice Harmen to Blueberry Fields Living Trust. 

    Sandra P. Bacon Living Trust to Sandra Bacon Irrevocable Trust. 


    Susan A. Cassity to Steve Ashey. 


    Lisa Ann Woods to Codey Woods. 


    Richard D. Vann Est. to Mary S. Vann. 

    Carrie A. Peavey and Carrie Peavey to David W. and Sandra St. Clair. 

    Dennis B. Pease to Dennis B. and Jeffrey B. Pease. 

    Homes Unlimited LLC, Eric T. and Tiggany Wagner to Arthur E. Grinnell Jr. and Kimberly S. Grinnell. 

    Barbara W. Cunningham Est. to Tara M. Marple and Zack Harwell. 

    Glenn, Dean, and Wayne Jackson to Heidi Hurd, Lara Mather, Graham Jackson, Kim Elkins, Ryan and Sarah Jackson, Marissa Markham, and Carly McDevitt. 

    Jan B. and Jeffrey K. Archer to Jan B. Archer, Joshua Haiss, and Sarah Cobb. 

    Town of Liberty to Mark O’Neil. 

    Alice L. Dunn to Dustin Owens and Tracy Graff. 

    Lake Liberty Realty Trust One to Marian C. Rutkowski. 

    Lake Liberty Realty Trust Two to Devin J. Rutkowski and Amber NM. Paris. 


    Elizabeth A. Fairfield to William F. Molloy. 

    Larry K. Thomas to Paul E. Thomas. 

    B & H Enterprises LLC to Sidney and Elizabeth Eudy. 

    U.S. Bank NA TR to Adam Rubensten. 

    Patricia Stempel to Cathy Kay Seas. 

    Walter B. and Rebecca L. Woods to Seth Wayland Rogers and Renee Lynn Rogers. 

    Edith Spofford Watts Living Trust to 94 Camden Road LLC and Ninety Four Camden Road LLC. 

    Sidney F. and Elizabeth B. Eudy to Richard B. and Karen S. Prather. 


    Amanda L. Bonin to Ashley J. and Ryan W. Bonin. 

    Francis J. and Sharon A. Boltrom to 448 Swan Lake LLC and Four Hundred Forty Eight Swan Lake LLC. 

    Aimee Moffitt-Mercer to Christopher F. Miller. 


    Ronald and Shirley Andreozzi to Jacob D. Horton. 

    Darrin Brown to Duane S. and Dawne A. Southworth. 

    Bernadine Black and Bernadine Johnson to Ronald R. and Denise C. Pelletier. 

    Daniel R. and Susan M. McCrohan to India Menninghaus and David L. Brand. 


    Pensco Trust Company Cust to Cindy Lee Danchak. 

    Nancy Kane O’Neil to Julie Hocevar Hamlin and Paul Schmidt Hamlin.

    Babette Nealey and Babette H. Nealey to Alicia Snow and Roderick Norberg. 

    Deep Creek Grazing Association Inc. to Northpoint Holdings LLC. 

    Sierra M. Lentz-Barton to Laura Lynn Ellingson and Glenn Emray Ellingson. 


    David R. Woodman to Thomas H. and Kelly A. Duval. 

    Carroll E. Hardy Est. and Carroll Eugene Hardy Est. to Eastern Postal Realty Holdings LLC. 

    William Gillis, Harriet Clark Gillis, and Harriet Clark to Erik Hedberg. 

    Holly Flowers to Holly Corpataux-Flowers to Dens Leonis 506 LLC. 

    Theresa W. Howard Pitcher to Michael L. and Laurie Wiser. 

    Jan B. and Jeffrey L. Archer to Jacob Archer. 

    Jan B. and Jeffrey K. Archer to Sarah E. Cobb. 

    Joseph M. Keene to Joseph M. and Sara P. Keene. 

    Jan B. and Jeffrey K. Archer to Joshua Haiss. 

    Thomas D., Sharon L., and David J. Lewis to Peter J. Mehlhorn and Jean E. Thaxter-Mehlhorn. 


    Thomas J. Goetting to Toni and Bobby Morton. 

    Lorraine J. Harriman to Gregory and Kathryn Harriman. 


    Christopher L. and Dinah G. Kierstead to Katherine C. Gibson and F. Swift Gibson IV. 

    Suzanne L. and Kenneth R. Boudin to Heidi W. and Steven A. Burke. 

    Marilynn J. Petit to Marilynn J. Petit and Meredith Hill. 

    Lorie J. Johnson to Cheryl L. Howe. 

    Town of Searsmont to Diana Bartlett. 

    Catherine A. McGahan Est. to lee D. Goldstein and Norma C. Terrin. 

    Jessie S. Buchanan to Patrick B. Wilson. 

    Deborah J. Childers to Jeffrey D. and Judith A. Angle. 

    Beverly A. Settle Living Trust to Roman J. Polaski and Virginia A. Young. 

    Toinie Waters to Jacob and William Harford. 

    Helena M., Richard M., and Darren Randall to Tonilynn and Carl Hansen. 

    Ralph B. Jackson to Jill M. Artkop. 


    James and Laurie Richards to Ryan and Rachel Rhodes. 

    William L. and Toni A. Stone to William Lee & Toni Acosta Stone Revocable Trust. 

    JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Shanna R. and Jeffrey A. Golder to Vendue LLC. 

    George Mulrey Family Trust to Susan A. and John G. Mulrey.

    Jodie Hermann to David A. Henderson and Rebecca J. Loveland. 

    Charles F. Yahrling to Matthew and Emma Pender. 

    Julie Hogan, Matthew J., Michael J., and Julie Prisco to Shirley and Robert Seekins, and Robert Seekins Jr. 

    Cheryl R. Grendell to Tara Grendell. 

    Robert W. Brown to Norika Francis-Mezger and Matthew Colecchia. 

    Stockton Springs

    James T. Williams to David W. Batchelder and Paula A. Gates. 

    Henry and Janice Capano to Catherine Betz and Mary Jane Ackley. 

    Nancy A. Kelly and Kathleen F. Dehaven to Mark, Pamela, and Andrew Riposta. 

    Dorothy Mitchell to Keenan Mitchell. 

    JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association and Yavuz T. Erdun to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association. 


    Cindy L. and Michael R. Larrabee to Michelle and Frank Brown. 

    Daniel and Casey Klick to Arthur J. Koch Jr. and Susannah L. Koch. 

    Henrietta Kelley to Jean L. Sparrow Irrevocable Administrative Trust and Jean L. Sparrow Living Trust. 

    Daniel J. Ford to Samuel M. Violette. 

    Robert A. Roberts to Sherry Thomas and Troy C. Thomas Sr. 

    Paul E. and Pamela S. Hodgdon to Noah Kimball. 

    Kevin A. Ryan to Kevin A. Ryan and Amanda Brinard. 

    Jean L. Sparrow Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Arthur P. Fairbrother Jr. and Jennifer J. Fairbrother. 

    LME Nominee Trust to Troy and Meagan Patterson. 

    Lori Jean and Benjamin E. Pearson to Joseph D. McDevitt and Lisa Rediker. 

    Francis W. and Cynthia L. Zito to Robert Moore. 


    Christopher P. and Leilani E. Grant to Stephen McKenna. 

    Margaret Isabelle Curtis Est. and Dean S. Curtis to Tammy Thomas. 

    Van E. Hertel Sr. to Luke J. Cote. 

    Colleen G. Sullivan to Brett A. Mulligan. 


    Albert C. Nickerson to Katherine V. Trickey, Sean J. Andrews, and Elizabeth K. Trickey. 

    Anthony and Renee Sousa to Arthur A. Sousa Jr. and Donna L. Sousa. 


    Edward Lee Smith and Janet Irvine-Decker Smith to Scott P. Freeman and Kathleen T. Powers. 

    Carmen C. Schiller to Andrew and Alexander Antonitis.

    Elroy E. lear to Jonathan Mejia. 

    Chad H. Tozier to Katrina M. and Justin K. Tozier. 


    Richard E. Craib to Rosalyn C. Conway and John Conway Coleman. 

    Faye E. Montminy to Melanie and Curt Eynon. 

    Chase Curry to Brandon Curry. 


    Judy M. and Gary Arsenault to Kyle and Morganne Hayward. 

    Joan E. Proctor to Nicholas B. Marshall. 

    Billy F. Coffman to Billy F. Coffman and Amy E. Bowden. 

    Jo-Ann Roberson Holmes Est. to Kenyon and Michelle Humphrey. 

    J.P. Larsen LLC to Canoe Creek LLC. 

    Kenyon and Michelle Humphrey to Jacob H. and Alisha M. Lukas. 

    Sonja M. and Benjamin D. Ginn to Joshua M. Clark Est. 

    Sonja M. and Benjamin D. Ginn to Geraldine R. Clark. 

    Sonja M. and Benjamin D. Ginn to Joshua M. Clark Est. 

    Joshua M. Clark Est. and Geraldine R. Clark to Sonja M. and Benjamin D. Ginn. 

    David J., Carolyn M., and Katrina M. Verrill to Benjamin J. Verrill. 

    Jefferds N. and Deborah E. Verrill to Benjamin J. Verrill. 

    Lemuel Clark to Kimberly A. Clark. 

    Kimberly A. Watson to Kimberly A. Watson and Travis Mitton. 

    Cheryl M., Jessica, and Roger D. St. Louis to Lily Calderwood and Karl Zukauskus. 

    Geraldine R. Clark to Lemuel M. Clark, Stephanie R. Worster, Joshua D. Clark, Jessica Davies, and Kayla and Chad Worster. 

    Roanne M. Nadeau and Roanne L. Brown to Darren D. Nadeau. 

    Jerry W. Philbrick to Jerry and Amber Philbrick. 

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com