Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 07/28/2020 - 12:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds June 6-26. 


    Candace S. Welch to Adam Welch. 

    Meredith A. Holmes to Meredith Holmes Living Trust. 

    U.S. Bank Trust NA TR and LFS10 Master Participation Trust to Broughman Builders Inc.

    Marcia E. Ladd Spears, Annette Williams, Daniel J. and Samuel G. Ladd to Amanda G. Queene. 

    Kenneth Dyer to Kenneth and Timothy Dyer. 

    Gerry L. Brady Living Trust to Joshua and Kristi Brady. 

    Molly Weaver to Sally L. Brophy and Constance N. Hatch. 

    Shawn W. and Katrina M. Floyd to Pamela Fife. 

    Alan Jefferis Fowler and Wendy Marie Fowler to Renn Cordell Fowler and Patricia Ann Fowler. 

    Mary E. Ireland to Scott D. and Sharon L. Hesse. 

    William Augustus Daggett Jr. to Brock and Amber Gordon. 

    James M. Rutland to Christina Delsanto and Anthony Jacovino. 

    Steven J. and Megan E. Wagner to Keith E. and Leslie A. Llewellyn. 


    Susan Reyland Trust and Deborah Slawson Trust to Reyland-Slawson Family Trust. 

    Joseph F. Cooper Est. to Edward L. & Myrna C. Coyle Revocable Trust Agreement. 


    Michael J. Smith to Rayon N. Kirby. 

    Brent L. and Amy K. Stapley, and Amy Kaye to Christopher L. Alderson and Persephone Baughman. 


    Robert K. Garabedian to Thomas K. and Robert F. Garabedian. 

    Bruce D. and Marlene J. Libby to Michael C. and Karen Demo. 

    Todd O. Avery and Margery A. Thibodeau to Stanley C. and Jessica V. Wadoski. 


    Craig W. Delano to Jeffery J. Elward and Mariah M. Lane. 

    Coby Hutchins to Kristoffer M. Stewart. 

    Harold L. and Barbara H. Gerow to Gary H. and Brenda L. Gerow. 


    William and Margaret A. Pupkis to Brian J. and Kerry Pupkis. 

    Nicholas J. Fasanella to Lari S. and Sally A. Turner. 


    Alexander C. Carmichel IV to Douglas H. Carmichel. 

    Craig R. Carmichel to Douglas H. Carmichel. 

    Brett D. and Carmel W. Fromson to Anthony P. and Jennifer M. Rita. 


    Hannah E. Scribner to Dana M. and David L. Bierwas. 


    Heather Wallace and Heather W. Diko to Eleanor F. Weisman and Jay M. Hanes. 

    Tyler Caruso to Danielle S. Kilroy. 


    KRC Properties Inc. to Stepehn R. Usher. 

    Beverly F. Archer Est. to Jan B. and Jeffrey K. Archer. 

    Linda A. Whiteside Haskell and Linda Whiteside to Deborah L. Galloway. 

    Desiree D. Mikel to Linda A. Whiteside. 

    Linda A. Whiteside Haskell and Linda Whiteside to Decindra W. Parker. 

    Linda A. Whiteside Haskell to Desiree D. Mikel. 

    Dawne A. and Duane Southworth to Joshua T. Wentworth. 

    Loren and Terri Fuller to Eric and Tiffany Wagner, and Homes Unlimited LLC. 

    Donald A. Braue to Donald A. Braue Living Trust. 

    Donald B. and Lucy E. Rucker to John R. and Susan A. Cronin. 

    Gary Light to Dennis B. Pease. 


    Ducktrapme LLC to Zachary Zeoc Mosheyev. 

    New Era 2014 LLC to Henry A. Tedeschi Jr. and Elizabeth A. Tedeschi. 

    Eric Johnsen to Eric Johnsen and Jean Bender Bontrager.

    Garo J. Armen to Garo Armen Declaration of Trust, and Samuel and Zachary Armen.

    James K. Pennell Family Trust to Lindsay D. and Alex Hawthorne. 

    U.S. Bank NA TR, Sarah M. and Sarah White, and Mack H. White Jr. 


    Corey A. and Sissel S. Smith to Tyler G. Eads. 


    Travis D. and Amanda R. Huff to Carrie M. and Joshua C. Hanagriff. 

    Eloise B. Elwell to Brenda and Brian Ferreira. 

    Carolyn C. Boivin to Terry J. Boivin. 


    Shirley T. Rand Est., Thomas C., Peter J., and Aaron J. Rand, Susan Anderson, and Shirley T. Rand HRS to Aaron J. Rand. 

    Michael Pressman to Michael Pressman Revocable Trust. 

    Garo Armen to Garo Armen Declaration of Trust. 


    Beverly F. Archer Est. to Jan B. and Jeffrey K. Archer.

    Beverly F. Archer Est. to Jan B. and Jeffrey K. Archer.

    Beverly F. Archer Est. to Jan B. and Jeffrey K. Archer.

    Beverly F. Archer Est. to Jan B. and Jeffrey K. Archer.

    Eugene F. and Denise C. O’Reilly to David Basti and Hansie A. Grignon. 

    Mary Lou Noyes to Noyes Family Camp Irrevocable Living Trust. 

    Joanne M. Powell to Joseph P. and Tamara J. Dillon. 

    Leland D. Joneto Peter D. and Lisa J. Jones. 

    Stanley T. and Virginia F. Fleming to Jay B. Godleski. 


    Town of Searsmont to David A. Sprowl. 

    Lucas Construction Inc. to Travis S. Nelson. 

    Adam C. Hills to Adam C. and Sandra D. Hills. 


    Nicole L. and Nichole L. Bowden to Nicholas S. Bowden. 

    Herbert L. Frost Living Trust to Herbert L. Frost III. 

    Karen E. and Fred B. Doliber to Christopher Laurita Martynas. 

    Elizabeth R. Richardson to Carl A. Benner and Megan M. Gibbons. 

    El Morse to Kenneth Theobald Jr. 

    Christopher and Diane-Marie Colby to Gerald D. and Verna Goguen. 

    Meredith Ares Living Trust to Richard Sinek Living Trust. 

    Stockton Springs

    Heather D. and Matthew L. Burgess to Donna J. Gilchrist. 

    Lyndsey M. Crockett to Lyndsey and Michael W. Crockett. 

    Neil Daboul to Jennifer L. and Andrew S. Nowak. 

    Neil Daboul to Jennifer L. and Andrew S. Nowak. 

    Diane S. and Stephen E. O’Connell to 23 Perkins LLC and Twenty Three Perkins LLC. 

    John Baronian Jr. to Jody Anne Baronian. 

    William D. Foley to Federal National Mortgage Association. 

    Sheri A. Clark and Sheri A. Parenteau to Sheri A. Clark and Steven P. Clark II. 

    Melvin M. Grant to Melvin M. Grant. 


    Kyle Bishop to Kyle and Lacie B. Bishop. 

    Justin and Casey Fedukovich, and Casey Hletko to Eric D. Lowell. 

    Paul H. Brown to Dwight T. Sproul.


    Michael J. Reid to Joseph D. Casella. 

    Betty J. Terkelsen Est. to Robert Clinch and Michael Carrier-Clinch. 

    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Michael W. Womersley and Aimee L. Phillipi. 


    Laelia LLC to Isanthes LLC. 


    Isanthes LLC to Hui Zhen Shen. 

    Thomas F. Badge and Stacey A. Johnson to Ralph W. and Nancy H. Nason. 


    Christopher J. and Lynn R. Boynton to April Harriman. 

    Town of Waldo to Ruth E. Robbins Est. 

    Amanda G. Queene and Adam M. Welch to Matthew H. and Jason H. Arkin. 

    Deborah A. Harnden to David A. Thompson. 


    Michael J. Vollmer to Buck Horn LLC. 

    Steven J. and Melanie F. Clisham to Dylan R. and Erin M. Douglas. 

    Town of Winterport to Anthony Valley. 

    Justin Shute to Carmen E. and Cera M. Jamison. 

    U.S. Bank National Association TR to Zane Wetzel. 

    Michael A. Kervin to Cathrine Estelle Knight.

    James Dunton to Sharon Walker. 

    Bobbie Lee Hobbs to N.A. Peet LLC. 

    Bobbie Lee Hobbs to Courtney R. Schmidt and Spencer N. Stone. 

    Christopher A. Pease and Donna R. Lindsay-Pease to Matthew and Megan Euper. 

    Abbie Nelson and Abbie Thompson to Samuel and Abbie Nelson.

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