Why is your pumpkin purple?

Camden-Rockport Elementary spreads epilepsy awareness

Wed, 10/30/2019 - 5:15pm

ROCKPORT — The Camden-Rockport Elementary School participated in the Purple Pumpkin Project to help spread awareness about epilepsy and show support for students and staff who have epilepsy at the school.

One of those students is Lila. Lila’s father approached Nikole Seeger, the Explorer Program teacher about the Purple Pumpkin Project. She and homeroom teacher Susan Davis loved the idea and turned the project into a mini-lesson and activity for students.

Nurse Meghan Fitzpatrick and Michelle Beveridge, who also has epilepsy, gave a presentation and afterwards each student painted a purple pumpkin which they took home along with a flyer from the Epilepsy Foundation about the project.

When people ask, “Why is your pumpkin purple?” students will be able to spread awareness about epilepsy to the community.

The Purple Pumpkin project is a campaign to promote awareness of epilepsy to understand and support those affected by seizures.

“It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn about epilepsy and support our community,” said Nikole Seeger, in a news release.

The Explorer students will also paint a large purple pumpkin that they will place in the lobby of Camden-Rockport Elementary School.

For more information about the Purple Pumpkin Project visit www.epilepsy.com/make-difference/get-involved/purple-pumpkin-project