Start of classes delayed until small leak found in lone classroom

Police respond to gas leak at Mt. View School

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 2:15pm

    THORNDIKE — The start of classes at Mt. View School was slightly delayed Thursday, Oct. 10, after school staff activated the school’s fire alarm, Waldo County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jason Trundy wrote in a post on the department’s Facebook page. 

    The alarm was pulled after by the staff member when they smelled gas in one of the science lab classrooms, with fire, law enforcement, and gas company personnel responding to the scene. 

    All students were cleared from the school when the alarm was activated and held on school buses in a safe area until the fire department cleared the school, according to the post. 

    After investigating the origins of the smell, staff and emergency personnel were able to determine the smell that was detected in the classroom was coming from a small amount of gas released by a gas valve on one of the tables in the room. 

    Classes began after the smell was located and school staff was able to reignite the pilot lights in a kitchen area. 

    “We want to thank everyone, especially the parents and loved ones of the students, for their patience during what we know is a stressful situation,” Trundy wrote. 

    “The great working relationship between law enforcement, fire, and school personnel resulted in the speedy resolution to the situation while maintaining the safety of all the students and staff.”

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