Letter to the Editor

Fine Arts Night at Thomaston Grammar School

Wed, 05/29/2019 - 2:45pm

THOMASTON — On Thursday, May 23, Thomaston Grammar School held its annual Spring Fine Arts Night. There was magnificent artwork on display for all students in grades K through 5 that was created under the direction of art teacher, Janelle Eddy.

The musical portion of the evening was directed by our music teacher, Ashley Boden.

The evening was split into two musical shows, one for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-5.

Students in kindergarten wowed the crowd with their rendition of Little Bunny Foo Foo, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, and Little Peter Rabbit. The first graders sang their hearts out to Dinosaur Detective, Dinosaur Colors, and Dinosaur Party. Notice the fun theme? Second graders displayed their singing talents with She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, and Peace Like a River.

They all came together at the end of the K-2 concert to sing Bright Happy Day. What a night it was!

For the second show of the evening, 5th grade students split into homeroom groups. One group performed You Will Be Found. The other group performed A Whole New World. They did an amazing job! What a great way to start the 3-5 show.

Then, our third grade students showed off their talent by singing Apples & Bananas, Do Your Ears Hang Low?, and We Know the Way.

Fourth graders followed by doing a wonderful job singing Count on Me and It’s My Life. This was followed by a piano solo and the 5th grade beginning band sharing the hard work they have put in this year learning to play instruments. They performed Mary Ann, Polly Wolly Doodles, Jasmine Flower, and more.

The grand finale for this concert was a rousing rendition of the song Roar with all students in grades 3-5.

What a fabulous concert!