An undefeated season!

Wildcats take down the Lynx in Busline League final

Mon, 02/12/2024 - 3:15pm

    The Boothbay Region Elementary School Lady Wildcats were undefeated when they arrived at Wiscasset High School for the Busline League final game Feb. 10 against Lincolnville Central School’s Lady Lynx. And the team remained undefeated,  beating the undefeated Lynx, 37-31, when they left.

    As the two teams took to the court, it was clear: the win was going to be hard-fought. Throughout the game, both teams played aggressively for the title. And both teams had passionate fans cheering them on. At the end of the second quarter the score was 14-9, Wildcats leading.

    The Lynx drew a little closer after three quarters, with Boothbay holding a two-point lead, 25-23, going into the final quarter.

    Eleanor Erwin led the Wildcats with 17 points. Addie Barter added eight points and Xavi Hall had six for the Wildcats. Moriah Smith, Zuri Smith and Lilly Brown each scored two points.

    The Lynx were led by Catherine Leadbetter with 19 points (including 13 in the third quarter), followed by Maggie Harbaugh with five and Iris Bolduc with four.

    The game ended with thunderous applause and shouting from the Boothbay fans, many of whom sprang to their feet in excitement as the Lady Wildcats ended their 2023-2024 season unblemished.

    During practice the night before the game, Wildcat coach Allison Crocker put in a new defense to stop the two best players on the Lynx team. Said Crocker, “The team did an excellent job executing it. Individually, we didn’t necessarily play our best offensive game, but we played as a team and that’s what won it for us. We needed to bring energy and determination and that’s what we did. These girls wanted it, so they got it.”

    During a post-game phone call, first-year Lynx Coach Ryan Leadbetter said, “Both teams worked hard all season and both were undefeated. We fell behind in the first half, and didn’t defend as well as we could have, but it was a great game.”

    The Wildcat roster includes eighth graders Addie Barter, Lilly Brown, Eleanor Erwin, Arabella Hodgdon, Moriah Smith, Zuri Smith, and seventh graders Xaviera “Xavi” Hall,  Jess Raburn, Ary Gray, Sammy Colby, Lilly Cowing, Olivia Hardwick, Bea Wormwood and Maggie McCarthy.