Letter to the editor

Why I will be voting in November to elect Stephen Hemenway to be my state rep

Tue, 09/06/2022 - 11:15am
I don’t generally write letters to the editor but I really feel I need to share why it’s so crucial to me as a parent that we elect Stephen J. Hemenway for District 39 this November.
I’m in a position where I hear a lot of comments and concerns from parents/grandparents and guardians almost daily. They share with me many of the things that are being taught to their kids in our public school system right now.
Jan Dodge sponsored LD 864. This bill calls a parent who watches or listens to their child’s lesson when being delivered by remote instruction an “unauthorized person” and the bill even imposes a fine for this.
She later amended the “unauthorized “ part but it shows me that if given the chance by being elected for another term how dangerous her thinking could actually be.
I have always held the belief that a good parent should be involved in their children’s education. This is not about politics, it’s about right and wrong.  We, as parents,  know what is best for our children.
We cannot let Jan Dodge do this.
Hemingway wants to restore parents rights so they have a voice in their children’s education. If you are in Belfast, Belmont or Northport I would urge everyone to get out and vote in November. That is the only voice we have.
There are too many freedoms that we have allowed our leaders take from us but as a parent myself I refuse to let a system that has no respect for God or for my role in shaping the lives of my children do  this. I have too much invested  in my children to allow this to happen.
There are many other reasons that I believe Hemenway is the right choice, such as his support for our law enforcement and helping to find solutions for lowering energy costs for all Maine citizens.
But as a mother of four and although my youngest just graduated, my main concern is for the rights of every  child and parent out there.  That is why I will be voting in November to elect Stephen J. Hemenway to be my state rep in District 39. 
Kristi Philbrook lives in Belfast