Letter to the editor: Diana Castle

Why the exorbitant increase in my Rockport sewer bill?

Tue, 12/22/2020 - 12:30pm

I am writing regarding the exorbitant increase in my sewer bill. I have lived at the same address in Rockport Village for approximately 20 years. For whatever reason, over the past couple of years I have watched my sewer bill increase year over year. With no explanation. This year, I understand the sewer fee itself went up and now my bill is even higher.

I’ve called Maine Water repeatedly with no resolution.

The first time that I called the lady who answered the phone said, “Oh, you must live in a multiunit!”

I said ‘no, why would you say that’; “well your usage is so high it looks like you have a multiunit.”

She then proceeded to ask me a list of questions:

Did I put in a pool?


Did I get a hot tub?


Did I put in an irrigation system?


Did I make any changes to my lifestyle or home?


So, no reason why my sewer bill would have gone up so high.

I called again recently. They asked me the exact same questions and even said, ‘you must have a pool or a hot tub or an irrigation system.’

I said, I have lived in the same house for approximately 20 years.

They then tried to tell me that my sewer bill had gone up because I was working from home due to COVID or had children.

I have worked from home for over eight years, I told them, and I have had children for 14. And by the way, they never shower.

So nobody can tell me why my sewer bill is so high, and why it appears as though I live in a multiunit for just a single family based on the usage.

As I understand it, the increase in the sewer bill is a combination of something to do with the input that is inordinately high for the Village and a rate increase.

Meanwhile I am just paying more.

Recently, I saw the board approved to pay $10,000 to look at the option of having our own sewage treatment plant. I’m sure that sounds like a good idea. However how about paying somebody to figure out why all of us in town are paying more than our fair share!

Could it be something to do with the large leak or river of water at the top of Pascal Avenue that the town still has not fixed and it goes on for years?

Is all of that water spilling into our system and then going through our sewer system?

I don’t know, I am not an engineer, but it seems like an engineer could be hired to help us all out.

To end it all, I finally got a small credit on my very high bill along with the message saying that if I did not pay my bill I would have a lien put on my home tomorrow!

I paid the bill.

Merry Christmas everyone.

As an added note Megan at the town office has tried to be helpful. However she only gets the same answers.

Diana Castle lives in Rockport