Letter to the editor: Marsha Steinglass

Why does the Select Board set a course that will result in more hardships for residents?

Thu, 12/17/2020 - 4:15pm
On March 19, 2020, the Chairperson of the Select Board wrote the following to me regarding my opinions on the restrictions being considered for short term rentals: "There are people that you can imagine that  feel very differently and frankly, thus far, we have heard more from that side of things."
As the Board reviews the public input on this topic this evening, the above statement is far from accurate. Indeed, close to 34 citizens have expressed their negative position on this matter to the Board and the Town, in the face of 12 who are in favor of restrictions.  Does majority rule?
In addition, the past week in our State has seen 2,574 new cases of COVID, 32 more deaths, and 28 more people in the hospital.
Lastly, the non-partisan Maine Economic Growth Council cites, in its 26th annual report, a renewed urgency in the face of Covid 19, the resulting recession, the pandemic and resulting missed paychecks, closed schools and shuttered businesses, tipping many Maine households into stressful and precarious situations.
Why is the Town spending taxpayer money to have the town attorney review these proposed restrictions? 
Why does the Select Board set a course that will result in even more hardships for our residents?