Letter to the editor: Group of Rockport property owners

Rockport Select Board should should not allow non-qualifying petition to circumvent original vote

Fri, 03/05/2021 - 6:30pm

On February 8, the Rockport Select Board voted 4-1 to table the draft short term rental ordinance and not place it on the June 2021 ballot. Days later, 34 residents signed a petition seeking to reverse the Select Board's vote. It did not meet the requirements for a citizens’ petition.

Then the Select Board member who opposed the original vote, proposed placing a nonbinding vote on STR regulation on the June ballot instead. 

The Select Board should vote against this proposal at its March 8 meeting. It should not allow a non-qualifying petition to circumvent its original vote, which would set a bad precedent. It also would create more upset and division during the pandemic, a consequence which the original vote was intended to avoid. 

Sincerely yours,

Clare Tully
Ann Austin
Keith Lorenz
Kathleen Hackett
Stephen Antonson
MarIka Kuzma Green
Tim Montague
Felícia Giordano
Glen Maine
Gina Mazza
Shari Yolowitz
Benjamin Lantz
Elizabeth Lantz
Kate Lee
William Lee
Tiffany Ford
Vic Steinglass
Marsha Steinglass
Nancy Ottaviano
Bill Ottaviano
Tom Young
Jenni Lyn Cooper
Lisa Genasci
Christopher Smith
Jeff Leighton
Lodi Leighton
Melissa MacCoole
Jeffrey MacCoole
Mari Jones
Robert Wolterstorff
Alexa Fogel
Ralph Wallace
Haunani Wallace
Marci Annis
Maxwell MacCoole
Michael MacCoole
Alexa L. Fogel
Stephen Bowen
Alex Cohen
Jamie Weymouth
Maria Weymouth