Jan. 20 meeting

Who is asking for what: Knox County Commissioners, Budget Committee to tackle a varied list of ARPA fund requests

Tue, 01/18/2022 - 12:45pm

    ROCKLAND — Thomaston wants money for its sewer system; Appleton, for its fire water treatment and broadband. Washington and Cushing want money for food pantries, as well as broadband and a town electric sign. Hurricane Island Center for Science requests funds for aquaculture education and Sexual Assault Assault Services wants money for staffing. The list is long in Knox County for funding requests made to Knox County Commissioners for the county’s $7.7 million ARPA pot, its municipalities and nonprofits competing with each other. In total the county received more than $8.5 million in requests.

    For the first time since last November, the Knox County Commissioners and the county’s Budget Committee will again tackle how to distribute $7.7 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds designated to Knox County. The meeting will take place Jan. 20 via Zoom.

    The agenda is focusing on the county’s Supplemental Budget:


    1. Airport CARES ACT & AIP Projects
    2. ARPA Projects - Municipalities & Non-Profits

    County disbursement of the ARPA funds has been a source of controversy and allocations as to how the funds were to be expended. Knox County has received $3.5 million of an allocated $7.7 million and the money must be allocated by Dec. 31, 2024.  

    Commissioners have spent $411,000 of the ARPA funds as emergency retention funds for county employees to keep them on the job. Those payments will run through Dec. 31, 2021.  

    In early November, letter stated that the commission will not allocate or expend any of the remaining ARPA funds. This will be handled as part of the normal budget process through the Knox County Budget Committee for its discussion and approval.  

    The following is the list of requests:

    Town of Thomaston
    Received already from federal government $289,879.91 
    EMS asking for $3,995 for a motorized stair chair
     $350,000 for sewer replacement

    Town of Appleton
    $144,000 already received
    Requests $11,000 for COVID-19 related changes to the town office protection measures
    $2,290 for fire department water treatment
    $228,736 for broadband for underserved roads in Appleton serviced by Consolidated Communications 

    Town of Rockport
    $177,500 already received
    Requests $750,000 for 25 percent toward $3 million Broadband Pathway Project

    Town of Owls Head
    Requests $346,889 for Owls Head Cottage Avenue Sewage System Upgrade and Phase One of Broadband Enhancement project

    Knox County Homeless Coalition
    Requests $4.1 million to address health disparities for low income and homeless populations in Knox County
    Already has other funds for this project, including: 
    $500,000 main state housing
    $189,000 federal home loan bank
    $100,000 KCHC administrative support
    $136,000 ICDC annunciated contrbituon


    Madelyn Lane (Rockport housing)
    $1.2 million for supportive housing, 30 units plus $1.5 million phase two, implementation of service delivery

    Talbot Ave., Rockland
     $320,000, small footprint housing, transitional supportive rental housing and workfcoese housing

    $180,000, Philbrick Commons, Phase II, single family home subdivision with workforce housing

    $400,000, Isle au Haut Preservation, workforce housing

    Knox County Dedicated Reentry

    Mid Coast Health Net, dba KnoxClinic
    Request for $750,000 to $1.2 million
    Collaborative effort for renovations and health care related expenditures and to expand services for medical, dental and mental health

    Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership
    Requests $265,865 
    Had received $25,000 from National Science Foundation in 20201 and received a federal PPP grant
    To be used for supporting growth of its aquaculture education and training programs and assoctioned 

    St. George Volunteer Firefighters Ambulance
    Received federal grants for barn building and PPP loans
    Requests $95,007.66 to retain, attract employees and improves the association

    Sexual Assault Assault Services of Midcoast Maine
    Requests $160,000 ($80,000 in 2021 and $80,000 in 2022
    Money would be used to support staffing, adding part time positions, maintaining competitive salaries. Investing in skill development, improving IT support and equipment

    MCH, Inc.
    requests $60,000
    For food because it has a group purchasing to help reduce costs but these costs have risen
    Salaries of staff

    Come Spring Food Pantry
    Requests $100,000 for its Union facility to create a sustainable food hub to provide nutritional, equitable access to all, food assistance and nutrition

    Volunteers of North New England
    Requests $450,000 for salaries and benefits for CRC, for CRC training, travel costs for staff
    Community resource coordinators

    St. George
    Community Development Corporation
    $40,000 for Mental health services 
    $45,000 for broadband last mile
    $10,000 housing support
    $20,000 for household assistance food programs
    $5,000 rent assistant and mortgage assistance

    Town of South Thomaston
    Already received $170,453.64
    Requests $17,267 for Lucas Device for CPR

    Town of Washington
    Requests $36,881 for:
    Garage roof insualtion, $14,831
    Rebuild water pump in generator, $1,023
    Food pantry, $5,000
    Telephone and internet for public works garage, $1,127
    Upgrade town website, $4,900
    Partner with Axion Technologies, $10,000 for broadband fiber to the home project throughout Washington.

    Town of Cushing
    already received $157,000
    Requests TBD after receiving Axion feasibility study for installation of fiber
    Town electronic communication sign, $32,000 to allow to communication quickly with town citizens about changes to mask requirements, vaccination sites
    $400,000 for public access to the ocean shoreline

    Town of North Haven
    Already received $37,491
    Requests $75,000 for municipal planner, three-year part-time position

    City of Rockland
    Already received $756,737
    Requests $110,000 for Pen Bay Acres storm water project
    $53,000 green infrasture, storm water
    $55,000 Wilson Memorial Park storm in water
    $60,000 Center Street storm waters separation

    Town of Hope
    Already received $178,173
    Requests $50,000 salt, sand, shed roof and ventilation

    Town of Union
    Already received $238,000
    Ambulance, $275,000
    Broadband connections, $32,000, last mile
    Food Pantry, $15,000
    Premium pay, $13,000 — for every town employee worked through the pandemic deserves to be recognized

    Isle au Haut
    Requests $940,000
    $175,000 housing
    $50,000 solid waste disposal
    $215,000 broadband
    $500,000 for par ing

    Town of Vinalhaven
    Already received $112,359.70
    $250,000 for sustaining sewer infrastructure
    $150,000 for sewer extension
    $350,000 for workforce housing
    $1 million for county flood map review