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Watts Hall Community Players advertise Sock Hop with unique poster

Posted:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 9:30am

Story Location:
174 Main Street
Thomaston  Maine
United States

THOMASTON — Who would have guessed that a small local group would have a person in Phillips design a poster for a Midcoast event? And who would have guessed that this poster was created by a man who makes his living selling pre-owned printing presses… the BIG professional kind? And who would have guessed that a person can make a living selling pre-owned digital printing presses… the BIG professional kind… in Philips, Maine? But that’s how it is.

Paul Caruso lives in Phillips and sells and services professional digital printing machines to printing companies all around the world and in his free time he likes to design posters, according to a news release. Prior to settling in Phillips, Caruso was the founder and owner of the Museum of Rock Art in Hollywood, CA. And, 'Rock’ as in “Rock and Roll”.

How did the poster come to advertise a Sock Hop being held in Thomaston? Daryl Hahn and Ben Griffin had been tossing around the idea of Watts Hall Community Players sponsoring a Sock Hop when Hahn happened to spend a night at Mt. Blue State Park. Needing marshmallows for the campfire, she pulled in to a small convenience store in Carthage, of all places, and spotted a simply great retro poster for a Sock Hop.

Two days and four phone calls later, she found Caruso at his computer and the rest is history, the release said.

Watts Hall Community Players now has its own personalized version of the original. Keep your eye out for this poster in the weeks to come and plan on attending the Sock Hop in Watts Hall in Thomaston, Feb. 8, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.