Washington voters pass land use ordinance on buildings wrecked by fire

Tue, 11/02/2021 - 9:00pm

    WASHINGTON — Voters in the Town of Washington were faced Nov. 2 with voting on one local referendum, in addition to the three statewide referendum questions. 

    The municipal ballot question read: Shall the Town of Washington enact the following changes to the Town of Washington Land Use Ordinance? 

    Proposed wording (insert in Article IV, Section 2, Subsection E): Any conforming residential or commercial building/structure which is hereafter damaged or destroyed by fire, or any cause, may be restored or reconstructed and used as before within 24 months of the date of said damage or destruction, with permit approval by the Code Enforcement Officer. Expansion of the prior structure during reconstruction shall be governed by Article IV, Section 6, Subsection A. 

    The measure passed by a vote of 433-62.