Waldoboro Police beat: Arrrest warrant, stolen medication, coins

Posted:  Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 2:30pm

WALDOBORO — Waldoboro police responded to 200 calls for service from Feb. 27-March 6. Listed below are a few of the highlights. An arrest or summons does not apply guilt. A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. 

Feb. 27 

Edward Zona, 36, of Waldoboro, was arrested by Officcer Larry Hesseltine for operating after suspension.

Angela Wellman, 29, of Waldoboro, was arrested by Hesseltine for operating under the influence and unlawful possession of scheduled drug.

Officer John Lash is investigating a report from a citizen of unwanted subjects in his home.

Feb. 28

Hesseltine investigated an accident at the intersection of Atlantic Highway/Kalers Corner and Winslows Mills Road, at 6:30 a.m. Jonathan Rosa, 35, of Springfield, Mass., was driving a 2015 International medium truck. Travis Smith, 35, of Northport, was driving a 2009 Ford sedan. Rosa was traveling northbound, making a left turn. Smith was traveling westbound, starting in traffic and failed to yield right of way. Smith was stopped at the intersection and did not go when the light turned green. Rosa began making a left hand turn and was in the middle of the intersection making a turn when Smith accelerated and hit Rosa. No injuries were reported.

Travis Smith, 35, of Northport was summonsed for failure to show proof of insurance. 

Hesseltine investigated an accident on the Atlantic Highway at 6:50 a.m. Lari Beaucage, 44, of Waldoboro, was driving a 2014 Ford sedan. Beaucage was traveling westbound, following the roadway. A deer ran out into the road in front of Beaucage, who was unable to avoid striking deer. No injuries were reported.

Hesseltine is investigating a complaint from a citizen of criminal mischief within the last couple days to his motor vehicle windshield.                  

Officer Thomas Bartunek investigated a complaint from a citizen that she is being harassed. Subject were found and warned on harassment. 

March 1     

Dezarae McPhee, 23, of Waldoboro, was arrested by Sgt. Jamie Wilson on a warrant.

March 2     

Officer Jeffery Fuller is investigating a report from a citizen of the theft of medication.

March 3     

Lash is investigating a report from a citizen of a burglary with some coins stolen.

March 4                                              

Fuller is investigating a report from a citizen that her residence was broken into with $800 and paperwork stolen.

March 6     

Brian Bennett, 37, of Waldoboro, was arrested by Hesseltine on a warrant.

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