Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 17-28.


    Barbara B. and Steven G. Chiasson to Chiasson Family Irrevocable Trust.

    Mark A.. Blair and Mary Dresser Blair to Jessica S. Browne.

    Evelyn K. Littlefield Living Trust to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

    Carroll L. Littlefield Living Trust and Evelyn K. Littlefield Living Trust to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

    Susan J. Harvey and Susan J. Allen to Erika Fellinger.

    Yeshi Sherab and Dolma Yangzom to Ronald M. Mitchell Jr. and Rosamond C. Peters.

    Mabel M. Webber EST to David B. Andrews, Delina R. Hickey and David B. Andrews & Delina R. Hickey Joint Revocable Trust.

    David B. Andrews, Delina R. Hickey and David B. Andrews & Delina R. Hickey Joint Revocable Trust to John Murphy II and Sue Murphy.

    Emily Wesson and Peter Millard to Peter Millard and Emily B. Wesson.

    Ruth A. Goodwin EST to David and Sarah H. August.

    Brenda L. and John P. Mullen to Julie N. Dellamattera.

    Patricia A. and Michael R. Sexton to Katherine C. and James D. Von Hollen.

    Geraldine C. Heroux and Geraldine Moody to William E. Heroux II and Laura M. Heroux.

    Theodore R. Heroux to Adam Heroux.


    Quicken Loans Inc. to United States of America - VA.


    Louann and Gordon Hebert to Stacey L. and Thomas J. Fowler.

    Rhoda A. Smith to Deborah L. and Michael D. Moody.


    Thomas Martellone and Theresa Gills to Margery A. Thibodeau and Todd P. Avery.

    Cherie A. Leavitt to Roy and Tara Elliot.

    Stanley A. Gibbs EST to Alisa J. Gibbs.

    Alisa J. Gibbs to Robert H. Chase II.

    Cumberland County Federal Credit Union to Corey M. Welch.


    Timothy M. and Teresa McCann, and Teresa Snyder to Elmer Farren.


    James J. and Denise A. Keller to Russell O. and Katherine M. Bryant.

    Bessey Development Company to State of Maine - Fisheries and State of Maine.

    Knox Ridge Baptist Church to Terri Depalma.

    John and Shelia Barnstein to Greenfield Property Management LLC.


    Maine State Housing Authority to Taylor Light-Surek.

    Barbara . Gendron to Mark e. Gendron.


    Kent R. and Susan M. Parker to Colleen Duggan and Diann D. Henderson.

    B&H Enterprises to B&H Enterprises LLC.

    Dolores Gerald Ervin to Dolores Gerald Ervin and Kimberly J. Ervin Tucker.

    Daniel S. and Leslie J. Eaton to Rebecca A. Adams.

    Sandra G. and Trent A. Shute to Kathleen C. Yorks and Bruce T. Craven.

    Dorreen Zander-Pretz EST to Bernard A. Pretz.


    Linda E. Weaver and Linda E. Weaver Berry to Linda and Harry Patterson.

    Rhoda McAlpine Irrevocable Trust to Gerald L. and Lawrence W. McAlpine and Linda L. Clark.

    Nicholas O. Smith to Drew Pickering.

    Faye Neild to Faye Neild and Eben Bucklin.


    Elmin Mitchell EST to Roland L. Singer III and Corie L. Skidgell.

    Edward A. and Edward Alan Bower toto Edward Alan Bower and Susan Elizabeth Bower.

    David L. and Ethel A. Greenleaf to Laurent Bailey.

    Raymonde Foster to Ian Eric Olson and Peter Edward Foster.

    Raymonde Foster to Raymonde Foster and Peter Edward Foster.


    Brian D. Simmons to Darrell E. Bowen.

    Robin Leigh Vedder EST and Robin L. Vedder EST to Kathleen and Peter K. Truslow.


    Norma L. Wieman to Michael Rothlauf and Susan Wieman.

    Carolyn Canning to Regina Kennedy.


    Town of Palermo to Jeffrey Plummer.

    Ruth E. Fuller to Jerry G. Fuller.


    Catherine Orcutt and Catherine D. Parker to Catherine D. Parker and Stewart L. Parker Jr.


    Carol Marie Hannaford to Paul F. Frazer Jr. and Bert R. Holmberg.

    Bert R. Holmberg to Bert R. Holmberg, Michael P. Murry and Paul F. Frazer Jr.

    John A. and Cheryl L. Kraeutler to Cheryl and John A. Kraeutler.


    Cynthia P. and Harry J. Mentas to Dana Hayden.

    Wallace E. Ryan and Denise Mellow to Denise Ryan.

    Stockton Springs

    Elayne S. Schwabe to Lynne N. Macewen.

    Joan Federman to David R. and Peggy A. Pelham.

    Lynne N. Macewen to Lynne N. and Dana C. Macewen.

    Wayne A. and Freda N. Reed to Quamphegan Realty Corporation.  

    Gary L. McLaughlin and Jack W. McLaughlin Jr. to Tracy A. and Melik P. Khoury.

    Miriam S. Ryan Administrative Irrevocable Trust to Housel-Ryan-Sheldon HRS Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Christopher D. Smith to Donald A. and Georgia K. Smith.

    April Fools Inc to James S. and Judith S. Files.


    Natalie A. Wood and Natalie A. Woodward to Douglas M. Wood and Diane L. FIsher-Wood.

    Susan J. Harvey and Susan J. Allen to Jeffrey Stump and Matthew Moulton.

    Pamela M. Littlefield and Pamela Colby to Pamela Colby.

    Susan M. Smith to Robert F. Smith Jr.

    Peter J. and Mary A. Kennedy to Peter J. Kennedy.

    Virginia C. Williams EST to Donna R. Williams and Judy A. Hale.

    Donna R. Williams and Judy A. Hale to Judy A. Hale Living Trust and Donna R. Williams Living Trust.


    Jared L. Heath to Simon Stoll and Norman Borntrager.

    John Sylvia III to Kevin Zimmerman.

    Serena A. Ard and U.S. Bank NA TR to U.S. Bank NA TR.

    Kenneth A. and Veronica F. Kupperman to Gabriel J. and Brenda L. Morin.

    Jeffrey D. and Amy R. Fowler to Dustin P. Fowler and Molly E. Arute.


    Dale and Liana Walker to Emily Anderson and Eric Walker.


    William Bird to Joseph Bird.

    Jolene U. Schillinger and Jolene U. Schillinger-Erikson to Mary Ann Hayes.

    Unifore Corp to Jolene U. Schillinger-Erikson.

    Mary Ann Hayes to Jolene U. Schillinger-Erikson.

    Jolene U. Schillinger-Erikson and Jolene U. Schillinger to Mary Ann Hayes.

    Jean Ann Asadoorian to James Asadoorian.


    Peer & Eleanor M. Sorenson Revocable Trust to Thomas A. Ciofolio.

    Earl C. and Christine O. Stevens and Christine O. Matson to Antonia M. Flagg and Kyle E. Seile.

    Harold P. Watt to Allen A. and Brenda A. Ward.


    Elizabeth Albert EST to Judy Perrille.

    Margaret Joan Alpaugh EST to Jeffrey D. Fowler.

    Susan N. and Urey W. Patrick to Rachel A. Craven.

    Ann M. Blumer to Nancy J. Ronco and Paul G. Ronco II.

    Pamela A. Stetson to Pamela Stetson, Demelza Jean Stetson and Aislinn Kara Canarr.

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