Waldo County deed transfers

Fri, 09/15/2023 - 11:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry o f Deeds Aug. 28 - Sept. 1.


    Davidson Harvey to Francine Hughes. 

    Richard C. Green Est. to Stephen B. and Linda H. Hoffsis. 

    TL Milne Properties LLC to Robert and Joanne Anderson. 

    Norman B. Moulton to Sylvia Moulton. 

    Wilmont G. Pinkerton Jr. and Patricia A. Pinkerton to Brad J. Pinkerton. 

    Donna C. Allen to Chelsea Kallahan. 

    Robert & Catherine Toran Revocable Trust to Beyond the Meter Corporation. 

    Nancy Ann Rice Living Trust to Kathy E. Saccucci. 

    Eleanor G. Daniels and Donna L. Broderick to Mark M. and Susan J. White


    Matthew B. and Ro-Ann M. Curry to Lisa Kelley. 


    Charles Proctor to Jordan E. Turcotte-Lewis and Kyle E. Lewis. 


    Wayne Tripp to Matthew A. and Bobbi L. Johnson. 


    Weylon and Shanti Wolph to Robb Watkins. 


    Daniel E. Larrabee to Justin J. Larrabee. 

    Robert Larrabee to Daniel Larrabee. 

    Leon Riley Jr., to Mi Casa Su Casa LLC.


    The Town of Liberty to Steven and Mary Jewett.

    The Town of Liberty to Steven and Mary Jewett.

    James W. Marple to Ellen Marple. 

    Jim Denman to Fredrik Eggen. 

    Ryan O’Donnell to Austin Davis. 

    William J. Pelrine Est. to Veronica A. Foster and William R. Ferrigno II. 

    Amy M. and Shawn M. Leeman to Sean M. Leeman. 

    Wallace A. and Susan L. Towne to Ellen A. Johnson. 


    Karen M. Davis, Derek J. and Robert A. Martel to Ducktrap Management Services Inc. 

    Linda B. Martel Est. to Douglas and Amelia Grant. 

    Ian Putansu to Jacklyn Pock Gibbons and Brandon M. Gibbons. 

    Nathaniel J. Bernier to Jason and Lorraine Trundy. 

    Ellen R. Bishop to Jane Tuttle. 


    Patricia M. Lawson to Alison J. Felton and Timothy Downer. 


    The Town of Montville to Shawnarae Drayton. 

    Mark A. Marino to Joseph Corey. 


    Amos W. Kimball Est. to Triple C. Trust. 

    Matthew D. Burke and James B. Thompson to Shannon L. McCarthy and Stephen R. Thompson. 


    Vernon Holyoke to Paige Doble. 


    Ronald C. Jackson and Donna M. Murphy to Alison C. Murphy. 

    Stockton Springs

    David Jordan to Lucas P. and Lauren E. Yarger. 

    Kathy E. Saccucci to Wayne C. Hamilton. 


    Daniel C. and Dianne R. Horton to Darold R. and Danson R. Horton. 

    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Tr., Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc., and Daniel G. and Janica A. Danforth to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Tr., Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc.

    Mark and Ramona Kidder to Dakota L. Payson. 

    Nora E. Buck to Bruce and Rebecca Mailloux. 


    Robbins Lumber Inc. To Gerald W. Fowler II Est. 


    Huan Qiang Shen to Donald Doyon. 


    RCF 2 Acquisition Trust and U.S. Bank Trust National Association Tr. to Matthew and Julia Wilson, and Lori, Gerald, and Brandon Davidson. 

    Kathy B. Young and Kathy Bagley to Marguerite S. Shagger and Bennett M. Jacks. 

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com