Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 11/19/2022 - 11:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 7-18. 


    David L. Frye Trust to Paulette C. Frye Trust. 

    John G. and Gloria J. Brown to John G. Boynton Gloria J. Brown, and Michele L. Rolerson.

    Jonette J. Glawe and Pamela F. Harper to Keith and Devin Hutchison.

    Brandi McGuire to Phyllis M. Smith and Chris Anderson.

    Steve A. and Marilyn L. Welsch to Donna and Leonard Cerami.

    Mary Jean Viano Crowe to Mary Jean Viano Crowe Revocable Living Trust. 

    Richard and Louella Wiken to Elizabeth E. Stickler. 

    Cheryl Pike to Christopher Bowles and Liza Clark. 

    Skinner Properties LLC to Christina Delsanto.

    Howard A. and Sara D. Harris to Barry G. and Carlene R. Heald.

    Wendy Wiley to Peter Zuck.

    Crosby Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Mallory J. Banks Harnden and Ryan H. Harnden. 


    Hillval LLC to Lynette L. Pendleton and Leonard Pendleton Sr.

    Aaron M. and Cassie Cross to Andrew R. Cross.

    Deborah E. Hill to Leah Simmons and Ivan Dzintars.

    Lewis A. Dyer IV to Andrew Lessard.

    John Larrabee to John and Kellie Larrabee.

    George Erhardt to Calvary Chapel Belfast.


    Kim Cashman, Kim Zahares, and Gary Guida to Justin Gordon and Ellen Williamson.

    Brandon T. Curtis to John Edmunds.

    Christine Morrison to Arthur, Heather D., and Michael N. Shea.


    Timothy I. Marks to Donald J. and Lisa L. Chambers.

    Becky A. Pulsifer and Becky A. Isabelle to Philip C. and Becky A. Pulsifer.

    Scott A. and Barbara Macleod to Scott A. Mcleod.


    Sharon Bishop to Nicholas R. Turner.


    Gerald R. Spaulding to Gerald R. and Barbara M. Spaulding.


    Kathleen B. and Michael E. Kerr to Deidre E. Dixon and Eric B. Amstutz. 

    Alec E. and Caroline V. Harper to Katherine and Zachary Alberts.

    Anne Christine Allen Revocable Trust to Andrew Gray Peipers.


    Mark E. Bressler to Mark E., Martin S., and Linda A. Bressler.


    Sandra and David W. St. Clair to Cassandra Horton.

    Arthur F. Mosher Jr. to William R. and Shannon N. Achorn.


    John M. and Terrie Kelly to Nicholas T. and Randi L. Morse. 

    Linsey Low Est. to Lafe Low.

    Pitcher Pond Camp Trust to Mary Jean Viano Crowe Revocable Living Trust.

    Wayne B. Lanning to Ian Lanning.

    Stephen W. and Bonnie B. Hoffman to Dennis and Susan Gormley.

    Vivienne and Keith M. McCaffrey to Vivienne McCaffrey. 

    Wayne B. Lanning to Julia Pedro. 


    Sandra J. Gaylor to Sean James.


    Arlene Hadley and Robert Leroy to Wendy J. Johnson and Timothy P. Lauzon. 

    Kevin P. Shaw Est. to Stephen E. Shaw.

    Twitchell Hill Blueberry Collective LLC to Peggy Albright.

    Twitchell Hill Blueberry Collective LLC to Donald J. Lecker and Laura J. Suomi-Lecker.

    Sarah Lowther to Graham H. Lowther.


    James B. Woodbury to Kenneth M. Weymouth.

    Ashley W. Sullivan and Ashley D. Ward to Robert P. and Rebecca S. Grass. 


    Ted C. and Jo-Anne Randall to Ellen A. Tinson, and Timothy C. and Tristan E.D. Randall. 

    Lynn S. and Shirley J. Hayward to Nicole E. Crowley. 


    Linda R. Hibbs to Brianna Reynolds. 


    Walter E. Rolerson Trust to Matthew and Claudette Nason.

    Susanne M. Baumgardner to Michelle L. Fields-Perkins and Keith R. Lebeau.

    The Town of Stetson to Alita M. Peters Est.

    Jill Roulstone Clements and Jill R. Clements to Larry Joseph & Jill Roulstone Clements Joint Revocable Trust. 


    Donald and Pamela Corcoran to Amy E. Fisher.

    Dicky S. Read Est. to Heather L. Fitzgerald and Austin M. Read.

    Aaron M. Sarnacki to Vicky L. Glass.

    Christopher and Andrea Walker to Corey E. Dennison.


    Grace Perdrizet to Grace Perdrizet Trust.

    Joline B. Murphy Est. and Joline M. Murphy Est. to Eugene F. Sheerin Jr. and Laurie J. Clark Sheerin. 

    Jill Roulstone Clements and Jill R. Clements to Larry Joseph & Jill Roulstone Clements Joint Revocable Trust. 

    Jill Roulstone Clements, Larry J., and Jill R. Clements to Larry Joseph & Jill Roulstone Clements Joint Revocable Trust. 

    Florence N. Gilmore Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Kally Bowen and Matthew Louis. 

    Diana Weddell Est. to All Purpose Storage Searsport LLC.

    Coastal Maine LLC to Coastal Maine Two LLC.

    Roland N. and Joan R. Whitcomb to Joan M. Whitcomb Hill and Jacob Hill. 

    Georgina B.A. Fry and Georgina Fry to John and Eileen Messner. 

    Stockton Springs

    Ocean View Terrace LLC to Brian and Sheri Green.

    Peter J. and Anna R. Kehoe to Anna R. Kehoe Trust and Peter J. Kehoe Trust. 


    Gladys L. Avery Trust to John D. Curtis, Regina Meadows Moore, and Chandra K. Brewer. 

    Henry A. Grover Jr. Est. to Bobbie Jo, Joseph, and Kaleb S. Benjamin.

    LME Nominee Trust and Charles H. Evans to Harry E. Patterson Jr. and Linda M. Patterson.


    Paul E. and Judith M. Morgan to Gretchen L. Taylor and William E. Taylor III.


    John M. and Susan H. Cotter to Charles Masoomian.

    Brian C. Wilcox to APIF-Maine LLC.


    Emily F. Valli to Charles F. Beller IV.

    Town of Unity to Kevin M. Von Oesen Est.

    Kevin M. Von Oesen Est. to Tyler J. Von Oesen.

    Tyler J. Von Oesen to Battle Hymn Homes.


    Kendra A. and Ethan J. Leach, and Kendra A. Kirby to Matthew W. and Sarah A. Burden.


    Tara Mosel Ghook and Charles A. Ghook to Samantha M. Olvera and Timothy G. Sorber.

    Bruce Emmerchich to Shawn Doll and Crystal G. Ballard.

    Dickel Floor Corp to Maine Wood Floors Inc. 

    Bernard D. Ginn to Bernard Ginn & Sons Inc. 

    Rapunzel L. Bergeron to Rapunzel L. and Neil T. Bergeron.

    Marshall J. Jernigan to Lisa M. Westcott.