Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 05/10/2022 - 5:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Feb. 15 - March 3. 


    Carroll L. Littlefield Living Trust to Jeffrey S. and Melissa L. Heroux.

    Pamela A. Callaway Est. to Melissa A. and Chris E. Mattson. 

    Linda Buckin Est. to Luc Poulin.

    Dirtwork Development LLC and Deegan Development LLC to 23 Waterville Road LLC and Twenty Three Waterville Road LLC. 

    Michael B. Kirby to Laura L. Kirby and Laura L. Munson. 

    Ernest C. and Tina L. Young to Denise R. Alderson. 

    Stephen G. Tuzzolino Est. to Cheryl Ann Walker. 

    Eugene J. and Judith L. O’Donovan to Stephanie J. and Jason A. Cutter. 

    Stacia L. Hoover to Kevin E. and Catherine M. Gray. 

    Seascape Motel to 202 East Searsport Avenue LLC and Two Hundred Two East Searsport Avenue LLC. 

    Maria M. and Joshua Povec to Joshua Povec. 

    Sharon E. and Arlin T. Larson to Abdelhamed Mahfouz and Nourhan Abdelhameed.


    Beatrice A. Thomas Living Trust to Jonathan A. Thomas. 


    Thomas G. Stuart Revocable Trust to Barbara A. Stuart Revocable Trust. 

    Barbara A. Stuart to Barbara A. Stuart Revocable Trust.

    Bruce G. Simmons to Scott A. Dodge. 

    Catherine R. Ellis to Christopher Marvelle and Maria Raphael. 

    David Normann to Rose and Grace Normann. 

    Christopher A. Hubbard II and Carla M. Hubbard to Ruta L. and Timothy Wilson. 

    Manon de Carlo to Alexander de Carlo. 

    John F. Murphy II and John F. Murphy to Dolly Hustus. 

    Brian K. Everett and Brian L. Kelly to Brian L. Kelly. 

    Karen Traber Est. to Zeandra L. and Orrin B. Hardig. 

    U.S. Bank National Association TR Structured Asset Securities Corporation Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates , and Donald P. and Crystal L. Bass to Elizabeth B. Elliott. 

    Warren Brewer Jr. Est. to Aiayascon LLC. 

    Utgoff-Islesboro Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership to Crow Cove LLC.

    Stephen L. Phillips and Candace L. Jones to Rebecca Stone Mailloux and Michael Mailloux. 

    Donald A. & Linda G. Durkee Revocable Trust Agreement to Donald A. & Linda G. Durkee Revocable Trust Agreement. 


    David W. St. Clair to Matthew Taylor and Kathleen Pacella. 

    Gilda and David Joffe to Coleen Olfenbuttel and Jessica M. Schell. 

    John C. and Alicia E. Rodzen to Rodzen Family Revocable Trust. 

    Allen's Blueberry Freezer Inc. and Allen's Blueberry Freezer Incorporated to Joseph L. and Katheryn E. Meadows. 

    Darleen E. Van Duysen Est. to Audree E. and Wayne C. Van Duysen. 


    Harrison Realty Inc. and Harrison Realty LLC to Camp Wobigo LLC. 

    James A. and James Munroe to Michel R. Simon and M. Carbery Morrow.

    Michel R. Simon Tr. and M. Carbery Morrow TR. to Michel R. Simon Revocable Trust and M. Carbery Morrow Revocable Trust. 

    Jamie Leathers to Jamie Leathers and Harold E. Leathers Jr. 

    Andrea K. Palise to A.K. Palise Living Trust. 

    Susan C. Thiem to Leela Miles and Leela Thiem. 

    David F. Link to Angelia D. Link. 

    Ocean Falls Estates LLC to Ocean Falls Estate Association. 

    Maynard W. and Priscilla A. Pierce to Sherman W. Pierce. 


    Bucktail LLC to Juan P. Acevedo. 

    Juan P. Acevedo to Juan P. and Luz V. Acevedo. 

    Bucktail LLC to Lilham LLC. 

    Bucktail LLC to Regina M. and Shane J. Corriveau. 


    Allen’s Blueberry Freezer Inc. to Twitchell Hill Blueberry Collective LLC.

    Margot A. Hayes to Walter Lamont Jr. 

    Steven R. Palmer Est. to Doris J.A. Palmer. 

    Judith E. Potock to Steven J. and John M. Potock. 

    Raymond W. Burcaw Est. to Mark J. and Lisa A. Newman. 


    Michael L. Littlefield to Matthew Ahearn and Christine R. Morgan. 

    Warren A. Heath III and Raelee T. Heath to Warren Heath IV. 

    Janet E. Blood to Amos E. Blood. 


    Rose S. McClure Est. to United States of America - HUD. 

    United States of America - HUD to Robert B. Chanson. 

    Robert B. Chanson to Robert B. and Anne B. Chanson. 

    The Town of Northport to Nancy Chaples.

    The Town of Northport to Drexel Bailey. 

    Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc. to Theresa Mastricolo. 

    Doug G. Martens to Riverstone Realty LLC. 

    Colleen M. and Carl I. O’Berg to Carl O’Berg Revocable Living Trust. 

    Steven M. Zayac and Martha K. Groet to Steven M. Zayac and Martha K. Groet. 

    Sandra C. and Benjamin W. Knowlton to Laci B. and Kyle J. Bishop. 


    Gary W. Edtl to Gary W. and Anna C. Edtl. 

    Harry D. and Debra D. Potter to William P. and Sharon L. Bernier. 


    Charlotte A. Snowman to Christopher Ortiz. 

    Frank Phillip Prescott Est.. to Jason Prescott. 

    Gloria Boynton to Broderick Boynton. 

    Elwin Boynton to Tucker Boynton. 

    Skip and Cynthia Atwood to Thomas Lengel. 


    Dawn M. Bruan and Dawn M. Joy to Ming Gang Deng. 

    Pauline J. Hill Est. to Timothy and Kimberly Sheldon. 


    Bouchard-Boudreau Irrevocable Trust to Durl L. and Meridith Kruse. 

    American Advisors Group to Jamie Mulley. 

    Mary J. Hammond to Cynthia M. Hammond. 

    Mary J. Hammond to Robert E. Hammond. 

    HMC Hospitality LLC  to 121 East Main Street LLC and One Hundred Twenty One East Main Street LLC. 

    Robert J. Rakauskas to Melissa C. Ortiz.

    Claudia E. Hall to Eric and Claudia E. Hall. 

    Joel Loszaj to Frances Gangitano.

    Stockton Springs

    Mark Thomas and Adele K. Simpson to Joshua and Stephanie McConnell. 

    Irving B. Paton to Irving B. Patton Revocable Trust. 

    Carol Ginandes Revocable Living Trust to 

    Dian Breault Est. to Columbia Bullion and Tunde Whitten. 


    Matthew Casvant to Randy Elwell. 

    Lawrence A. Swenson Est. to Kirk J. Swensen. 

    Arthur P. Fairbrother Jr. and Jennifer J. Fairbrother to Joshua Fairbrother. 

    Matthew T. Story to Steven and Tinu Story. 

    Jill A. Lawton and Joseph Kelleher to Jill A. Lawton, Joseph Kelleher, and Richard J. and Ann M. Svertesky. 

    John and Nicole Pooler to Collin J. Thompson. 


    Bucktail LLC to Tabbetha L. Colwell and Michael A. Kimmer.

    Bucktail LLC to Carl G. Ingeme. 


    Laurence S. and Dawna S. Duclos to Darius T. and Tamie L. Bedard. 


    Charles H. Graffam to Darcy E. Gondin and Dena Clark. 

    Dana L. Mosher and Claudette M. Massey to Claudette M. Massey and Diana L. Mosher. 

    James M. Brady and Deborah A. Breen to Beatrice Weathersbee. 

    Deirdre T. Nash, and Susan A. and Joel K. Tozier to Andrea M. Ficarra. 

    Emily Newell to Emily Newell. 


    Vicki J. Wolfe to William P. Wolfe III.

    Vicki J. Wolfe to William P. Wolfe III.

    The Town of Winterport to Midcoast Marine. 

    Halbert B. Miller to Heather L. Wardwell and William A. Wardwell II. 

    The Town of Winterport to Billy Joe Rancourt. 

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