Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 11/27/2021 - 6:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Sept. 27 - Oct. 1. 


    Paul D. Hamilton 2013 Trust to the City of Belfast. 

    Husson Park LLC to Belfast Harbor Condominiums LLC.

    Christine M. West to Claude K. Allen. 

    Stanley M. Lanphier Jr. and Christina M. Lanphier to Bradley M. Gannon and Allyson L. Eslin. 

    Alfred R. Howard to Gary P. and Mary L Guindon. 

    Wayne Corey to Michael Wright and Van Bankston.

    Miles & Valerie Richardson Living Trust to Daniel D. and Carol D. Doyle. 

    James M. Oates Est. to Jeannette Faunce. 

    Shannon C. Sommer to Shannon C. and Timothy Sommer. 

    Barbara E. McMahon Living Trust to Geraldine Goldrich. 

    Dorothy E. Howard to Jennifer Malich Revocable Living Trust. 

    Robert F. and Marie E. Stallworth to Ruth Heffron and John Vernelson. 

    Orman Group LLC to Linda Buckin Est. 

    Robert N. Fraser to Jacob A. Levangie-Thompson. 

    Peter L. Verzoni to Stephen M. King. 


    Brian, Matthew, and Ryan Totman to Matthew Totman. 

    Myldred Bradshaw Est. and CB Manufacturing to Terrence A. Bradshaw. 

    Stephen K. Swayze and Carol C. Holmes to Brad T. and Allison K. Guyton.

    Carol C. Holmes to Brad T. and Allison K. Guyton. 


    Pamela J. Macmaster to Joshua A. and Hollie A. Rines. 

    Pamela J. Macmaster and Pamela J. Rines to Joshua A. and Hollie A. Rines.

    Pamela J. Macmaster to Joshua A. and Hollie A. Rines.

    Pamela J. Macmaster to Joshua A. and Hollie A. Rines.

    Charles R. Ward III and Arlene E. Ward to George A.J. and Heather M. Sevigny. 

    Charles R. Ward III and Arlene E. Ward to Joshua A. Abraham. 

    Christopher R. and Maria R. Payson to Kevin and Marjorie Wheeler. 

    Stanley W. Cole Jr. to Angela M. and Christopher M. Thomas. 


    Jonathan Q. and Brittany N. Higgins to Beth Bealieu. 

    Wayne R. Fields to Alton and Sherie Bolstridge. 

    William M. and Tonia V. Littlefield to Stanley M. Lanphier Jr. and Christina M. Lanphier. 

    Roger F. Blake to Emma Clark. 


    Rosilyn and Andrew Reiss, Allison Beattie, and Allison Anthony to Shaylih Muehlmann. 

    Kenneth L. Shaw to Walter Fuller. 

    Jonathan K. Shaw to Walter Fuller. 


    Walter F. Stafford III and Sue P. Stafford to Timothy J. Llewellyn and Ellen McNamara.

    Carrie M. and George R. Lee to Jason W. Marrian and Elizabeth J. Mattes.


    Elizabeth J. and Elson L. Patrick to John E. Patrick.

    Elizabeth J. and Elson L. Patrick to John J. Patrick.


    The Town of Liberty to Midcoast Conservancy.

    Theresa A. and James C. Butler to Garrett Butler. 


    Connie S. and Dennis C. Linhart to Jan Cody Wanner Revocable Trust.

    Henry A. Tedeschi Jr. and Elizabeth A. Tedeschi to Patricia L. and John P. Dirlam.

    Jan R. and Michael E. Johnson to Joel D. Rowland and Amy M. Peterson. 

    Peter A. and Zachary J. Thomas to Kristin A. and Nicholas C. Heal. 

    Mary E. Bourke and Michael D. Margolis to Heather B. and Christopher L. Rogers. 

    Eleanor R. Wood Est. to Blue Thunder Farm LLC. 

    Walter M. Lamont Sr. and Anne G. Lamont to Robert Macdowell and Naniece M. Fazio. 


    Elmer L. Clark Sr. and Shirley A. Clark to 1285 14th Ave SW LLC and One Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Five 14th Ave SW LLC. 

    James and Marley H. Wilkinson to Kevin and Sally A. Eckert-Smith. 

    George S. Adams Corp. to Mount Waldo Construction Inc. 


    Phyllis E. Fischer to William P. Berlinghoff.

    Phyllis E. Fischer to William P. Berlinghoff.

    Scott D. King to Scott D. King and Heather A. King-Beal. 

    Marie Edgecomb to Michael Clark. 

    John Edwin Farrell Est. to Debora L.B. Farrell. 

    Doris F. Dill to Lee McIntire.

    Constance M. Allen to Dennis and Carmen McIntosh. 


    Ironwood Maine Properties LLC to Iron Property Holdings LLC. 

    Joanne Brown Dellamattera to Howard E. and Virginia M. Whitney. 

    Jessica A. Young and Jessica Bergeron to Troy R. and Samantha J. Thompson. 


    Marcellus M. Williams Est. to Cynthia A. Williams-Facchini. 

    Thomas E. and Janet R. Duggan to Timothy S.F. and Karri L. Jackson. 

    Peter F. and Susan M. Spollett to Peter and Linda Spollett. 

    Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust to Sheila Anne Baur. 

    Judith C. Betsworth Trust and Brian C. Betsworth Trust to Vicki Vaughn. 

    Charles Hackett and Linda J. Huntington to Benjamin Dove. 

    The Town of Northport to Maine Energy Realty LLC. 

    Kelly Chaput to Shari H. Kadison. 


    Marilyn and Charles McKeil to Stephen S. and Megan M. Childs. 

    Hubert L. Hopkinson and Jennifer M. Hopkinson to Hubert L. Hopkinson Jr. and Jennifer M. Hopkinson. 

    Ruth Higgins to Joseph and Brittany Lajoie. 

    Lauren and Robert Wallace, and David Kassel to Diane M. Knight Trust and Susan A. Murray Revocable Trust. 

    Malcolm E. Wadsworth to Elisha C. and Melanie L. Flowlie. 


    Town of Prospect to Vaughn Peters.

    Town of Prospect to Vaughn Peters. 

    Town of Prospect to Gertrude Smith. 

    Town of Prospect to Joseph and Joe Rego. 


    Gregory and Kathryn Harriman to Gregory A. and Kathryn P. Harriman. 

    Gregory Erik Morrison Revocable Trust to Mary Jane Schotte. 

    Aaron M. Sarnacki to Tracy E. Wheeldon and Paula H. Cookson. 

    Frederick A. Lemon to Frederick A. Lemon and Allison J. Hamelin. 

    Tullberg Ove Sivert Est. to Leszek B. Wajler and Tanya L. Chasse. 

    Edward and Katherine Davis to Tammy L. Richards and John L. Richards Jr. 


    Susan N. Sullivan to Mark C. and Misty D. Riley. 

    Bonnie L. and Thomas E. Gocze to Lisa B. and Jeffrey L. Wiita. 

    Ryan E. Austin to Mark M. Thomas. 

    Johnny B. Hermanson to Brian K. Bower and Monique S. Richard. 

    Sandra R. and Gary M. McKeen to Jeff and Wendy Carroll. 

    Wallace B. and Beth C. Lockhart to Adam and Melissa Lockhart. 

    Bonnie Wind to Peter Wing. 

    Gerald Rumney Est. to Angela Berry. 

    Stockton Springs

    Jesse D. and Lily S. Letourneau to Leon E. and Rebecca Wilde. 

    Paul B. and Carolyn L. Rix to John E. Perry. 

    Melik Khoury to Emilie W. Stafford & Deborah L. Callahan Revocable Living Trust. 

    Sandy Point Cottage LLC to Mark A. and Patricia C. Medley. 

    Robert B. and Anne B. Chanson to Aimee M. Moffitt-Mercer.


    Marvette Tully to Scott E. Kulikowski and Davina K. Stiles. 

    Keith W. Curtis to Trisha L. Chambers and Keith W. Curtis. 

    Ronald D. and Karen B. Russell to Russell Family Trust. 

    Shane L. Whitcomb to Tamera Rene Howard-Doliber. 


    Maine Gameland Trust Inc. to Mark W. and Kathleen Power. 


    Theodore and Rhonda A. Barns to Dawn M. and Richard A. Spack. 

    Richard A. and Nancy L. Howe to Christian M. and Lottie G. Howe. 

    Gerald F. and Cynthia N. Irving to Irving Family Irrevocable Trust.


    Dennis C. and Sharon E. Picard to David and Tina Lindberg. 

    Dorothy W. Quimby Est. to Richard W. Quimby. 

    Arlene E. Hodgdon to Elizabeth C. Dodge. 


    Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Pervez Hai. 

    Paul E. Gallione to Paul E. Gallione and Rachel Brewster. 

    Lesley M. Lamore, Lesley M. Donahue, and Lesley M. Mayer to John R. Guy and Becky M. Bundy. 


    Jeffery R. and Heather S. Patterson to Vaughn D. Thibodeau III and Amanda M. Thibodeau. 

    John M. Robbins Sr. Est. to Erin E. Holyoke. 

    Claudette M. Nason to Joshua Armstrong Briscoe and Rebekah Briscoe. 

    Craig and Cynthia Dustin to Richard D. Palmer Jr. and Sara-Kate Leathers. 

    Mikaila Ray Dunning and Mikaila R. Bisson to Brent and Aubrie Hibbard. 

    Kirk D. Bloomer to Cory Wells.

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