Waldo County deed transfers

Wed, 09/22/2021 - 3:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 23 - Sept. 3. 


    Christopher A. Hubbard to Danielle E. Lemar. 

    Chinda Rustanavibul and Wirawan Sankla to Chinda Rustanavibul, Wirawan Sankla, and Chareeda Rustanavibul. 

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Shari Hall to Federal National Mortgage Association. 

    Joseph A. Rose and Morgan A. Wade to Dane C. and Tammy S. Hewlett. 

    Timothy F. Poulin and Andrew C. Hermann to Deborah Bradley Reinhold and Steven G. Bradley 

    Jean M. Evans Revocable Trust to 1 Miller Street LLC and One Miller Street LLC. 

    Robert F. and Marie E. Stallworth to Phillipa M. Jollie. 

    Judith M. Thomas to Chris L. and Patrick L. Thomas. 

    B&G Belfast Properties to Waldo Community Action Partners. 

    Lynn L. Harrison Trust to Hummer Real Estate Holdings Inc. 

    Julie L. Wentworth to Susan W. Simonson. 

    Bryan and Priscilla Cunningham to Dijana Alickovic. 

    Rose-Marie Bologna Testamentary Trust to Bruce E. MacMakin. 

    Angela Hill to Robert K. and April Kochan. 


    Emmanuel and Maya Falck to Jane C. and Thomas C. Earley, Allison C. Morrill, and Clifford J. Rugg. 

    Brian A. Staples and John L. Richards Sr. to Kevin D. and Lisa Lynn Jewell. 

    Gregory R. and Candise H. Gonyea to Tilden Associates LLC. 

    Gregory R. and Candise H. Gonyea to Duck Trap Assoc. LLC. 

    Michelle Mackay to Michelle and Scott Mackay. 


    Paul & Lelita Magnussen Real Estate Trust to Lelita Magnussen. 

    Paul & Lelita Magnussen Real Estate Trust to Lelita Magnussen. 

    Build Green Maine LLC to Sara Lowther and Emily Brough. 


    Jonathan K. Russell to Tina Maccarone and Paul Paon. 

    Matthew Bolster to A Burnham LLC. 


    Andrew Feero to Herbert F. and Elizabeth A. Feero. 

    Christina Ellis to Robert J. and Shelley A. Scharff. 


    David J. Richardson, Ridgetop, and Deanna L. MacNeill to Christof B. Putzel and Carolyn M. Gregoire. 

    Maine Woods & Waters LLC to Carrie B. Bickford. 


    Mark West to Yesha Emery Subotincic West. 

    Courtland D. Gross 2004 Revocable Trust to Harry Tower. 

    Margaret M. Hatch and Susan Allen Hatch to Peter and Susan Cashmore. 


    Gloria J. Orcutt to Alan L. Orcutt. 

    Mirta Greene Est. to Michael Greene.


    Susan W. Simonson to Julie L. Wentworth. 

    Knox Farm Trust to Stephen J. and Judith A. Gallant. 


    The Town of Liberty to Lawrence D. Hancock.

    Walter P. Kress to Harry Joe Hendricks Jr.

    James A. Baker to Robert A. and Caren C. Lloyd. 


    Dana R. and Mary M. Lear to Kevin F. Strong. 

    Matthew T. Burke to Jody L. Peloquin. 

    Stephen F. Pease to Michelle L. Pease. 

    Rosemary B. Weymouth to Archangel LLC. 

    Rosemary B. Weymouth to Archangel LLC. 

    Rosemary Weymouth to Archangel LLC. 

    John and Nancy E. Dunlay to Garett L. Reppenhagen and Therese Inman. 

    F. Hart Revocable Living Trust to Kimerly Cain. 

    DDK Properties LLC to David Kenney. 

    Ronnie B. Hanby to Mark B. and Brenda D. McGinnis. 

    John Yandell to John Yandell and Rori Carver. 

    MTHolly LLC to Thomas A. McLaughlin and Rae A. Chalmers. 

    Michael Friedman to Andrew E. and Leetha J. Filderman.

    Parker S. Laite Jr. and Nancy L. Laite to Canaan Cove LLC. 


    Richard L. Roye to Jason Perkins. 

    John Gibbs, Lisa Mosher, and Lisa Gibbs to Lisa Mosher, and John, Andrew, and Kassey Gibbs. 

    Joseph A. Lamagna Jr. Est. to Labonte Investment Realty LLC. 


    The Town of Montville to SD Childs& Sons Excavation Inc. 

    The Town of Montville to Jack Hills.

    Walter M. Lamont to the Town of Montville. 

    Christian E. and Kellie J. Plessner to Tyler M. Stevens and Stacie L. Poulin. 

    Scott D. King to Paul M. Whited and Barbara L. Walther. 


    Anthony L. and Myndee D. Gilmore to Northeast Marine Services 

    Robert E. and Jean Cole to Joseph M. and Jane V. Miles.

    Charles A. and Scott D. Newman to Kevin R. Hall. 


    Irving & Marie Drew Trust to Regina K. Quattrucci and Benjamin B. Mailloux. 

    Richard E. and Joanne E. Harrington to Minling Chen. 

    Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC to EMT Ventures LLC.

    Peter Devaney to Hartford L. Foster and Sandra K. Devaney. 

    Richard G. Fortin to Fred Robicheaux. 

    Dale A. McKenney to Emerson Sykes. 

    Natasha Littlefield to Anna L. Miller and Philip H. Tuson. 


    The Town of Prospect to Vaugh Peters and Susan Bishay. 

    Joseph Rego to Jennifer L. and Todd A. Bridges. 

    Kelley Scanlon to Melinda A. Ogden and Brayden A. Perkins. 


    Peter M. and Kimberly S. Sheff to Breton R. Dawson. 

    Emily W. Buck to Emily W. Buck and Todd Leighton. 

    Impac Secured Assets Corp and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR to Impac Secured Assets Corp and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR. 

    James Leo to Joshua Stone. 


    Alfred C. and Kathleen M. Stokes to Janice V. Kristo. 

    Alfred C. and Kathleen M. Stokes to Janice V. Kristo. 

    Alfred C. and Kathleen M. Stokes to Janice V. Kristo. 

    Gloria B. and Douglas C. Smith to Gloria Bowden Smith Revocable Trust and Douglas C. Smith Revocable Trust. 

    Lynda F. and Linda F. Ward to Renovators LLC. 

    Red Rock 2020 A LLC to Lynne Bridgwood. 

    Terry Cook Sr. to Terry Cook Sr. and Dawn S. Cook. 

    Jaret M. and Susan M. Rowe to Ralph B. and Antonenia S. Rowe.

    Robbins & Pomeroy Land Development Inc. to Carter Farm Realty Trust. 

    Paul Whitney to Paul and Sandra Whitney. 

    John M. Acierno Est. to Brook Acierno. 

    Peter C. Seekins to Joseph Mathieu. 

    Stockton Springs

    Victor L., Clyde L., David C., and Robert Brooks to Jonathan Kathryn Frye. 

    George W. Smith to Barrett W. Grant. 

    Peter P. Anjos, Kelly A. Carr, and Kelly A. Manchester to Ronald W. Way. 

    Joel D. Ploszaj to William C. Pearce and Eleanor Carr. 

    Clyde L., Robert, Victor L., and David C. Brooks, Charles N. Lanpher, Earl C. Brooks Hrs., Marjorie J. Books Hrs., and Joan B. Lanpher Hrs. to Clyde L. Brooks. 


    Brent C. Clark to Jennifer Shaver. 

    Connie-Ann Marin Reed, Connie A. Marin, and Connie-Ann Reed to Connie-Ann Marin Reed, David A. Reed, and Connie-Ann Reed Marin. 

    Christopher Leon McIntire, and Linda R., Linda, Christopher L., and Christopher McIntire to David C., Kayla M.T., and Linda A.R. Miller. 


    Laurence and Dawna Duclos to Gardner Land Company Inc. 


    Marie Romito to Thomas Miner and Mary Connor. 

    Jonathan Mejia to Raul Mejia. 

    Gerald W. and Christine Saunders to James and Debra Loffer. 

    Mark R. Donaghy to Nicholas J. Koltai. 


    Milessa and Aaron Gatheright to Wanzhen Huang. 

    Patrick and Mandi L. Thibodeau to Lana Hoertz. 

    Noah V. and Addie W. Peet to Diane C. Powell. 

    George C. and Susan T. Keppel to Robert M. Frank III and Michelle A. Frank.

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