Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 02/23/2021 - 1:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Feb. 5-18. 


    Barbara R. Drinkwater and Barbara J. Thomas to Chad Mills and Robyn Duffy. 

    Old County Plantation LLC to Cooper Ridge Properties LLC.

    Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Loren E. Carbone. 

    Albert P. and Irene C. Pusillo to Nicole Jacques and John Turner. 

    Mark Grass Sr., Mark A. Grass, and Mark A. Grass Sr. to Patricia Lear and Patricia L. Grass. 


    Kelley M. Sears to Rose-Sears Family Revocable Trust. 

    Heidi M. Doughty to Chris Libby-Auer. 

    Sarina P. Roche to Sarina P. and David A. Roche. 


    James M. Mahoney Maine Trust to David W. Flynn and Susan R. Swiercz. 

    Wendell S. and Laura A. Bacon to Charles E. Bacon. 

    Charles E. Bacon to Wendell S. and Laura A. Bacon. 


    William and Debra Doyle to Allison M. De Carlo. 


    Elizabeth Wolcott Atcheson, Amanda Aldrich O’Bannon, and Alexander Livingston Aldrich to Elizabeth B. Elliott. 

    Kimberly Grindle to Little Broad Cove LLC. 

    Frank W. and Leslie R. Radcliffe to Han R. and Christine M. Saastamoinen. 

    Diana S. Roberts and Stanley R. Pendleton to Diana S. Roberts and Stanley R. Pendleton. 

    Periwinkle Associates LLC to James R. Swanson and Marianne Rapier Swanson. 

    Peter J. & Mary Ann Ruda Brickfield Revocable Trust to 300 East Shore Drive Realty Trust and Three Hundred East Shore Drive Realty Trust. 


    Lenfrey P. Young to Lenfrey P. Young Living Trust. 


    William E. Valentine to Tiffany S. and Nicholas Callahan, and Dillan Hoyt. 

    Allison F. Gibbs Est. to Whitney Brown. 

    Ralph H. Doughty III and Darolyn Doughty to Darren R. Doughty. 

    Ralph H. Doughty III and Darolyn Doughty to Robert C. Doughty. 

    Donna Bailey to Sidney E. Bailey Est. 

    Sidney E. Bailey Est. to Rebecca J. and Jody Furrow. 

    Sidney E. Bailey Est. to Janie L. and Shane M. Gerrish. 

    Sidney E. Bailey Est. to Michael Bailey. 


    Town of Liberty to Anita McFadden. 

    Steven L. and Susan S. Weems to Michael Murphy. 

    Carlene M. Thornton to Rachel E. and Nguyen T. Nguyen. 

    Cathleen A. Jack and Cathleen A. Holgerson to Arthur Mosher Jr. and Vicky Mosher. 


    Robert H. Anderson Est. to Karen J. Springford.

    Karen J. Springford to Springford Family Revocable Trust of 2019. 

    R. Alan Koski to William G. Morong Family Revocable Trust. 

    R. Alan Koski to Highland View Field LLC. 

    John D. Bielenberg to Mark Peterson and Laura Sheinkopf. 

    Peter R. Raymer Est. to Sean Farley. 


    Michelle Ann Bernard to Michelle Ann Bernard and Krista Lee Stevens. 


    Arthur I. Charest to Michael W., Steven L., and Richard A. Charest. 

    Daniel I. Small Jr. to Joshua and Laura Beal. 


    Town of Morrill to Julie Belcher and Maude Higgins. 


    Rea Family Trust to Rea Family Revocable Trust. 

    Thomas and Jennifer Williams to Kimberly M. Baker and Kimberly M. Gatz. 

    Kimberly M. Baker and Kimberly M. Gatz to Kimberly M. and Zander Baker. 

    Bryan McBrierty and Elizabeth Ireland to William C. and Pamela J. Harford. 

    Mary Ellen Conner to Jeffrey L. and Tamra M. Wilt. 

    Autumn Kennedy Hollingshead, Zachary Hollingshead, and Autumn Kennedy to Michaela M. Smith and Joel Leeman. 

    Elisha C. and Melanie L. Fowlie to Regina and Ronald Ouimette. 


    Laure J. and Real J. Robidoux to Nicole and Mark Van Nortwick. 

    Lester B. Davis Est. to James Davis. 


    JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Eric Heuneman. 


    Frank and Jessica M. Peirce to Stefan M. and Joseph Stanley, and Kristen Salvatore. 

    Linnehan Acceptance to Michelle I. Secotte. 


    Baxter R. Cook Sr., June E. and June F. Cook to Robert Stewart. 

    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to Highview Terrace LLC. 

    Stockton Springs

    Edgar E. Merrithew Living Trust to Edward and Kathleen Perkins. 

    Jennifer M. and Justin C. Bassett to Barbara A. Broemme. 

    Lenfrey P. Young to Lenfrey P. Young Living Trust. 

    Robert Aronson to Susan E. Hall-Taylor. 


    Benjamin W. Knowlton to John Wayne Simpson. 

    Raymond G. Schaller to Robin Desmond. 


    Matthew R. Young to Alexandra Semyanko. 

    James F. and Patricia L. Ross to Lisa M. Carpentier. 


    Betty Q. Twombly to Susan W. Reeder. 


    Diane R. Tompkins to David Hagar. 


    Michael L. Seekins to Linda L. Seekins. 

    Alden W. Bradbury Jr. and Catherine M. Bradbury to Livia Munck Davis. 

    Beatrice Louise Trask Est. to Carl Lockaby. 

    Kristin K. and Anthony J. Weed to Stephen L. McLean Jr. and Denise S. McLean. 

    John M. Kirk III to Twiki Coates. 

    Rachel D. Goode to Eric Carlisle.

    Paul J. Bohorquez to James C. and Victoria A. Woods. 

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