Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 02/02/2021 - 2:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Jan. 1-21. 


    Janet Pelling to Carol Ginandes Revocable Living Trust.

    Belfast Pines LLC to Benjamin S. and Chilloa H. Caswell. 

    Belfast Pines LLC to Alycia Benner and Rodney Melanson. 

    Philip R. Brown Living Trust and Karna B. Olsson Living Trust to Christine B. and Aaron D. Solet. 

    Habitat for Humanity of Waldo County Inc. to Michelle L. Ridley. 

    Robert K. Wry to Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm and Todd M. Bluhm. 

    Sharon F. Cash to James B. Bahoosh.


    James W. Beck to Hillval LLC.

    Frances A. Riley to Frances A. Riley and Roland A. Littlefield. 

    Town of Belmont to Brian Staples. 


    Nesmith-Iverson Trust of 2002 to David and Susan Sutherland. 

    Susan and Carl Sutherland to Joseph and Margaret Aynne Goscinski. 

    Jon S. and Shawn I. Caron 


    James M. Mahoney Maine Trust to Tony Lin. 

    Chelsey Fortin to Matthew Bolster. 

    Judith M. and Trent T. Richardson to Gregory King. 

    Michael A. Goldman and Michilynn J. Duplisea to Timothy Welch and Sarah Ross. 

    Stacy E. Erving to Zachary G. Erving. 


    Pauline Cole to Eric M. and Nelda A. Lane. 

    Brandon Boatman to Vincent J. Peters. 

    Bruce A. and Betty-Jo Watt to Willow Cordes-Eklund. 

    Bernard D. Ginn Sr. to Sandra L. Cunha. 


    Michael Malley Ruel to Derek Carswell. 


    Deborah W. Ferrante to Borrego LLC. 

    Edgar A. Bering III, Harriet A. Bering, and Harriet A. Hoder to Hoth LLC. 

    Richard T. Collier to Iponohea Irrevocable Trust. 

    The United States of America - HUD to Brian and George Jerman. 

    Han R. and Christine M. Saastamoinen to Jeffrey K. and Lesley C. Glotzl. 

    Helen Jennie Sergent Revocable Living Trust Agreement to Jean and Christopher Trim. 

    Jude P. Berry to Islesboror Economic Sustainability Corporation. 


    Fred Joe Cameron Sr. and Madeleine A. Cameron to Fred Joe Cameron Sr., Madeleine A., and Thomas J. Cameron. 


    Navigator Properties LLC to SBA TOwers C LLC. 

    Mary Jane Welch to Thomas D. Welch. 

    Alan Crichton and Lorna Rode-Crichton to Jeffrey and Elizabeth Johnston. 

    Eric S. and Brenda L. Scherer to Timothy C. and Brenda L. Braun. 

    Thomas L. Martin Sr. Est. to Thomas L. Martin Jr. 


    Sandra Thomas and Gary P. and Jane F. Martin. 

    Mark D. and Traci Lerner to M-Covid LEgacy 2020 Trust and T-Covid Legacy 2020 Trust. 

    Robert and Dorothee Newcombe to Whales Tooth Ventures LLC. 

    Stephen W. and Donna A. Brown to John F. Mamon. 

    Federal National Mortgage Association to Rachael McCormick. 

    Rachel McCormick to Theodore C. and Sharon B. Whitehouse.

    Robert M. & Debora A. Reed Joint Revocable Trust to David B. and Shoshana Siegel. 

    Joseph R. Sampson to Laura L. and Ryan J. Sirois. 

    Alleson F. Bixler to James F. and Celeste M. Kichefski. 

    Wilder Sam Hee Hart and Wendy S. Hart to F. Hart Revocable Living Trust. 


    CTL Land Managrment Services Inc. to Michael J. Manner. 

    Casey Wooley to Amos Grant and Melinda Theriault. 

    Judela Peal-Thomas to Michael R. and Carol F. Flannery. 

    Judela Pearl-Thomas to Brandy L. and Nicholaus A. Raymond.

    Gertrude A. Thompson Est. to James A. Tripp Jr. and Cynthia R. Tripp. 


    Nicholas and Melissa Fortune, and Melissa Beamis to Ananda Group LLC. 

    Catherine McCullough to Alexander C. Ribar. 

    Walter Lamont Jr. to Hannah Hatfield. 

    Andrew A. Maynard to Amber Mae Hovey and Lee R. Ahearn. 


    Gary E. and Faye W. Sheldon to Marcia M. Ojala and John C. Ojala Jr. 

    Sandra J. Place to Liza Ann and John W. Fleming. 


    Franklin A.W. Field to Jeffrey L. and Tamra M. Wilt. 

    Michael T. Lannan to Stephen R. Thompson and Shannon L. McCarthy. 

    Dale L. Nealey to Ben and Deborah Eversage. 

    Sandra Bonin, Amanda Lassor, and Amanda Hayes to Amanda Lassor. 

    Camille Rimek Revocable Trust to Kevin R. Hall. 

    Bruce E. Boege to Kathleen Dunbar.

    James D. Nealey to Susan Thoms. 

    Stephen H. and Holly M. Vondell to Russell H. and Norren G. Eagleston. 

    Ariel A. Pardee and Ariel A. Woehler to Laura Cahalane. 


    Dale McKenney to Stephen and Tiffany Arsenault. 

    Andrew D. Adams to Shawn A. and Bonnie J. Tibbetts. 

    Elisha C. and Melanie L. Fowlie to Josh and Hilary Parker. 

    Jeffrey K. Archer to Scott S. Childs and S.D. Childs & Sons Excavation. 

    Arline and Brian Lamarche to Richard M. and Susanne M. Baumgardner. 


    James G. Hatch to Etienne Marofksy. 


    Simone & Deborah M. Cautela Revocable Trust Agreement to Isaac Parker and Cedar Slagle. 

    Gage A. McCarren to Warren G. Bennett II. 

    Joy A. and Joyce A. Runyon to Joy A. Runyon Trust. 

    Crosby E. Johnson Est. to Robert W. Ward Jr. and Joselyn M. Staples. 

    Monica Medollo to Peal Weggler. 

    Pauline J. Hill Est. to James L. and Ann Robbins. 


    Candy L. and Douglas G. Wentworth to Sarah E. Joy. 

    Remo Colsante Est. and Ray Colasante Est. to Christina Colasante. 

    Castle 2020 LLC to Carolyn Hearne. 

    Stockton Springs

    Shirley Robbins Est. to Seth and Jessika L. Robbins. 

    Laurie Osthoff Est. to Joel D. Loszaj. 

    JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to the United States of America - HUD.


    Debra A. Payson to Troy E. Payson. 

    James H. Nealey to Patricia and Randy Parker. 

    Francis W. and Cynthia L. Zito to James Emerson. 

    Linda Gibbons, Jessica M. Thomas, and Jessica Gibbons to Anthony J. Greenlaw. 

    Keith G. Tibbetts to Sean D. and Cassandra R. Cookson. 


    Donald W. and Bertha L. Maxim to Aaron J. and Courtney Lewis. 

    Jeffrey D. and Amy R. Fowler to Jason D. Cunningham.

    Jeffrey C. Trafton to Jeffrey C. and Wendy R. Trafton. 


    Aaron J. Curtis to Angela M. Curtis. 

    Barbara J. Stacy Est. to Mcihael M. Stacy Jr. 

    Marion Mae and Brian D. Norris to Clover Hill Farm LLC. 

    Town of Troy to Christie Mitchell. 


    Roger W. and Susan C. Huff to Douglas A., Tami M., and Jessica L. Kane. 

    Jay E. and Lorri Cunningham to Emily E. Sprague Ryan. 


    Gary and Lisa Allard to Tingfu Chen. 

    Kate A. Adams to Anna L. and Bryan E. Mayo. 

    Bernard Ginn & Sons Inc. to Aaron P. and Arikka D. James. 

    Jason G. Littlefield to Donald and Linda Bergeron. 

    James and Julie Cyr to KEWE Enterprises Inc. 

    Casandra L. Cole to Travis J. Cole. 

    Travis J. Cole to Elenna Sofianos. 

    Colby Clendenning to Willow Estates LLC. 

    Victor A. Smith Jr. to Jared D. Weaver. 

    Sabrina Daily to Christopher A. Lague Sr. 

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