Waldo County deed transfers

Thu, 12/31/2020 - 5:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 30 - Dec. 15.


    Waldo Group LLC to Torey A. Benjamin. 

    Brian Cooper to Cranberry Meadow Preserve. 

    Beatrice S. Devereaux to Terrence M. Devereaux. 

    Bryant A. and Victoria C. Villigran to Jennifer Herberer and Gerhard Graml. 

    Husson Park LLC to Daniel and Gretchen Lipman. 

    Barbara W. Cunningham Est. to Belfast Acres LLC. 

    Bert H. and Michele Axelson to Allen A. Weaver Jr. and Kimberly P. Weaver. 

    Allen A. Weaver Jr. and Kimberly P. Weaver to Bert H. and Michele Axelson.

    Andree L. Bella to Skye A. Lawrence. 

    Fruits of Our Labor LLC to Mark Salwasser and Pamela Dickenson. 

    Michael R. and Michael L. Rolerson to Savina T. Morgan-Celi. 

    Richard J. Puls to Jaclyn Digeronimo. 

    Elizabeth Whitman to Gabriel Millard. 

    Sergei Breus to Alexandra Breus. 

    Karen J. Littlefield to Karen J. Littlfield and Allison Naumann. 

    Finis E. Williams III to Renee Miller. 

    Renne Miller to Samantha A. Gehin-Scott.

    Midcoast LLC to 212 High Street LLC and Two Hundred Twelve High Street LLC. 

    Laila E. Morris to Robert and Joanne Anderson. 

    Adeline M. Small to Leslie Raymond and Stephen J. Langlois. 

    Landon Fake and Margaret Haberman to Dirk A. and Sharon L. Warren. 

    Nikadimus J.D. Cody and Nikadimus D. Cody to Shyla Yerxa and Nikadimus J.D. Cody. 

    Gary R. Brearley and Susan Dixon to Jesse and Shanon Shimer. 

    Ocean East LLC to Leonard and Donna Cerami. 

    Brian J. and Abby J. Walker, and Ridley Colton to Michelle Ridley. 


    Larry Dyer Jr. and Karen Dyer to Larry Dyer III. 


    Jonathan D. and Faith A. Ingersoll, and Faith A. Von Itter to Karen L. Paradis-Hews. 

    Margaret A. Mains to Melinda Boon and Melinda Reynolds. 

    Melinda Boon and Melinda Reynolds to Michael Mansfield. 

    Brooks Park Boosters Inc. to Town of Brooks. 

    David Thanhauser & Clorinda Chunn Revocable Trust Agreement to Pauline P. Irwin-Beck. 

    Douglas P. Mcavey to Stephen Goodwin. 


    Barry Woods Est. to Charles Proctor. 

    Percy R. Goodblood Jr. Est. to Stephen and Cheryl Rinaldi. 

    Thomas and Raegan Ward to George and Heather Sevigny. 


    James L. and Linda M. Ginn yo James Beaird and Andra Saunders. 

    Rosanne L. Honders to Ashley M. Brown. 


    Nicholas J. Fasanella to Peter Brooke Weidner and Douglas McClintock Weidner. 

    Lawrence G. Nowe Est. to Elizabeth Rae Johnson Grant 2005 Trust. 

    Drew Fales to Drew Fales and Clara A. Alvarez. 

    Basil Barnes Sr. to Peace Ridge Sanctuary. 


    Peter Rothschild to Greyledge 2020 Trust. 

    Albert W. and Myra L. Rolerson to Brianna M. and Brandon W. Rolerson. 


    Lisha L. Wentworth to Zenaid Wentworth McCarthy. 

    Lisha L. Wentworth and Philip D. McCarthy to Zenaid Wentworth McCarthy. 


    Michael Mainstruck and Lisa Marcouillier to Christina Barstow. 

    Barbara & Barry Worcester Irrevocable Trust to Thomas Opper. 

    Lisa Edgecomb Light to Corey J. Morgan. 

    Juanita Cox and Juanita C. Sauve to Melody M. and Philip J. Joliat. 

    Barbara T. Edmond to Edmond Family Irrevocable Trust. 

    John B. and Judith P. Carpenter to D. Joshua Carpenter. 


    Mary E. and Stephen A. Staples, and Mary E. Libby to MTGLQ Investors LP. 

    Diane A. Love 2012 Family Trust to Jeanne Murphy. 

    Kerry A. Hardy to Kerry A., Cathay, and Karen Hardy, and Kristi-Hardy-Gilson. 

    Patricia A. Ballou to Daniel C. Perez and Alissa T. Randolph. 

    Richard Smith to Shereen and Peter Bang. 

    Cecil E. Dennison Jr. and Cynthia D. Dennison to Christopher E. Dennison. 

    Christine G. Aston to Christine  G. and Donald S. Aston. 

    Cindy and Gregory Polk to Cindy Polk. 

    James S. and Christine M. Pierce to Pierce Gamily Trust of 2020. 

    Wayne Lanning to Zachary Marvin and Lisa Damian-Marvin. 

    Joseph McLaughlin to Richard McLaughlin. 


    Sarah J. Tracy-Hopkins and Jeffrey L. Hopkins to Victoria Hoysradt and Dustin McComiskey. 

    Tammy L. Thomas to Laurie Underwood. 


    Edward T. Keller to Charles P. and Elizabeth M. Weiler. 

    Ingrid Klimoff to Dorothy Klimoff and Richard Flanagan. 

    Peter J. Stewart Est. to Sarah Johnson and Meagan C. Quite. 


    Ronald A. and Sharon Benjamin to Travis R. Benjamin. 

    Town of Morrill to Judith Hall and Maude Higgins. 

    Julia Flacke, Julia S. Flacke-Wood, Julia Lannon, and Julia Wood to Holly M. Whitcomb.


    Paul C. Doody to Paul C. and Kristy M. Doody. 

    Powell Vacations LLC to Maine A. I. LLC. 

    Carl Zaniboni to All Coastal Inc. 

    David E. Alley to David C. Alley. 

    Deep Creek Grazing Association Inc. to Northport Holdings III LLC. 


    Sandra L. Smith Est. to Rebecca L. Smith. 

    Rebecca L. Smith to Glenn and Robin J. Morrison. 

    Michelle Lemieux-Smith to Lauren A. and Derek S. Arnold. 

    Lindell Family Living Trust to Kevin A. and Denise G. Lindell. 

    Joseph H. Travis III to Joseph H. Travis III and Joseph H. Travis IV. 

    Ronald T. Townsley to Dusty L. Haskell. 

    Sheila T. Ballantyne to Sheila T. Ballantyne. 


    David Mitchell to Michael S. Tardiff and Sandra M. Johnson. 

    Michael S. Tardiff and Sandra M. Johnson to William Valleau. 

    Cindy Beckett to Glendon Mehuren. 

    Robert J. and Rosemarie Mackenna to Matthew and Janet Gerber. 

    Nathan G. Peaslee to Nathan G. and Deborah M. Peaslee. 

    James T. and Joanne M. Ames to Paul E. Ames. 

    Paul E. Ames to James T. and Joanne M. Ames. 

    Willis and Lauren Crichton to Dara A. Fruchter.

    John A. McCafferty to Garry Owen House. 


    James G. Wood and Louisa Hope Jackson to Benjamin P. Borkan and Lydia A. Hall. 

    Robert E. and Marietta C. Ransdell to Susannah Magers and Keli Sager. 

    Robert E. and Marietta C. Ramsdell to Susannah Magers and Kelli Sager. 

    Jillian Hartman to Jedidiah and Tracy Colby. 

    John H. Gertner to John H. Gertner and Karen Keuper. 

    Jayson & Sally Turner Revocable Living Trust to Theresa E. Turner. 

    Stephen and Suzanne L. Gilroy to Sara Thoits-Didio. 

    Robert and Robert A. Dakin to Robert and Darcy Dakin. 

    David P. and Flora J. Costigan to Tony D. Wong and Lily Cheng. 

    Michelle L. Bowden to Nicholas S. Bowden. 

    Sun Financial Realty Partnership to Michael J. Brown. 

    Kevin Kelley to Carol Kelley. 

    Stockton Springs

    Maine Biomass Exports Inc. to P.M.D. Inc. 

    Gary Robbins to Gary and Pamela Robbins, and Peter Robbins Sr. 

    Barbara Ahouse-Coulters to Robert G. and Glynis J. Kiraly. 

    Stephanie Rousha Smilie Stephens to Eric C. and Debra W. Terrill. 

    Ralph W. Robbins to Elizabeth A. Duecaster. 

    Jennifer L. and Ercole A. Pallotto to Olivia J. Stone and Mitchell D. Boucher. 


    Nancy L. Goslin to Fiona Harbert. 

    Town of Swanville to Carolyn Parsons Est. 

    Carolyn Parsons Est. to Eliza P. Eager and Eliot K. Van Peski. 

    John T. Griffo to John T. Griffo. 


    Stephen A. and Elizabeth M. Trimm to Cory Chase. 


    Lynette and Tracy Davenport to William Murbach. 

    Lee Hunter to Susan Hunter. 

    Dennis Jones to Dennis and Cynthia A. Jones. 

    Dennis J. and Cynthia A. Jones to Dennis J., Cynthia A., and Casey A. Jones. 

    Dana B. Waugh and June Marie Dixon to Alan B. Lothrop. 

    Esther E. Smith Est. to Lead Mountain Properties Inc. 

    Kimberly D. Page and Donald E. Poirier to Alan Cohen. 

    Alan Cohen to Alan and Anne R. Cohen and Eli Cohen Ferster. 

    Lynne C. Harvey to Daryn L. Gover. 

    Benjamin F. and Heidi C. Bambrick to Andrea L. Palmer.

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