Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 11/30/2020 - 10:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 16-27.


    Amy Dyer Drinkwater, Amy M. Dyer, and Amy M. Dyer Kelley to Lawrence and Nadine Bangerter. 

    Suzanne T. and Mark Macleod to Christina Hassett. 

    Husson Park LLC to Dennis O. and Christine M. Urick. 

    David Brooks McKinney and Patricia J. Blakeslee to Francis A. King and Mary Nevin. 

    Carol Beebe and Carol Ann Bergeron to Habitat for Humanity of Waldo County. 

    Evan and Alana Hutchins to Katherine E. and Robert W. Tausek. 

    Belfast 1 LLC to 104 Lincoln Avenue LLC and One Hundred Four Lincoln Avenue LLC. 

    Orf Inc. to Henry G. Corey and Lauren M. Delorey. 

    Henry G. Corey and Lauren M. Delorey to Orf Inc. 

    Gary and Ellen L. Roughead to Gary Roughead Revocable Living Trust. 

    Turkey Feather Farm Inc. and Eugene Gutierrez to Turker Feather Farm LLC.

    Turkey Feather Farm LLC to Jeffrey G. Edwards and Sarah J. McGranahan-Edwards. 

    Lanahan Lozuaway Revocable Trust to Margaret L. and Thomas R. Gerrish. 

    Margaret M. Rosch and Robert A. Grotton to Mechtild Petritsch and William H. Holaday. 

    Noble Ventures LLC to Nancy L. Jones Revocable Trust of 2014. 

    Travis Spencer to Karen J. Littlefield. 

    Travis Spencer to James Spencer. 


    Gladys L. Avery Trust to Cherisse Hamilton. 

    Bradley C. and Brigitta I. Jackson to Gladys L. Avery Trust.


    David S. and Carol S. Grime to Corinne Audette and Marco Migliorati. 


    Maine Savings Federal Credit Union to Thomas G. Seymour

    David F. and Allison M. Fitzgibbons, and Allison M. Lashmet to Walter A. Robbins Jr. and Laura L. Robbins. 


    Ruth Tyler-Cross Trust to Myrick T. Cross. 

    Elizabeth J. Clauson to Jonathan K. Shaw and Jennifer L. Chagnon. 

    Beaver Hill Landowners Association LLC to Beaver Hill Plantation LLC. 

    Beaver Hill Landowners Association LLC to Beaver Hill Plantation LLC. 

    Elaine A. Higgins to Daniel J. Towle and Kelsey L. Kobik. 


    Harden L. Crawford III to Patrick H. and Kim Y. Nettles. 

    Alice S. Feltz Trust to Nelson-Benware Trust. 


    James K. and Doreen A. Dickson to Larry A. and Jasmine D. Sawyer. 


    Jeremy M. and Rebecca A. Thompson to Maple Shade Farm Properties LLC. 


    James Lindley Robbins and JL Robbins Trust to Georges River Land Trust. 

    Redleaf LLC to West 207 LLC. 

    Heidi A. Perkins to Heidi A. Perkins, David D. Dean, and Barbara J. Perkins. 

    Town of Liberty to Jennifer L. and Tree W. Hudson. 

    Bryan G. and Dennise H. Ripley to Bryan G. Ripley. 

    Mark Merrifield to Richard J. and Tammy T. Garcia. 

    Lawson H. Billings to Timothy A. and Erica A. Colburn. 


    Camden Land & Water Inc., Enoch LLC, and Camden Land Holdings LLC to Stephanie Martin and Kathryn A. Sprowl. 

    Henry J. and Pamela Simpkins to Robert J. and Alicia L. Martin. 

    Peter Thomas to Rosanne and Rose Lowell. 

    Patricia A. Ballou to Sarah H. and Dennis J. Voda. 

    Richard D. Ballou Jr. to Sarah H. and Dennis J. Voda. 

    Robert W. Rusnak and Dennis Stevens to barbara A. Maceachern. 


    Donald R. Simpson Irrevocable Trust to Land Peace Foundation. 

    James and Sara Gallant to Michael Xu. 


    Joseph A. Pagano Jr. and Veronica C. Pagano to Sarah Lowther. 

    James G. Allen Jr. and Constance M. Allen to Brian J. and Crystal L. Mort. 


    Julie L. Sticht to Frank J. Pavalkis IV and Caitlyn L. Pavalkis. 

    Gabriel R. Dube to Gabriel R. and Jean L. Dube. 

    Gabriel R. and Jean L. Dube to Dawn Dube. 

    Gabriel R. and Jan L. Dube to Katherine Bryant, Jennifer Davis, and Robert Hefele Jr. 


    Dale Nealey to jake Norling. 

    Joshua J. and Laura Beal to Stephen R. Thompson and Shannon L. McCarthy. 

    Ricky D. and Patricia A. Stahl to Charlene Vish. 

    Jane B. Nealey to Jerad Gubbels and Kelly Quinn Gubbels. 

    William W. and Susan E. Lohrman to Broughman Builders Inc. 

    Richard and Alismarie Parsloe to Ashley B. and Tamara Landry. 


    Nancy L. Bonnevie and Laurie A. Desjardins to Norman B. Moody. 

    Norman B. Moody to Laurie A. Desjardins and Nancy L. Bonnevie.

    Daniel F. Margaca to Mario Chiuccariello. 

    Barbara A. Babcock and Deborah L. Leavitt to David and Stephanie Meader. 

    Jerome R. Schenker to Christine L. Fretwell Diesch, Robert W. Fogg, and Elizabeth A. Diesch. 

    Robert W. Fogg to Amanda M. Fogg Storm. 

    Jan B. and Jeffrey K. Archer to Joshua D. and Angela B. Haiss. 


    Mark and Laurie Fowler to Peter M. Shoults and Kim A. Kokernak. 

    Ricky H.and Shanon F. Fowler to Peter M. Shoults and Kim A. Kokernak.

    Lockwood Brown, Elizabeth Small, and Elizabeth Brown to Bowden Point Properties. 

    Elizabeth Small and Elizabeth Brown to Bowden Point Properties. 

    Lockwood Brown to Bowden Point Properties. 


    Catherine A. McGahan Est. to Nicholas, Michael, and Patricia Meisner. 

    Joseph F. Oliver Jr. and Kathleen A. Oliver to Robert Iserbyt. 

    John R. Williams Jr. and Janice Williams to James E. Knapp. 


    Michael C. Dichter and Stacey A. Johnson-Dichter to James L. Thompson Jr. and Kathleen F. Thompson. 

    Stockton Springs

    Brian Littlefield to Ryan and Brittnie Howell. 

    Alfred George to ML Hawes Enterprises LLC. 


    Elaine C. Butler to Elaine C. Butler and Brandy Marriner. 

    Scott B. and Shirley A. Ellis to Andrew Riley. 

    Bear Mountain LLC to John M. White. 

    John M. White to Jennifer A. Cable and Peter B. Mattox. 

    Michael E. McGray to Andrew Riley. 

    Kristin and Raymond Aldus to Jared M. Bonshire and Heather Richards Bonshire. 


    Jennifer L. Wixson to Joseph Cannon and Teresa Dietrich. 

    Donald E. Wolph to Jamie L. and Amanda R. Smith. 


    James C. Hitchcock Est. to Haley M. Hitchcock. 

    Haley M. Hitchcock to Jason and Emily R. Bennett. 

    Jeanne A. Coseo to Jeanne A. and John P. Coseo. 

    Barry E. Gilette to Bethany L. Collins. 

    Unity by the Stream LLC to Unity MHP LLC. 

    Patricia M. Durkin Revocable Trust to Anthony H. Ryan. 

    Suzanne Y. Hopkins to Petrine and Casey Meehan. 

    Walter H. Bernacki to Bonnie Koller. 


    David B. Putnam Jr. and Marcia N. Heath to Letitia G. and Michael Manning. 

    Thomas G. Seymour to Kristin H. and Raymond L. Aldus. 

    Martha A. Rhodes Est. to Patrick J. Pittis and Meghan K. Ballard.

    Rosie M.K. Boynton to Broughman Builders Inc. 


    Deems C. McKee Jr. and Claudia McKee to Ethan A. Lubin and Orion A. Tucker. 

    Stephen J. Clisham II and Melanie F. Clisham to Nicholas A. Bourdon, Lindsey A. Tully, and Robert E. and Anna M. Bourdon. 

    Y.C.C. Inc. to Jeffery, Jeff, and Sarah Osborne. 

    Clergue E. Jones Est. to Levesque Properties LLC. 

    Noah L. and Allison J. Burditt, and Allison J. Sherman to Sean and Marcy Macomber. 

    Sarah H. Danser to Michael O. Walker and Courtney J. Angelosante.

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