Waldo County deed transfers

Thu, 08/13/2020 - 5:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds June 29 - July 17.


    John M. and Bonita L. Staples to Brian A. Staples.

    Samuel R. Butler to Brandon R. and Courtney J. Drinkwater. 

    Steven J. and Tina M. Hintz to Susan Cutting. 

    Peter G. Sanderson to Peter G. and Sandra L. Sanderson. 

    Carol Eisenberg to David Brooks McKinney and Patricia J. Blakeslee. 

    Seaview Terrace to Benjamin B. and Robyn L. Mailloux. 

    Althea C. Gaudette Est. to Robert K. and April Kochan. 

    Peter J. Falina to Misc. Holdings LLC. 

    Underwater Research LLC to Aimee Moffit-Mercer. 

    Donald and Frances Pan to Frances F. Pan Living Trust. 

    Harold J. and Constance J. Jones to Linda and Thomas Whitson. 

    Stewart, Christopher, George, Andrew, and Matthew Rogers, and Tracy Bartlett to 60 Summer LLC and Sixty Summer LLC. 

    Margaret W. Rogers Est. to 60 Summer LLC and Sixty Summer LLC. 

    Emile W. and Patricia A. St. Andre to William A. and Margaret A. St. Andre. 

    Richard E. and Maureen F. Dell, and Patricia D. Walsh to Martha Conway-Cole. 

    Christopher C. and Diane-Marie Colby to Jacob N. and Ashley A. Fink. 

    James L. and Paula Wheelock to Wheelock Family Trust. 

    Linda A. Wry-Remillard to Dennis J. Remillard and Linda Wry-Remillard. 

    Misc. Holdings LLC to Travis R. Benjamin. 

    Manley E. Rogers to Kelly L. Johnson and Aurelio J. Ogilvie. 

    Sandra L. Giles to Kelly O’Connell. 

    Stephen M. and Dianne Kunkle to S. & D. Kunkle Revocable Trust. 

    Robert H. Price to Swan Lake LP. 

    Leslie Burnette and Leslie Pelletier to Eliza M. Clark and Troy D. Wiseman. 


    Edward L. & Myrna C. Coyle Revocable Trust Agreement to Ashley Cass. 


    Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR and Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2018-1 to Deborah Young. 

    Mitchell N. and Nan L. Simpson to Eric D. Chamberlain. 

    Regina A. Knight-Ryder and Regina A. Knight to Cheyenne J. Larrabee. 

    Jon Caron to Brandon T. Curtis. 

    Town of Brooks to Eric J. Eddy. 


    Terrence W. Marks to Clarence T. and Tina M. Garnett. 

    Jem Trust to John and Jennifer Farnsworth. 

    Christopher M. Fuhs to Sarah Geiger. 

    Robert J. and Kenneth P. Perry to Randy G. Leeman. 

    Joshua A. and Maegan Trask to Nicholas J. Nolan and Morgan E. Wotton. 


    Gary W. Hussey Est. to William E. Hussey. 

    Bryan Owen * Carol Diane Crane Living Trust to David J. and Joan M. Crabiel. 

    Kyle Alspach to Scott Stratton. 

    Timothy A. and Hazel Roi to Ben and Bethia Feeney. 

    Alex Joutov to Dixie D. and Frank W. Barone. 

    Thelma M. Ledden to Mackenzie Mills and Joseph Merrfield. 

    Maine Woods & Waters LLC to Heather J. Donohue. 


    Golembeske Realty Trust to Sarah P. Hudak. 

    Golembeske Realty Trust to Carrie P. Thomas. 

    Rolf P. McClellan Est. and Rolf McClellan Est. to Wendy E. McClellan. 

    Pamela Seymour to Nicholas B. Seymour. 

    John P. Rogers to David H. and Janis B. Petzel. 

    Andrea V.A. Lutz Revocable Trust of 2005 to Lawson A. Albeit Family Trust. 


    Joseph E. Smith to Andrew N. Coffin and Ranae D. McHugh. 

    Annabel Barbara Seymour Garneau to Marcia Longmaid. 


    Homes Unlimited LLC, Eric T. and Tiffany L. Wagner to Jamas R. Branchaud. 

    Malcolm Von Saltza to Carl A. Von Saltza. 

    Ruth and William Burton to Brad Allmon Cullivan. 

    Alan Crichton and Lorna Rode-Crichton to Warren and Lauren Ard. 

    Ronald L. Jackson to Tracey A. Leeman and Andrew L. Jackson. 

    John C. and Dawn S. Boden to Eleanor E. Parker and Jeremy D. Hart. 


    Janet D., Roger E., and Roger R. Fradenburgh to Erik M. Brooks and Hester A. Kohl. 

    Bonnie E. Jones and Stanley M. Robinson to Sara Schaefer. 

    Edward J., Doris T., and Peter E. Moran, and Mary Hilliard Moran to Jonna and Gregory Clayton. 

    Peter E. Moran and Mary Hilliard Moran to Jonna and Gregory Clayton. 

    Edward J. and Doris T. Moran to Jonna and Gregory Clayton. 

    Daniel H. and Melinda S. Durrange to Corinne and Stanislaus Zdanuk. 

    Robert H. Porter Est. to David and Rachel M. Olsen. 

    Diane R. O’Brien to Diane R., Tracee E., and Charles E. O’Brien. 

    Susan L. Porter to Michael J. and Mary V. Cunningham. 

    Kathleen M. Christie to Sunny Rae Bolduc. 

    U.S. Bank NA TR, Mack H. White Jr., Sarah M. White, and Sarah White to U.S. Bank National Association TR.


    Chuck W. Bonin to Amanda L. Bonin and Amanda Thomas. 

    Donald R. Simpson to Donald R. Simpson Irrevocable Trust. 

    Joseph C. and Janet A. Roxborough to Casey Wooley. 


    John R. Irving and Diana L. Gallant to Christopher A. Percy. 

    Jonathan H. and Joseph J. Thornhill to Eric M. Walczak and Erin L. Pawliczek. 

    Jaime Mudge and Jaime Brown to Darrin Brown. 


    Jason L. Cross to Kevin R. Cross. 


    Timothy E. and Barbara J. Peabody to Michelle Kosmo. 

    Tarlings Properties LLC, Tarling Properties LLC, and Tarling’s Properties LLC to Heather A. Wallace and Douglas G. Martens. 

    Michael J. and Jill M. Marsanskis to Michael D. Savage. 

    Gerald T. and Dorothy T. Reid to Balvaird Trust. 

    Daniel J. and Elizabeth T. Hebert to Douglas A. Fournier. 

    Douglas A. Fournier to Daniel J. and Elizabeth Hebert. 

    Diane J. and Elizabeth T. Hebert to Douglas A. Fournier. 

    Douglas A. Fournier to Joseph Noonan. 

    Lorraine G. Tilney 2006 Trust to Frederick and Eileen Litty. 

    Stephanie Rousha Smiley Stephens and Stephanie Rousha Smiley to Ashley L. Le Roy and Austin J. Blume. 

    Cindy L. Danchak to Cindy L. Danchak, Shana E. Cannell, and Hope Thomas. 


    Tristan Starbird to Brian Mort. 

    Roger and Carol Blomquist to Sean A. Wills. 

    Gordon C. Swift Jr. and Neysa G. Swift to Mark and Cindy Audet. 

    Daniel J. and Elizabeth T. Hebert to Middle Space LLC. 

    Richard and Madeleine Roughgarden to Angel and Rodney Hall. 

    Scott M. King to Dayson Cullivan. 

    Daniel R. Hestad to Serge Guillet and Matthew S. Molison. 

    Katrina M. and Justin K. Tozier to Mark A. Tinkham. 

    Nicole V. Dyer to Alvin and Carol Smart. 


    Michael J. Moroney to Nerin K. Moroney. 

    Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Grace Star. 

    Christopher L. and Dinah G. Kierstead to Christopher L. and Dinah G. Kierstead.

    Christopher L. and Dinah G. Kierstead to Christopher L. and Dinah G. Kierstead.

    Bridget M. Cook and Tracy Harford to Patti Ann Marable and Richard S. Kirk. 

    Charles S. Evans to Charles G. and Diana G. Evans. 

    Issac J., Renee L., and Isaac J. Spaulding to Elizabeth and Dwaine Austin. 


    L.G. Whitcomb Landscaping to Whitcomb Enterprises LLC. 

    Steven D. and Aline E. Barrett to 10 Knox Bros Ave LLC and Ten Knox Bros Ave LLC. 

    Herbert Benner to Jordan Davis.

    Stockton Springs

    Larry D. Lagassie to Sky Lonsdale. 

    Glenn D. and Brian Flaherty to Sandra Toliver. 

    Jerry and Stephanie R. Amato to Robert T. and Susan B. Snipes. 

    Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley to Davien Littlefield. 

    Eben Moore to Eben Moore and Allyson Corrvieu-Moore. 


    Harry E. Patterson Jr. and Linda M. Patterson to Sabrina N. and John H. White. 

    David A. Thanhauser to Coastal Mountains Land Trust. 

    David A. Thanhauser to Coastal Mountains Land Trust. ‘


    Nicholas L. Brown to Chaofan Wu. 


    Michael C. French to Mitchell N. and Nan L. Simpson. 


    Bethia L. Feeney to Byers Family 2015 Revocable Living Trust. 


    Gloria G. Nelson to Adam and Sophia Joens. 

    Jessica J. Small to Jessica J. and Harlan D. Small. 

    William Mills Hardie III and Jennifer I. Hardie to Jane P. Stork. 

    Frank A. Arsenault Est. to David Jipson. 

    Diana J. O’Brien to Richard and Suellen T. Jagels. 

    Beatrice L. Raymond Est. to Winterport Cemetery District.

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