Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 07/14/2020 - 1:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds May 18 - June 6. 


    City of Belfast to Alan Gibson.

    Dennis E. Harriman to Dana L. and David E. Keene.

    Cornerstone Property Management LLC to Frank A. and Rebecca J. Alley. 

    Donna L. O’Leary to Jennifer A. and Justin P. Emerson. 

    Lawrence J. and Kimberly S. Sterrs to Elizabeth Hoyt. 

    Peak Market Homes LLC to Mackenzie Gray. 

    James Rutland to Katherine Riposta. 

    Tyler S. and Laura J. Ouillette to Hanna Elizabeth and Timothy R. Parenteau. 

    John F. and Barbara F. Smith to RCPM LLC. 

    Coastal Enterprises Inc. to Roland A. Littlefield. 

    Kenneth and Kenneth Colby Horne to Elain R. and Phillip Crossman. 

    Arthur W. and Sylvia K. Sanderson to Arthur W. and Sylvia K. Sanderson. 

    Bank of America NA to Own P. Falvey. 


    Richard P. Geraghty to Virginia and Dennis Middleswart. 


    Verna T. and Donald J. Violette to Garrett and Patricia Lojek. 

    Catherine M. Butler to Cynthia Coble. 

    Catherine M. Butler to Sonja Richardson. 

    Kenneth C. Theobald Jr. to Joseph A. Marble. 

    Cynthia Coble to Cynthia and Richard M. Coble. 

    Susan L., Peter J., and Ralph F. Champa to Christine Morrison. 

    Anders Crosby to Danielle M. Tessier. 

    Paul and DIanne Jones to Frederick E. Barlow. 


    Erin R. and Peter M. Allen to Paula J. and Donald N. Brown Sr. 

    Clint H. and Laria R. Chase to Christopher King. 

    Daniel L. and Pamela J. Brooks to Shorey Beach LLC. 


    Sandra J. Adams to Shane A. Grendell. 

    Debra L. Marden to Sharon Bishop. 

    Sandra J. Adams to Shane A. Grendell.

    Stephen Smaha & Jessica Winslow Revocable Trust to Maine Coast Heritage Trust. 

    KCI Charities Inc., Katahdin Council Incorporated, and Boy Scouts of America to State of Maine and State of Maine - Fisheries. 


    Gerald L. and Helen A. Kuntz to Helen A. Kuntz. 

    Jesse R. Beaudry to Donald Robert. 


    Robert B. Albro Jr. and Lisle L. Albro to Robert Bruce Albro Jr. Revocable Trust of 2019 and Lisle Leonard Albro Revocable Trust of 2019. 

    Kirstie Alley to 271 Pendleton Point Road LLC and Two Hundred Seventy One Pendleton Point Road LLC. 

    Margaret A. Dimond to Clifford N. Romanelli. 

    Islesboro Islands Trust to Holly Fields. 

    Whispering Pines Family Limited Partnership to Philip L. Ladd. 

    Chetkowski Maine Realty Trust to John P. Chetowski Family Trust of 2009. 

    John P. Chetkowski Family Trust of 2009 to Teresa A. and Marek Chetkowski and Hannah Sibley Liddle. 

    Thomas F. Pile to Lys McLaughlin Pile. 


    Marcia J. Longmaid to Marcus A. Ramirez and Sarah R. Bryden. 


    Cyr Residential Trust to Jarrett M. and Alyssa Bailey. 

    Lasell Island

    Lake Trail LLC to Lasell Island LLC. 


    Nancy C. and Frederick R. Lord to Nancy C. Lord Revocable Trust. 

    Maine Concerne Realty Trust to Barbara & Barry Worcester Irrevocable Trust. 

    JMA Realty Trust to Barbara & Barry Worcester Irrevocable Trust.

    Penobscot Realty Trust to Barbara & Barry Worcester Irrevocable Trust.

    Donald E. McDonald Jr. to Wendy J. and Robert W. Mackey. 


    Ann B. Thomas Irrevocable Trust to Alanna Brown. 

    Christopher J. and Sunny Rae Bolduc to Erik and Nancy Nickerson. 

    Richard J. Osgood Sr. and Jeanne W. Osgood to Richard J. Osgood III. 


    James H. Reed to Seth C. Hall. 

    Kathy M. Foley to John W. and Courtney M. Oldrin. 


    Gordon Wood to Michelle L. Pooler and Michelle Wood. 


    Karen A. Gorris-Hicock and Andrew R. Hicock to Joel and Christina Bandy. 

    Elizabeth A. and Leyza A. Toste to Noah M. and Rachael A.M. Rowland. 

    Alleson F. Bixler to Sarah A. Bixler and Christopher J.D. Tonkin. 


    Broughman Builders Inc. to Dawn R. and Daniel J. Hogan. 

    Crystal D. Mangin to Crystal D. Mangin and Shane Pomelow. 

    William R. Peebles III, Diannah Rose Pellerin, and Diannah R. Peebles to Anthony Semenovich. 

    Elisha C. and Melanie L. Fowlie to Evan J. Switzer. 

    Jack B. Matthews to Zachary L. and Kristina E. Gardner. 

    Thomas W. Maillet, Patricia J.. Glidden, and Patricia G. Maillet to Adam Tudela. 

    Dennis S. and Lea Plaisted, and Lea A. Lavertu to Fiona V. and Tatonka W. Champagne. 

    Stephen B. & Janet R. Downes Living Trust. 

    David Farrington Bryant II and Holly D. Bryant. 

    Stephen L. Haskell to Paul and Bonnie Hunter. 


    Ronald L. and Lilliam M. Johnson to Andrew W. Burcham and Leighana S. Lynch. 


    David C. Flanagan to Christopher and Lorie Kulbe. 

    Fletchertown Farm & Cidery LLC to Cory W. and Jessica A. Alexander. 

    Lindsay M. Bailey and Kathryn Deep to Derrick C. Patten and Adeline M. Small. 

    Wayne and Amber Stanhope to Mykayla A. McCormick and Noah J. Schertner. 

    Saxon Tinto and Saxon L.A. Moreau to Matthew S.M. Hopkins and Amanda J. Armstrong Hopkins. 

    Arthur E. Grinnell and Kimberly S. Grinnell to Matthew and Heather Burgess. 

    Richard K. Robertson to Emma J. Clark. 

    Bruce E. and Kathleen L. Chamberlain to Movile Cone LLC. 

    Stockton Springs

    Shirley J. Balch to Shirley J. and Gary Balch. 

    Sheila C. Fowkes, and Sheila C. and Shelia C. Ellis to Robert and Jeanne Nipper. 

    Eric N. Peddle to Michael H., Rezalie C., Bryan J., and Joanne Lee C. Warren.


    Gregory Family Irrevocable Trust to West Mallard Lane LLC. 

    Roland H. and Sarah K. Knowlton to Catherine A. Ciofolo. 


    Daniel Pellerin to Britney A. and Michael E. Mayer. 

    Britney A. and Michael E. Mayer, and Britney A. Bowden to Katelyn E. and Daniel E. Kilpatrick. 


    Brian C. Wilcox to Wilcox Real Estate Trust. 

    Sheldon S. and Glen A. McCormick, Sharon Spivak, and Raymond J. McCormick Est. to Alfred L. Martin and Glenda E. Bickford. 


    Gerald McAlpine and Linda Clark to BB&HB LLC. 

    Gerald McAlpine and Linda Clark to BB&HB LLC. 


    Jennifer Thorburn and Jennifer Curry to Brandon and Chase Curry. 

    Ivan L. and Erika R. Young to Rafe Levi Young, Ivan L. and Erika R. Young. 

    Ronald R. and Barbara L. Laplante to Dustin J. Boudreau. 


    Roderick J. Philbrick Est. to Sandra Adams. 

    David G. and Jo A. Geddis to Mercedes L. Speed. 

    U.S. Bank Trust NA TR and LSF10 Master Participation Trust to Denise S. Hardy. 

    Robert L. Reynolds to Heidi Harriman. 

    Heidi Harriman to Robert L. Reynolds. 

    Brittney M. Lowe and Brittany M. Ginn to Gerald and Brittney M. Lowe. 

    Benjamin I. Beaulieu to Jason Leon Harmon and Megan M. Harmon. 

    Brian and Alisha St. Louis to Douglass S. Pennington III and Ashley A. Pennington. 

    Randy and Sharon McDougal, and Ashley Seymour to Joseph W. and Deborah Tyler.

    Doreen M. McKeage to Lester Moody and Kim McDougal. 

    Justin M. and Lindsey A. Young, and Lindsey A. Seekins to Lynne C. Harvey. 

    Roderick J. Philbrick Est. to Sandra Adams. 

    Oliver Living Trust to Neil Thomas Berry and Connie May Berube.

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