Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 06/13/2020 - 10:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds May 4-15.


    Camden National Bank to Jeffrey F. Littlefield. 

    Alfred Howard and Arlene Wing to Victoria Jones. 

    Arlene Robbins to Rip Tide Smoke Shop LLC. 

    Rebecca M. Stephens to Dustin M. Stephens. 

    Jason and Leah Bannister to Peter Farrington. 

    Jane F. Holmes Est. to Mathew C. and Meredith Holmes. 

    George F. and John W. Holmes to Mathew C. and Meredith A. Holmes. 

    Tidewater Oil Co. to the City of Belfast. 

    The city of Belfast to Tidewater Oil Co. 


    Thomas Lasselle to Lisa R. Norden. 

    Lisa R. Norden to Lisa Rae Norden Revocable Trust. 


    Mariko A. Haskell-Brown and Setsuko H. Haskell to Mariko A. Haskell-Brown and Seth Brown. 


    Nancy Bailey Farrar and David R. Farrar to David G. Pelkey, Dale and Eliza E.M. Gilpatrick. 

    Johan Selmer-Larsen III and Joan P. Selmer-Larsen to Brenda K. Payne. 

    Donald K. Hager to Donald E. and Donald J. Hager. 

    Barbara C. Shutt to Elaine A. Higgins. 

    B & A Smith Family Trust to Audrey E. Smith. 

    First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation to the United States of America - HUD. 


    Jody MacDonald to Jody MacDonald and Amy Hawkes. 

    Patricia C. Clayton Est., Patricial Carol Clayton Est., and Patricia P. Clayton Est. to Mark and Michael Clayton. 

    Natural Resources Council of Maine to Jennifer M. Whitlow Revocable Trust. 


    Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Jade A. Daniels and Ryan McRee. 


    Gregory Ryan to Hayden V. and Brooke C. Sheldon, and Gregory Ryan. 


    Clifford A. Randall and Denise M. Hurst. 

    Town of Liberty to Brenda Billings. 

    Loren and Terri Fuller to Eric and Tiffany Wagner, and Homes Unlimited LLC. 

    Corie Skidgell to Susan and Douglas Blaisdell. 


    Steven L. and Heidi N. Bridgeman to Carol A. Ryder. 

    William R. Hawn Jr. and Leslie M. Hawn to Jeremy Haslam. 

    John H. Calderwood to Nelli Gentle. 

    Justin L. Blake to Ronald W. and Christine O. Zdrojeski. 

    C. Florence Winters to William Scott Addis. 


    Richard A. Southard to William J. Day. 

    Ryan D. Begin to Jason A. Marden and Noel C. Rivard. 

    Linnehan Acceptance to Jessica L. Landers. 


    Sandra A. George Est. to Matthew Ernest Mathurin and Melissa Amberyn Mathurin. 


    Edwin A. Martin Jr. and Shannon E. Martin to Monica Ann and Kristopher Peter Dambach. 

    Norman and Ann-Marie Giroux to Stepeh L. and Maria B. Weber. 

    Joel Phillip Rackliffe to Joel Phillip Rackliffe and Rachel M. Keidan. 

    William T. Flanders to James D. Philbrook. 

    Allen W. Hayward to Rita J. and David A. Edman. 

    Deep Creek Grazing Association Inc. to Thomas M. Larned. 


    Leroy F. Gower Jr. and Sally A. Gower to Kayla-Rae L. Ross. 

    Melinda Lachapelle to Melinda A. and Robert F. Lachappelle Living Trust. 

    Stephen R. and Jean Hettman to Andrea J. Jurewich, Jennifer J. and Stephen R. Hettman. 

    John R. and Sharon E. Johnston to John and Bonnie Pedersen. 


    Rogena Whalen to Jason F. Cunningham. 


    Terrance G. and Elizabeth C. Pinto to Terrance G. & Elizabeth C. Pinto Living Trust. 


    Janet A. Grant to Amos R. Grant. 

    Norma Sweigert Revocable Living Trust to Marcie Sweigert. 

    Kevin Gordon Mack and Lisa Anne Mack to Andrew A. Johnson and Loren P. Inman. 

    Paul A. Mason Jr., Peter K. Mason Sr., and John R. Mason to Todd M. Mason. 

    Amber and Wayne Stanhope to Susan M. McFarlin. 

    Susan M. McFarlin to Amber and Wayne Stanhope. 

    Town of Searsport and Catherine A. Buley. 

    Kevin J. and Lauren E. Thomson to Steven D. and Aline E. Barrett. 

    Stockton Springs

    Rose Mary Roberts to Michael B. Roberts. 

    Don L. Maunz to Carolyn L. Maunz. 

    William D. Foley to Federal National Mortgage Association. 

    John E. Largay Revocable Trust to Kari and Keith H. Harriman. 

    Shirley Starrett Revocable Trust to John and Khristine Scott. 

    Michael M. and Kathleen E. Verrone to Kathleen Verrone Living Trust. 


    James L. Bailey to John and Jennifer Dodge. 

    Crystal Lee Andrews to Keith D. and Crystal L. Andrews Family Trust. 


    Joan C. Kirby to William W. Kirby III. 

    Louisanne M. and Thomas S. Richter to Brian and Ashley E. Richter. 


    Jeannean L. Betts to Joshua B. Palmer. 

    Timothy J. and Kathryn E. Moran to Moran Properties LLC. 

    Anthony F. Valley to Stacey Scott. 

    Anthony F. Valley to Logan Scott. 

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