Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 05/16/2020 - 9:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds April 6-17. 


    Kathie K. Brown to Thomas N. and Bethany T. Tulloh. 

    Herbert C. Littlefield to Tammy Jean Porter.

    Coastal Enterprises Inc and Dawn M. Ward to Andrew M. Staples. 

    Linda Buckmaster to Steven Cartwright. 

    Helen M. Wallace and Thomas J. Cameron to Debra A., Brian D., and Nicholas A. Roberts. 

    Bonnie B. Lateiner Est. to Ursula M. and Ryen G. Munro. 

    Coastal Helicopters Inc. to Benjamin L. Magro. 

    Benjamin L. Andrews to Emily Abrons and Anton Handel. 

    First Church in Belfast to Joel M. Krueger and Kathleen A. Winters. 


    Camden National Bank, Charles W. and Andrea L. Harle to Kyle R. and Kathryn A. Gibbs. 


    Town of Burnham to Jonathan T. Braley Est. 

    Joseph D. Rich to Jonathan T. Braley Est. 

    Jonathan T. Braley Est. to Yao Qiang Liu. 


    Jake R. Norling to Earl R. Anderson. 


    Blaine Miller to Jacob and Alyssa L. Brugger. 

    Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Derick D. Dumont. 


    Mary Ellen Twombly to Joseph D. Pearl and Claire E. Getz. 


    Patrick J. Coon and Wynne Helene Wirth to Liberty 009-39 Land Trust. 

    Susan Lynn Smith Trust to Balise Set. 


    Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to John Gurney. 

    Joni Dyer and Jonie Dyer McClellan to Michael R. Hall Sr. 


    Town of Monroe to Kenneth and Holly Nealley. 

    Kenneth A. Nealley, Holly J. Kienow, and Holly J. Nealley to Matthew Davis. 


    Town of Morrill to Dana Manchester. 


    Lori Misiewicz Lacey and Lori Misiewicz to Lerisa J. Bravo. 


    Jane Eagles to Kelly Gunthorpe. 

    Jack S. Giguere to Corey J. Landry and Sarah B. Nichols. 


    United States of America - VA to Nathan Wren and Kersey Boulay. 

    Town of Prospect to Maine Coast Heritage.

    Kenford Enterprises LLC to Maine Coast Heritage.

    Fredda F. Wolf to Maine Coast Heritage.

    Town of Prospect to Quinton C. Gray. 

    Town of Prospect to Dennis W. Moody Jr.  


    Sarah Marriner to Sarah Marriner and Gabriel Gaudette. 

    Susan A. Olson Living Trust to Jared E. Hansen. 


    Christiane Melahn Est. to Martha S. Mozden. 

    Thomas F. Furze Jr. and Eileen Jeanette Furze to Mary E. Lees. 

    Mary M. Blanchard to Mary M. Blanchard Revocable Trust. 

    Christopher and Diane-Marie Colby to Town of Searsport. 

    John and Joanne Decesere to Merle A. and Melanio A.V. Diaz. 

    Fred J. Cameron Sr. and Madeleine A. Camerson to Thomas J. Cameron. 

    Brian A. and Martie L. Simnoson to Laurence E. and Laura A. Brown. 

    Stockton Springs

    Harry J. and Cynthia P. Mentas to C & H Properties LLC. 

    Harry J. and Cynthia P. Mentas to Shoreline Associates LLC. 

    Glenn B. and Kelli M. Couturier to Andrew Trepanier. 

    Thomas W. Moore III and Candice E. Moore to Eben Moore. 

    Dennis and Sally Plourde to Plourde Family Revocable Trust. 

    Michael M. Warren to Judith Brazier and June C. Howard. 

    James P. Morris to Diane S. and Stephen E. O’Connell. 


    Maineland Vacation LLC to William A. and Lisa L. Dunton. 


    David Wooley to Adam and Heather Poulin. 

    Joseph N., Adriana B., and Adrianna B. Bellerose to Joseph N. and Adriana B. Bellerose. 

    Robert A. Silvia Sr. Est to Cheryl A. Gatta. 


    Ronald T. Waldron and Yvonne Dupras Waldron to Carmen C. Schiller. 


    Nicholas A. and Joy R. Walters to Kathryn Walters and Casey Kelly. 

    Chris Pepin Properties LLC to Michael and Jody Svigelj. 

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com