Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 05/02/2020 - 7:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds March 23 - April 3. 


    Gregory Gammans to Peter A. Friend and Chilloa H. Caswell. 

    Catherine A. and Alfred F. Reynolds to Amity Ann Watts. 

    Patterson Hill Housing Associates Limited Partnership to Penquis Development Inc. 

    Arthur W. and Sylvia K. Sanderson to Margaret Cunningham. 

    Carol A., Carol M., and Harvey S. Knight to Shelby K. and Christopher S. Knight. 

    Robert Charles Adcock Est. to Monya Zurkus. 


    Katrina Tozier to Morgan Connor. 


    Diane Haskell and Diane Littlefield to Neal R. Cowles II. 

    Beatrice A. Thomas Living Trust to Jonathan A. Thomas and Jonathan A. Thomas II. 

    Beatrice A. Thomas Living Trust to Jonathan A. Thomas and Jonathan A. Thomas II. 


    Michelle L. Brassbridge to Arthur Willard Brassbridge IV and Michelle L. Brassbridge. 

    Raye-Marie Green to Mary E. Davis and Steven M. Wolfson. 


    Trevor M. Ripley to Trevor M. and MEredith A. Ripley. 


    Mark R. Willner to Hugh B. Dakers Jr., Kricket L. Hoopers, and Trevor L. Dakers. 

    McNeil Family Trust to McNeil Family Trust. 

    Margaret Beach Ungerleider Living Trust to Margaret Beach Ungerleider.

    Margaret Beach Ungerleider to Holly Fields. 

    Scott Rolerson to Boondocks LLC. 

    Scott and Albert W. Rolerson to Boondocks LLC. 


    Michael D. Fletcher to Michael D. Fletcher and Jill E. Stasium. 


    Wayne E. Doughty to Wayne E. and Laura L. Doughty. 


    Henry Thomas & Renee Melita Perry Joint Revocable Trust to Victoria A. and Bruce W. Rowley. 


    Thomas O. Cyr Sr. and Charlotte M. Cyr to Thomas O. Cyr Sr. and Charlotte M. Cyr. 

    Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp., U.S. Bank National Association TR., and James R. Sinclair to Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp. and U.S. Bank National Association TR.

    Marie D. and George M. Heal to Nicholas C. Heal. 

    Wayne Lanning to Matthew L. and Molly B. Epperson. 

    Deep Creek Grazing Association Inc. to Coastal Mountains Land Trust. 

    U.S. Bank National Association TR, Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp. to Margaret Tokar Prosser and Brian Prosser. 


    Linda J. Davis to Colby W. and Daniel E. Adams. 


    Bradley W. and Meredith Hill to Christine R. Morgan and Matthew Ahearn. 


    Boggs Homes Inc. to Retta J. Goughnour. 


    Joshua A. Webb to Roger A. Komandt Jr.


    Weatherbee Properties LLC to Rebecca J. Burgess and James Burgess Jr. 

    Camerson Bolles Watson Est. to Jessica B. and Todd A. Boisvert. 

    WIndward Housing Associates Limited Partnership and Windward Housing Associates LP to Penquis Development Inc. 

    Joshua J. and Daniel S. Rivers to Benjamin and Christine Boone. 

    Keybank NA to Tania C.G. Hassard. 

    Thomas A. and Catherine A. Ciofolo to Frederick J. and Cathleen A. Bryant. 

    Carlton J. Wiggin Jr. to Daniel C. and Gretchen Piper. 

    Lawrence E. Reynolds to Lawrence E. Reynolds and Mary M. Dehn-Reynolds. 

    Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR, Marsha A. Comita, and Marguerite C. Woitko to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR and Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust. 

    Stockton Springs

    Bruce G. Snowman to Margo and Joshua Shute. 

    Muriel A. Robinson Living Trust to Kristy Clark. 

    John F. Sherwood to Lisa Anne Easter and William T. Easter II. 

    Wayne A. Ellsworth to Jennifer Taylor. 


    Elaine C. Butler to Thomas J. Kelly and Penny L. Peters. 

    Emery A. Nickerson to Erik and Nancy Nickerson. 

    Angel and Jeffrey Cyr to Sheila Ciapetta. 

    Citimortgage Inc., Rickey A. Starbird Jr., and Michelle L. Starbird to Citimortgage Inc. 

    Thomas A. and Catherine A. Ciofolo to Frederick J. and Cathleen A. Bryant. 


    Earl W. Littlefield to Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association. 


    Randy Bryant Living Trust and Terry L. Bryant Living Trust to Leafing Pastures LLC. 


    Alan Buccellato to Roger Bernard Gifford and Maria Ann Gifford. 

    Mary Lou and Glen D. Craig to Myron E. Reynolds Jr. and Pamela C. Reynolds. 

    Town of Winterport to Egypt Lindsey-Melland. 

    Winterport Cemetery District to Roy and Tracey Allen. 

    Winterport Cemetery District to Clarence G. Drew Jr. and Theresa E. Drew. 

    Winterport Cemetery District to Stephen L. McLean Jr.

    Winterport Cemetery District to Cassie Martin. 

    Winterport Cemetery District to Chester G. Truitt. 

    Winterport Cemetery District to Michael Underhill.

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