Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds March 11-20.


    Harvey S. Knight to Carol M. and Harvey S. Knight. 

    Caroline Neville to Dorothy H. Havey. 

    Virginia H. Burrows Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Dennise Ward Welsh and Anne Gilbert Ball. 

    Jamie J. and Dominica M. Lafountain to Gwen Olympia Mallozi Est. 

    Belfast City Properties LLC to Laura B. Goodwin. 

    Steve E. and Deborah R. Bird to Michael and Lindsay Perry. 

    Elizabeth Whitman to Linda Buckmaster. 

    WJM LP to Matthew D. Burke and James B. Thompson. 

    Harvey S. Knight to Daniel and Jennifer Kirchoff. 

    Harriett Feld to Leslie Staples. 

    Daniel Campbell to Daniel G. and Jane L. Campbell. 

    Catherine Hitchcock to Jan B. Geller. 

    Timothy F. and Nancy Y. Mahoney to Hummer Real Estate Holdings Inc.


    Linda S. Greenfield to Albert B. Sturrup and Kim L. Shelley. 


    Joyce E. Halpin to Halle M. Hegstrom. 

    Brenda Green to Arthur E. Green. 


    Town of Frankfort to Troy Q. Patterson. 

    Town of Frankfort to Troy Q. Patterson. 

    Martha J. Szyminsky and Martha Kallinisch to Charles Tufankjian. 


    West Bay Farm Trust to Charles Tufankjian. 

    Midcoast LLC to Midcoast LLC. 

    Periwinkle Associates LLC to John Kelly. 


    Kristine Dailey to Thomas E. Burgess. 


    Linwood E. Doughty Sr., Karen L., Linwood E., and Linwood Doughty to Wayne Doughty. 


    Earl F. Merrill to Earl F. Merrill and Jamie Merrill Blood. 

    Meagan Edmond to Barbara Edmond. 

    Paul Staples to Leslie Staples. 


    Christopher P. Spear to Rachel S. Greeley and Christopher P. Spear. 

    Rebecca M. Stephens to Paige and Hunter Jones. 

    Dennis Crosby Pearse to Nancy J. Hughes. 

    Land of Lucy LLC to Josh Gerritson. 

    Timothy P. Fortune to Brookside LLC. 


    Elm Hill Limited Liability Company to elm Hill Monroe Limited Liability Company. 


    Daniel R. and Susan M. McCrohan to Kevin Thorne. 


    Thomas R. Todd to Thomas R. Todd Living Trust. 

    Linda L. and Donald J. Potter, and Linda L. Anderson to Potter Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

    Frank H. Ciaramitaro Jr. to Melissa Hackett and Sean Seuffert. 


    Chan-Lee Inc. to Harlan Tree LLC. 


    Kathy R. Weymouth to Dwayne A. and Angela R. West, and Scott M. and Karen R. Chesebrough.

    Jack B. and Angelique K. Matthews to Jack B. Matthews. 

    David F. Bryant II and Holly D. Bryant to Michael T. and Jodi A. McCaffrey. 


    Bruce Worcester to Monika Dunphy. 

    Edward and Anita McLellan to Pro Construction & Development LLC. 


    J. Martha Szyminsky and Martha Kallinisch to Charles Tuufankjian. 

    Stockton Springs

    Edwin O. and Diane S. Nickerson to Kelli E. and Jay C. Ditullio. 

    Roy W. Bishop to Ronald E. Bishop. 

    Candace B. Slack to Ronald E. Bishop Revocable Trust. 


    Janet A. Grant to Sarah Nickerson. 

    Sandra C. and Benjamin W. Knowlton to Harold G. and Caitlin B. Merithew. 

    Peter Petersen to Mainely Org LLC. 

    Janet Hammett Pratt and Bruce E. Pratt to Benjamin Marriner Pratt and Logan E. Perkins. 


    Jeffrey Littlefield to Kathleen Smiley Jacob. 


    Raymond E. Rayeski Jr. to Clifford L. and Tori A. Anderson. 


    Virginia G. and David A. Thompson to Edward J. Miles. 


    Panama Property Management Inc. to Brian F. and Alisha F. St. Louis. 

    Ocean Side Properties LLC to Matthew J. and Holly E. Gallacher. 

    GTA Rental Real Estate LLC to Karl A. and Susan N. Hultquist. 

    Emily Lindsey-Melland Egypt to Collette R. Young. 

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com