Waldo County, deed transfers

Sat, 04/04/2020 - 9:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds March 2-10. 


    Debra A. Paul, Cindy L. Herbig, Connie J. Pooler, Raymond D. Paul Jr., and Connie J. Cross to Joshua K. Pooler and Kevin Cross. 

    Debra A. Paul, Cindy L. Herbig, Connie J. Pooler, Raymond D. Paul Jr., and Connie J. Cross to Dirtwork Development LLC and Deegan Development LLC. 

    John H. McMillan to John H. McMillan III and Doreen C. McMillan. 

    Bank of America NA, Nancy L. and Joseph H. Watts to Bank of America NA. 

    Judith M. Zocchi and Cynthia Rusis to Judith M. Zocchi. 


    Bruce G. and Barbara B. Heublin to Greg and Heide Purinton-Brown. 


    Richy D. and Barbara M. Basford to Kenneth J. Basford. 

    Wells Fargo Bank NA to Hattie Bickford. 

    Patricia G. and Gerald G. Libby to Joshua K. Linscott. 


    Jean Brown to Joseph C. Sears. 

    Frances Ellen Ward Revocable Trust to Sage Freddura. 


    Susan C. Durand Est. to James and Erin M. Comstock. 

    Donald A. Jr. & Linda G. Durkee Revocable Trust Agreement to Brian D. Evans. 


    Michelle Rosewood to Chris Libby-Auer. 

    Alvin F. Littlefield to Lori Ann Hill.


    Albert I. Remsen to Roger P. Birks. 

    Dianne and Diane Abbott to Darlene N. and Darlene DeSilva, Sandra E. and Sandra Turnball, Laureen J. and Laureen Hope, Bonnie A. and Bonnie Bailey, and Linda S. Lafond. 


    Trinna Lamson to Tiffany L. Wagner, Homes Unlimited LLC, and Eric T. Wagner. 


    Weyers Family Trust to David J. and Nancy G. Merk. 


    Faye Neild to Eben Bucklin. 


    Antoinette Blanton Est. to Ian and Elizabeth J. Hiltz. 

    Turn Key Homes of Maine and Truman Corporation to Lawrence C. Darby II and Elizabeth A. Darby. 

    Anthony G. Swebilius to Morgan A. and Jeremy M. Roberts. 


    Robert M. and Elizabeth A. Winslow to Kevin A. Winslow. 

    Penny W. and Jon H. Fountaine to Mabel L. Johnson. 


    Suzanna M. Reardon to David L., Lucia and William Reardon. 


    Raymond B. and Diane M. McNally to Palermo Real Estate Trust. 


    Michael C. and Constance P. Kain to Toni and Bobby Morton. 

    Sair Levy, Rebekah Hochhauser, Philip and Rebekah Levy to Bowden Point Properties. 


    David A. Bennett to Patrick B. Wilson and Jessie S. Buchanan. 


    Priscilla Lamb to Reginald J. Bernard. 

    Craig K. Stevenson to James G. Stevenson. 

    Stockton Springs

    Dianne and Charles Osgood to Virginia B. and Genie R. Browning. 

    Joni Ann Pendleton and Joni A. Elkins to Sherman D. and Tracy L. Wooton. 

    Joan L. Milsovic to Joan Louise Milsovic Living Trust. 


    James C. and Elizabeth C. Deane to Kyle A. Lynn and Crystal M. Laubach. 

    Sonia I. Vazquez to Laurie M. and Ira J. Waldman. 


    Donna M. Higgins to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. 


    Casey Wooley to Michael J. Macki. 


    Melanie Blish and Melanie Sue Gocze to Kate Cuddy. 

    John F. Adams Jr. and Phyllis G. Adams to Scott D. Craig and Laurie B. Connell. 

    Felicia N. and Philip E. Assante to Melissa M. and Jay E. Tooley. 

    Maine Savings Federal Credit Union to Christopher Burbelo. 

    Leslie P. Austin to James P. Austin. 

    Thomas F. O’Brien Est. to Diana J. O’Brien. 

    Harland L. and Harland Lester Verrill to Harland L. Verrill PHD Trust. 

    Richard A. Coulter and Kimberly K. Coulter Est. to U.S. Bank Trust NA TR and LSF10 Master Participation Trust. 

    Lisa A. Cherry to Tobey Langley. 

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