Waldo County closed cases

Thu, 04/28/2022 - 5:30pm

    BELFAST  — The following cases were closed in Waldo County Unified Court April 15-21. 

    Ryan Drake, 43, of Troy, criminal trespass in Troy July 14, 2020, five days in jail. 

    Adam L. Barnes, 35, of Detroit, probation violation in Searsport Sept. 13, 2020, probation continued, no sentence imposed. 

    Tyler D. Cherry, 23, of Swanville, tampering with a witness, informant, juror, or victim in Belfast April 26, 2021, dismissed. 

    Raqwan Ryant, 22, of Brooklyn, New York, aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs in Waldo County Aug. 31, five years in prison and $400 fine. 

    Michael W. White, 53, of Searsport, domestic violence assault in Searsport Nov. 2, two years in prison with all but nine months suspended and two years of probation. 

    Joseph W. Tripp, 31, of Monroe, domestic violence assault in Frankfort Jan. 3, dismissed; disorderly conduct (loud noise, private place) in Frankfort Jan. 3, 180 days in jail with all but 10 days suspended and one year of administrative release. 

    Joshua M. Pomeroy, 33, of Stockton Springs, unlawful possession of a scheduled drug in Stockton Springs Nov. 14, dismissed. 

    Cameron Marden, 19, of Frankfort, operating a vehicle without a license in Belfast Feb. 11, $100 fine. 

    Heidi Winchenbach, 37, of Appleton, operating a vehicle with expired temporary registration in Belmont Feb. 15, $100 fine.

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