letter to the editor

Vote for Stephen J. Hemenway, State House District 39

Mon, 09/12/2022 - 7:15pm

My wife and I will be voting to elect Stephen J. Hemenway for State House District 39 during the upcoming November 8 elections. Stephen is a retired Deputy Sheriff of 32 years. He currently produces a national public access family television program called “The Children’s Corner”.  

He is running for public office to offer an alternative choice for voters to bring prosperity and moral values back to the State. Stephen believes in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Parental Rights and medical freedom.

In addition, Stephen is an advocate that Maine schools should be teaching our children the basic educational tools. These include but are not limited to reading,  printing, arithmetic, geography, history, civics, etc.

Many of our schools’ curriculum are crossing the line, teaching kindergartners and first graders about sex.

Also, Stephen recognizes that energy costs continue to rise and heating fuel is a huge financial burden during the winter for many Maine residents. We believe he will make an honest commitment to explore all common sense ideas for reducing energy costs to Mainers.

Finally, Stephen is convinced we should reduce the state regulatory and tax burdens on small businesses.  He believes that family owned businesses are the backbone of our great state! Maine small business owners suffered so much during the Covid shutdown. We must never forget how much damage Governor Mills caused the citizens of Maine by shutting down our state!

Kenny and Sandy Bowen live in Belfast