What’s on the town warrant?

Vinalhaven voters to consider playground improvement referendum

Mon, 10/29/2018 - 9:30am

VINALHAVEN — When Vinalhaven voters head to the polls Nov. 6 they will encounter a municipal warrant on improving the playground located at the Vinalhaven School. 

The question states: “Do you favor authorizing the School Board of Maine School Administrative District No. 8 to issue bonds or notes in the name of this District in an amount not to exceed $157,929 to fund a portion of the costs of the playground improvement project (the ‘Playground Project’)?”

Vinalhaven voters may remember this question being on a March 2017 ballot, but voters did not approve the referendum. 

A significant change made since then is the cost. 

In the March 2017 referendum, the total cost was set at $588,000 with $500,000 to be financed and no money raised through fundraising efforts. 

Now, the total cost, as of September, is set at $271,763 with $157,929 to be financed at 3.4 percent interest, amounting to $34,392 for five years. Additionally, $40,500 has been raised through fundraising efforts, as of September. 

Despite the significant decrease in cost, safe and developmentally appropriate equipment will still be able to be purchased, according to a pamphlet being circulated. 

The pamphlet notes this proposal includes an “inclusive community design process lead by community playground committee, aggressive and sustained fundraising efforts [and] honors soccer field location, dimensions, and provides safe field buffers.” 

Highlights of the Playground
• Final design by GameTime as chosen by community members
• Main structure fits within perimeters of existing footprint
• Pre-K area added outside of the K-1-2 wing to be state compliant
• Old basketball court becomes flat top play area with lower hoops; four square and hop scotch area
• New basketball court relocated to west of current playground; for older children and adults
• Soccer field gains expanded safety zone as required
• Concrete walkway/trike track around main play structure designed to provide accessibility for all children
• Numerous components of both play areas offer appropriate and inclusive sensory stimulation for all children

Budget (as of Sept. 11, 2018)
• Site work — $31,260 (estimate)
• Concrete trike track — $18,375 (estimate)
• Concrete basketball court for older children and adults — $22,278 (estimate)
• Contingency — $4,500
• Total site excavation and concrete — $76,413
• Total equipment and installation (equipment, chips, trash bins, benches) — $195,350 
• Total project cost — $271,763 

Proposed Funding Sources
• Capital Reserve — $73,334
• Fundraising — $40,500
• Financed (through Nov. 6 referendum) — $157,929