Urge residents of Hope, Warren, and Union to reinstate Bill Plueker as their state representative

Mon, 09/26/2022 - 7:45pm
As a retired teacher, I fully appreciate the support Bill Plueker  has shown for Maine’s public schools. In my twenty seven years in the classroom I was acutely aware of the difference adequate funding can make to the quality of education. When funding cuts were made, programming suffered and students missed out on valuable educational experiences.
When I expressed these concerns to Bill during one of his door to door canvases, I was gratified to learn of his commitment to public education. He has backed full funding for public schools while not burdening taxpayers. He has also supported increases in teaching salaries to draw quality educators. I also found that Bill takes a personal interest in ensuring quality education for future generations. He is the father of school-aged children and a farmer working as a substitute teacher.


I strongly urge residents of Hope, Warren, and Union to vote to reinstate Bill Plueker as their State Representative. 

Linda West lives in Warren