UPDATED: Rockland convenience store hit by vehicle following car fight, police say

Fri, 04/29/2022 - 8:15pm

    ROCKLAND — A driver and passenger involved in a single-vehicle crash against the side of a convenience store in Rockland were both arrested following the incident, according to police. Two days prior, the same intersection was closed after a pickup truck and tractor trailer truck crashed.

    After investigating the parking lot incident, which occurred Sunday, April 24, 2022, just prior to 4:30 p.m., officers determined the driver to be Jeremy Ingersoll-Meserve, 44, of Warren. According to Patrol Sergeant Scott Redmun, officers allegedly determined that Ingersoll-Meserve was under the influence and was therefore ultimately arrested by Officer Jordan Jandreau.

    “Mr. Ingersoll-Meserve was transported to the Knox County Jail and charged with Operating Under the Influence,” said Redmun.

    Police at the scene also allegedly determined that the passenger, Scott Shorey, 56, of Union, was intoxicated.

    “Mr. Shorey became verbally aggressive with officers and members of the Rockland Fire Department,” said Redmun. “Mr. Shorey refused to leave the property after officers and Nouria employees told him to leave numerous times.”

    Shorey was arrested on scene by Redmun and charged with Criminal Trespassing, Disorderly Conduct and Assault. Shorey was ultimately transported to Pen Bay Medical Center by officers on scene where he allegedly became combative with officers and medical staff once at the hospital. During the course of this, Redmun was assaulted by Shorey as officers and medical staff were attempting to control him, according to Redmun.

    No injuries were sustained by any officers or medical staff. Shorey was treated at the hospital.



    On Friday, April 22, 2022, two days prior to the Sunday in incident at Nouria’s, police, fire, and EMS were called to the same intersection (Old County and Route 17) for a two vehicle crash involving a pickup truck and a tractor trailer truck.

    After speaking with witnesses and each occupant on scene, officers determined that tractor trailer operated by Gregory Gallagher, 49, of Fairfield, had a green light and was traveling westbound on Maverick Street crossing the intersection, said Sgt. Scott Redmun. The pickup, operated by Samuel Rogers, 28, was traveling northbound on Old County Road and allegedly failed to stop at a red light.

    “Rogers couldn’t stop in time before colliding with the side of the trailer,” said Redmun.

    The pickup truck sustained significant front end damage and needed to be towed by Camden Exxon Towing. No injuries were reported, and all occupants were evaluated on scene by the Rockland Fire Department.

    Redmun issued a citation to Rogers for Failure to stop at a red light. Rogers’ passenger, Neal Kenney, was found to be on an active set of bail conditions. After officers on scene conducted a bail check on the passenger, they found him to be in possession of several bottles prescription medication, according to Redmun. Sgt. Redmun ultimately charged Kenney with Unlawful Possession of drugs and Violation of Conditions of Release.


    The case remains under investigation.


    ROCKLAND — Rockland police investigating a one-vehicle crash, Sunday afternoon, heard from witnesses of a story of fighting in motion. 

    After the vehicle hit the side of Nouria’s at the Shell Station, at 536 Old County Road (Kaler’s Korner), witnesses told of the car approaching the stretch of Old County from the south, toward the intersection with Route 17 at approximately 4:30 p.m., April 24. As the car approached, the driver and passenger allegedly could be seen hitting each other while still in their seats and still in motion, according to Sgt. Scott Redmun. 

    Though the investigation continues, witnesses told police that the driver never slowed down, and once the car was stopped, fists continued to fly, said Redmun. 

    Initial calls to 911 regarding this incident spoke of a vehicle hitting a building and of injuries. Due to this report, multiple police responded to the scene. Once on scene, responders determined that any injuries were minor and both people involved declined EMS attention. Rockland Fire remained on scene to verify the integrity of the structure.


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