Union voters endorse municipal solar panel array, land use ordinance amendments

Tue, 11/05/2019 - 9:00pm

    UNION — Voting 251 to 139, Union voters approved a $78,000 bond to buy solar panels for municipal use. 

    The projected initial plan is to install a 128 solar panel array on the new public works building. Each panel generates 355 watts, so this will provide 45,440 watts of power, which will supply the needs of the town office complex, the public works buildings and the recreational areas such as the tennis and basketball courts. The system is expected to last 25 years or more and require minimal maintenance.

    The town also voted in favor of land use and subdivision ordinance amendments.

    Article 2 concerned amending the land use ordinance to include cluster development rules. That passed 205 to 159.

    Article 3 asked voters to amend the subdivision ordinance to address cluster development, street classifications, street design standards and storm drainage standards.

    That passed 217 to 150.

    Union voters also approved a $105 million statewide infrastructure spending package by 306 to 87 and a constitutional amendment to allow citizens with disabilities to pursue alternative methods of signing petitions. That passed 283 to 109.