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Throwback Thursday

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 8:15am

Can anybody tell us where this building, which burned down, would have been? Care to guess the year it happened?

Last week’s TBT photo got tons of hits and comments and 17 shares on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who chimed in. J.P. Fecteau took this photo in either July 1981 or Sept. 1982 while attending the Maine Photographic Workshops. The building on the left was Ingraham’s a grocery store/emporium. On the right was the original Guido’s Pizzaria. On Facebook, Jill Morton said: “ I can remember going to Ingraham's store with my grandmother when I was really little and chatting with Maynard Ingraham, and Billy Lermond who worked there...also my mom was a stay-at-home mom and had no transportation while my dad was away at work with the vehicle, so once a week she would call Ingraham's with her grocery list and one of the Lemond boys would deliver it in their delivery's was the only grocery store in this area that I am aware of that did deliveries.”

Of Guido’s Pizza, Patrick Rowling said, “Here's a memory ... "Silly-Fug-Moo." My brother and I ordered one at least once a week from Guido's: It was the kitchen-code for a large Sicilian pizza, with fugazzi and mushrooms. At the time, EASILY my favorite pie in Maine.”

This week’s photo courtesy of Penobscot Marine Museum. Visit:


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