2018 elections

Thomaston approves business block redevelopment, dog ordinances; rejects Select Board stipends

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 1:30am

    THOMASTON — Thomaston voters were faced with referendum questions on their municipal ballots covering the redevelopment of the business block, dog ordinance changes and Select Board stipends. 

    Residents passed each of those questions, except Article 6 dealing with Select Board stipends. 

    Thomaston also voted on two questions regarding the future of the Lura Libby building. Click here to read how Thomaston voted on the future of the Lura Libby building. 

    Article 4: Shall an amendment entitled “Proposed Changes to Chapter 7-Land Use & Development Ordinance” be enacted?

    Article 5: Shall Chapter 1 Thomaston Government & Organization, Article II, Section 102 Police be amended by changing and moving Subsection 102.3.4 Control of Annoyance of Barking or Howling Dogs adopted May 9, 1977 to be Subsection 102.4.6 so that it follows Subsection 102.4.5 Control of Dogs and shall the new Subsection 102.4.7 Dog Waste Ordinance be adopted?

    If this proposal is passed by voters, Subsection 102.3.4 would simply be moved to become Subsection 102.4.6. Additionally, Subsection 102.4.7 would be added. 

    Subsection 102.4.7, if passed by voters, would make it illegal for anyone in possession of a dog to leave the dog’s feces on any street, sidewalk, publicly owned property, or private property. Violators would be fined $50 for first conviction and $100 for each additional conviction. This ordinance would be enforced by the Animal Control Officer or the Thomaston Police Department and fines would be recovered for use of the Town of Thomaston through the District Court. 

    The full text of the Subsections noted in this proposal can be read by clicking here

    Article 6: Shall the Town appropriate from the unassigned fund balance the amount of $11,925.15 to fund annual stipends for the Select Board?

    Article 7: Shall the voters authorize the completion of the last phase of the Thomaston Business Block Redevelopment Project initiated in 1997?

    Through Article 7, parking would likely be improved and more organized, according to comments made at the August Select Board meeting. 

    Article 8: Shall the voters appropriate and authorize the Town to borrow not more than $280,000 and accept grant funds of up to $250,000 from the Northern Border Regional Commission to complete the last phase of the Thomaston Business Block Redevelopment Project by issuing general obligation bonds and/or notes of the Town, which may be callable, the proceeds to be used to finance the Thomaston Business Block Redevelopment Project?

    The goal of Article 8 was to obtain funds to complete the final phase of the Thomaston Business Block Redevelopment Project. Thomaston has the ability to receive a grant of up to $250,000 from the Northern Border Regional Commission and needs to fund the rest of the project itself. 


      Yes No
    Article 4 660 443
    Article 5 848 386
    Article 6 577 619
    Article 7 752 461
    Article 8 720 470