letter to the editor

Supporting Jason Trundy for Waldo County Sheriff 

Mon, 09/19/2022 - 12:15pm

I believe it was in April of 2018 that Waldo County Deputy Sheriff Jason Trundy first contacted me, as director of a regional substance use treatment center, to help him in his quest to better coordinate jail, sheriff and medical services for people in our county with substance use issues.

Thanks to his persistence and leadership, we soon formed the Waldo Country Recovery Committee (WCRC), and within a month he had gathered representatives of the recovery, law enforcement, correctional and treatment communities together in a public pledge to reduce the number of drug overdoses in the county. The WCRC has since thrived and remains an active source of many subsequent initiatives to improve our local management, care and treatment of those plagues by substance use.  

Jason’s local roots, his long experience with the operations of the Sheriff’s office, his deep ties with the community and his sincere and heartfelt desire to collaborate in community-based partnerships, makes him an ideal match for the position of Sheriff of Waldo County.  

I wholeheartedly support his candidacy for the position of Waldo County Sheriff and am certain that all Waldo County citizens will be the beneficiaries.  

 Tim Hughes, M.D., lives in Belfast