In support of Paul LePage as next governor

Wed, 09/14/2022 - 8:45am

I’m writing this in support of our former and next Governor, Paul LePage.  

Janet Mills supported and signed  a bill, LD 1888, that allows convicted child molesters to take custody of children if no one is available to do so.  Isn’t that fantastic?

Janet Mills throws money around that may momentarily feel helpful but in actuality, helps fuel our runaway inflation.  Her policies are the same as the failed Biden administration and her hope is to emulate the soft on crime policy of California.

Maybe we can become the East Coast version of California with rolling blackouts and raging crime. Wouldn’t that be great?

Governor Paul LePage is coming back to fix the high energy prices in our state that keeps Maine’s economy from growing.

Governor Paul LePage wants to keep Maine a safe place to raise a family and a place people go to retire.

Governor Paul LePage wants to lower property taxes so we can stay in our family homes.

Reject the extreme Democrat rhetoric. Support our beautiful state and preserve our way of life, Maine, the way life should be.

Cathy Cooper lives in Rockland