Letter to the editor: Susan Coe

S. Ridgely Fuller Deserves Your Attention

Sun, 09/22/2019 - 7:45pm

My friend of many years, “Ridgely” Fuller is my choice for City Councilor of Belfast, Ward 3 and she deserves your attention! I have known her as an advocate, leader, and citizen in Belfast. 

Most important to me is her compassion, tenacity and clarity in her position on poignant issues. Ridgely’s campaign holds fast three major tenets:

1) Building Community between residents of Belfast and City Hall;  the quality of our human relationships is the foundation of our community where every person matters and every voice is heard;

2) Facing the Climate Crisis Together; it is already affecting our coast, food services, businesses and environment. The solution is us working together; AND

3) Expanding a Healthy Belfast Economy; this is built on local ownership, prioritizing local resources and community wellbeing. 

I am particularly drawn to the first one. We need to commit to building meaningful collaboration among ourselves and with all levels of government. Ridgely hopes to create a volunteer pool for the city with City Hall as a hub. I am often looking for a new volunteer experience, and it would be wonderful to go to City Hall and select some options to follow up on. Her vision to build community here in Belfast is ever so important as we continue to grow and prosper.

I hope you will check out her website at ridgely4belfast.org or her facebook page RidgelyForBelfast. Thank you for your support and curiosity for a better Belfast. Please pass the word. Thanks!

Susan Coe is a Belfast citizen and volunteer