To appear on the November ballot

Rockport Budget Committee votes against recommending infrastructure bond package

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 8:00am

    ROCKPORT — In split vote, the Rockport Budget Committee signaled it wanted more time to consider a $1.63 million spending proposal and bond package introduced by the Rockport Select Board.

    The Budget Committee, meeting Sept. 12 at the town office, comprised members Stephanie Kumble, Helen Shaw, Jerod Cronkite, Jeffrey Charland and Owen Casas.

    Town Manager William Post, Finance Director Megan Brackett and Public Works Director Michael Young also attended the meeting, which had been convened to consider the spending package that Rockport voters will see on the ballot in November.

    The warrant article calls for the town to borrow $1.63 million, plus interest, and spend the money on:

    1. Town Pier $162,000
    2. Public Safety Building Paving $31,000
    3. Town Office Building Paving $31,000
    4. Harbor Paving $53,000
    5. Public Works Building Exhaust Removal System $30,000
    6. Public Safety Building Exhaust Removal System $30,000
    7. Town Office Vault Fire Suppression System $15,000
    8. Park Street Paving (Meadow Street to Brandy Brook) $63,200
    9. Park Street Paving (White Tail Drive to Route 90) $90,000
    10. Old Rockland Street Paving (Rockville Street to Route 17 East) $175,000
    11. South Street Paving (Rockville Street to Beech Hill) $101,000
    12. Beech Hill to South Street Paving $202,800
    13. Gurney Street $102,000
    14. Mill Street $199,000
    15. Camden Street $97,000
    16. Sidewalk Reconstruction/Construction (Russell Ave, Village Corner, West Street, Rockville, Main Street) $250,000

     According to draft meeting minutes, Public Works Director Mike Young, when asked, said the town should be budgeting approximately $700,000 per year to “stay on top” of road reconstruction.

    Committee member Owen Casas indicated, according to draft minutes, that the process was rushed. Finance Director Megan Brackett pointed out, according to the minutes, that the town’s Capital Improvement Committee and Select Board have been working on for months: “and that this process was not rushed. The Capital Improvement Committee spent a lot of time with [Mike] Young and reviewing all items in the current Capital Improvement Plan and items that the Select Board recommended putting in the article.”

    Casas made a motion that the Budget Committee recommend the spending package. 

    Chairman Charland and Cronkite voted in favor; opposing the motion were Casas, Kumble and Shaw.

    Committee members absent from the meeting were Tom Murphy, Mark Kelley, Geoffrey Parker and Eric Boucher.