RGC Ladies Association May 27 results

Fri, 05/28/2021 - 9:00am

ROCKLAND — The Ladies Association gathered at the Rockland Golf Club on Thursday, May 27 for a golf outing.

Below are the results from the gathering as submitted to our sports department.

Flight “A”

First Gross: Kathy Harper 86 
Second Gross: Madolin Fogarty 91
Third Gross: Nancy Carlson 92

First Net: Wendy Dewing 69
Second Net: Molly Mugler 75 
Third Net: Jan Staples 77

Putts: Kathy Harper 28

Flight “B”

First Gross: Heidi Lyman 103
Second Gross: Donni Witham 104 
Third Gross: Mary Clewett 109

First Net: Martha Bouchard 69
Second Net: Diane Bryant 73
Third Net: Janice Ogier 84
Third Net: Joanna Schleif 84

Putts: Diane Bryant 30



#5 Madolin Fogarty 14’10”
#10 Madolin Fogarty 11’7”
#18 Madolin Fogarty 24’7”