Results from Rockland Golf Club’s 20th annual Irish Open

Thu, 10/20/2022 - 9:30pm

ROCKLAND — The Rockland Golf Club hosted the 20th annual Irish Open on Saturday, Oct. 15. 

Below are the results from the event as reported to the sports department. 

Women’s Fight
First Gross: Kathy Harper, Wendy Pires 86
First Net: Marty Jones, Chrissey Armstrong 65

Mixed Flight
First Gross: Kevin Labree, Kathleen Labree 73
Second Gross: Dean Sasek, Kathy Macpherson 59.50

Men’s Flight #1
First Gross: James Anderson, Jason Wilcox 66
First Net: Mark Manzi, Mer Doucette 61
First Net: Charlie Brown, Andrew Rogers 61

Men’s Flight #2
First Gross: John Spear, Dick Crossman 75
First Net: Jim Brannan, Bill Barbour 61

Pin #5
Nancy Carlson 6’4”
John Frye 5’5”

Pin #10
Becky Gamage 16’8”
Reade Brower 2’2”

Pin #18
Nancy Carlson 24’2”
Phil Carlson 6’