Letter to the editor: Christos Calivas

Re-elect Ed Glaser for Rockland City Council

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 8:15pm

Three years ago, when I endorsed Ed Glaser’s initial candidacy for City Council, it was based on the expectation that he would restore good order to the functioning of city government, something that was sorely lacking at the time.  I also believed that Ed was the best candidate to  advocate for reasonable and sustainable growth in our city through thoughtful planning and policy making.  Today, it is clear that Ed Glaser has exceeded these expectations and is deserving of your vote for re-election.

In his three years on the council, Ed Glaser has worked tirelessly to establish sound and coherent policy in the myriad issues that face the city, such as energy conservation, waste disposal, affordable housing, improved infrastructure, harbor management, etc.  Ed sponsored various progressive measures:  the diversity resolution, the single use plastic bag ban, and the climate action plan.  At the same time, Ed is a strong supporter of local business, and is working to establish Rockland as an attractive community for new businesses to develop and prosper. Also, Ed Glaser has been a strong advocate for responsible growth which will increase the cities tax base, knowing that it offers real property tax relief, and not at the expense of essential  and desirable services.

I have known Ed Glaser for more than fifteen years, and have always been impressed with his willingness to help others, his intelligence and clear thinking, and his deep concern for what is best for Rockland.  Ed offers an old fashion approach to politics: respecting the opinion of others, always maintaining an openness and civility, and a selfless approach to decision making. In doing his job as a city councilor, Ed understands the importance of working cooperatively with other members of the council, and to compromise when necessary to advance the best interests of the city. I have observed Ed working more than full time on city matters, researching the issues, and reaching out to the community to understand the concerns of others, all to better inform his decision making.  Ed Glaser is truly a representative of all the citizens of Rockland.

Ed possesses a clear understanding of the issues that presently face the city; and if re-elected, will continue to offer positive solutions to resolve these issues.  A vote for Ed Glaser is a vote for a better Rockland!


Christos Calivas lives in Rockland