Peter Ralston: A bumpy morning on Rockport Harbor

Posted:  Monday, October 30, 2017 - 4:30pm

ROCKPORT — Photographer Peter Ralston decided to spend Sunday night, Oct. 29, on Raven, his 37-foot vessel that has the sturdy composition of a lobster boat combined with comfort. Raven has a big rudder and a 305-horsepower engine, so he knew if there was trouble in the oncoming weather, he could navigate through it.

He was up for an adventure, and he wanted to get some storm shots as the sou-easter bore down on the Maine coast. 

Early in the morning, Oct. 30, he made himself a cup of tea, and then the action started. The photos here attest to the fact that the storm packed a punch. Luckily, no boat broke from its mooring, and Peter Ralston again got some magnificent photos of Maine weather.

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